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Basic information

Name:    DeLong LI

Gender:    male

Age:    24

Birthday:    03/12/1992

Marriage:   single 

Nationality:    China,PRC

State:    looking for internship of engineer

About Me


I like solving problems independently and highly respect others,with high self-respect.Like self-learning,admire men and women who have really high ability of solving problems.

Having experience of technician internship (hardware design and software programming ).


Sep 2015Present

Engineer of Embedded System


- Embedded systems
- Control & instrumentation, Design
- Development and production of electronic et communication systems and automobile industries
- Management modules and programming projects

Sep 2011Jul 2015


XIDIAN University

Major: Software Engineering                                        Direction: Communication and Network
- Organization and Principles of computer
- Program Design and Implementation
- Protocols and Technologies of network communication

Project experience

Jun 2016Jul 2016

Project Name: Autonomous Navigation of Mobile Wifi-Robot Based Multisensor 


Description: The wifibot lab is an affordable mobile platform. With four wheel drive chassis controllable using RS232. Two infrared sensors, a USB camera, a mini-pci wifi card and wifi access point. The wifibot can move from point A to B, detect obstacles in real time, avoid the obstacles, plan the route and show the real-time transmission images on the terminal.

Responsibility: As a core member, testing different image recognition and description algorithm(with OpenCV).

Oct 2015Jan 2017

Project Name: Drone Operate Autonomously


Description: The project is based on the Parrot Bebop Drone. The drone can self-positioninng, identify a goal and follow. The drone can autonomous navigation, avoid the obstacles during  flight. Transmission and processing real-time image or video information.

Responsibility: As a core member,  working on tracking system, image processing recognition and description algorithm.

Oct 2015Jan 2016

Project Name: Robot Vehicle


Description: This robot vehicle based on MSP430 g2553. It can detect the obstacles in direction front and right. With light sensors, it can detect  the pit and bypass. its processor can control the speed, direction, and Turning radius. I have achieved the functions of control the speeds of tires, select the installation of sensors and test the sensors.

Responsibility:  As a core member, working on programming and testing the sensors.

Apr 2015Jun 2015

Project Name: QR code App

XIDIAN University

Description: This application based on JAVA language and android eclipse platform. There are four functions. Firstly, the two-dimensional code scanning recognition. Secondly, the input of Chinese, English, numbers and letters can be processed to two-dimensional code. Thirdly, the information of phone contact can be processed to generate the corresponding two-dimensional code. Fourthly, it  can make the Internet queried information after scanning the identify of products.

Responsibility: Developing the whole project.



Mandarin: Native speaker

English:      IELTS :  listen-6,oral-6,write-6,read-7      total: 6.5

French:       TEF 543                                                               level: B2