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As one of the leading authorities in the area of healthcare payment systems, Deirdre Baggot has gained a reputation throughout the healthcare industry as a person who gets results wherever she is employed. A very well-educated individual, she possesses a variety of college degrees, including a Bachelor's degree in Nursing from Southern Illinois University, an MBA from Loyola University of Chicago, and a Ph.D. from the University of Colorado in Denver. With a well-rounded education such as this, Deirdre graduated in 1997 and thus began her climb up the career ladder.

Accepting her first position post-college with Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Deirdre began as a resource coordinator, staff nurse, and hospital administration manager. In this position which she held for six years, she made great strides in helping the hospital recruit a variety of highly-skilled employees, creating programs to help improve patient care and satisfaction with the hospital experience, and simplify payment programs.

After six years on the job at the hospital, Deirdre Baggot moved to Ann Arbor, where she continued her career journey at the University of Michigan Health System. As an administrative manager and business analyst, she quickly made many improvements in her three-year tenure in these positions. Focusing intensely on organizational safety and quality control, she was presented with an award for Outstanding Leadership in Workplace Safety, and was also granted Lean/Six Sigma certification while at UMHS.

While gaining excellent reviews for her work at her previous positions, Deirdre Baggot nevertheless made a bold career move in 2006. Deciding to move to Denver, CO, she began working with SCL Health as the Senior Administrator at the renowned Cardiac and Vascular Institute. In this position, she was responsible for overseeing 450 employees, and was also put in charge of managing such important areas as marketing, recruiting, payer contracting, business development, and acquisitions. Staying in this position for four years, she became known as the clinic's primary recruiter, and was able to lure numerous individuals to the clinic to accept high-profile positions. And while this was certainly impressive, she created even more excitement by being able to help the Cardiac and Vascular Institute add 11 more locations in the surrounding area.

However, as she gained an excellent reputation in Denver, Deirdre made a career decision that led her to Los Angeles, CA, where she started a successful period with GE Healthcare Partners. Over a four-year period, she made many improvements while serving as a Senior Vice-President. Overseeing healthcare payment systems, she was put in charge of many projects related to these systems. Thanks to her hard work, a new payments consulting organization was created, generating almost $7 million in annual revenues.

As her reputation for excellence has grown during her career, Deirdre has lent her expertise to many popular radio shows on National Public Radio. Often heard on All Things Considered, Planet Money, and Morning Edition, she has been able to take the complex subject of healthcare payment systems and make it easy for the average person to understand.

Work experience


CMS for the Bundled Payments
Reviewer to for Care Improvement Reimbursement Models Initiative and also served as an advisor to the New York Medicaid 10 Critical Service Line Strategies Following a Merger, Acquisition, or bundled payment pilots. Affiliation Bundling Payments with Medicare: Update on the Bundled Payment for Care Improvement Initiative Experience Top 10 Considerations for Clinical Service Line Leaders PhD, MBA, BSN


Healthcare Business
Strategist Bundled Payments Show Early Promise in the Payment Reform


Mash-Up ECG Management Consultants Partner

Senior Vice President, Healthcare

GE Healthcare Partners
2 years 1 month) Greater Denver Area Senior Vice President

Senior Administrator, Cardiac and Vascular

SCL Health
Senior Administrator, Cardiac and Vascular Institute 2006-2010(5 years) Denver, CO Lead 450-employee, $86 million regional institute, including strategic planning

Business Development

SCL Health
business development, physician recruitment, acquisitions, affiliations, payer contracting, marketing and outreach. Recruited several key specialists, added 11 clinic locations and grew revenue by 16% between. Implemented a range of various physician integration and employment models and achieved year over year improvements in clinical and operational performance. Consistently achieved top decile clinical, operational and financial performance. Successfully applied for and lead CMS Acute Care Episode Bundled Payment Demonstration Program Served as co-lead for EHR IT evaluation process Served as CV lead for new hospital task force

Administrative Manager and Business Analyst

University of Michigan Health System
Administrative Manager and Business Analyst 2003-2006(4 years) Ann Arbor, MI

Manager, Hospital Administration

Northwestern Memorial Hospital
Manager, Hospital Administration Group; Resource Coordinator; StaffNurse (7 years) Chicago, IL Page 2 of 3


PHD Doctorate

University of Colorado Denver


Quinlan School of Business Loyola University Chicago


Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

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