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Resourceful, driven, adaptive and results-oriented Management Professional with over 16 years experience in team leadership, project management and product development. Delivers quality results tailored to corporate and customer needs. Proven track record of consistently meeting challenging goals. Employs a mix of hands-on approach and collaborative techniques to bring projects to fruition.

Core Qualifications

Product development/commercialization ● Sound Judgment in Business Strategies and Decision Making ● Directing cross-functional teams ● Efficient Time Management ● Fiscal Discipline ● Individual and Team Mentoring ● Key player in the R&D activities ● Business and Research Proposal Writing ● Solutions Architect for cross-functional integration with third-party tools ● Disciplined: high professional standards ● Pragmatic: seeing the bigger picture ● Independent: thinking out of the box ● Delivering value to customers on-time, under-budget and within specifications ● Effective business communication and presentation skills ● Technical proposal writing ● Knowledge-discovery for automatic system model generation ● Aircraft Logistics Software ● Project Planning ● Formal Documentation ● Agile Development Processes.

Work experience

Jan 2015Present

Director of Engineering

Qualtech Systems, Inc (QSI)

Currently directing a multi-person team in fulfilling key company goals. Building cross-functional synergies leading to product enhancements driven by key research initiatives. Applying creative thought process for realizing project goals. Focusing on incremental innovations with minimal disruption to corporate functions. Versatile, assuming multiple roles across projects and technologies.

  • Played a pivotal role in diverse research and analysis, as well as product development activities that generated revenue streams contributing to about two-thirds of company’s returns.
  • Bids and Proposals Preparation for NASA and DoD agencies under SBIR programs
  • Interfacing with customers to deliver products and services as stipulated by the contract
Jan 2006Dec 2014

Engineering Manager

Qualtech Systems, Inc

Transitioned to a broad role that involved executing and managing several projects involving multiple team-members. Formed Productive and Collaborative teams to meet the goals. Applied Fiscal Discipline to keep the budget costs in check. Made use of Planning and Organizing skills to meet project deadlines. Utilized Presentation and Customer Interaction skills for effective communication during meetings and reviews. Results-oriented focus resulting in project deliveries with quick turnaround time. Lead several short-fuse pilot programs showcasing QSI capabilities with limited budgets.

  • Project Manager and Technical Lead on integration efforts with QSI’s Integrated Diagnostic Toolset, Testability Engineering And Maintenance System (TEAMS), in the NASA ORION space program with Honeywell as the integrator, with full P&L responsibilities:
    • Designed/Architected Regression Test Suite for V&V and Testing of TEAMS system engineering models.
    • Ported QSI’s real-time reasoner TEAMS-RT using the Green Hills Integrity real-time environment into the Honeywell’s main Flight Program.
    • Tracked schedules and kept the customer up-to-date with periodic Performance Reports following the Earned Value Management principles.
    • Delivered several Formal Documents such as Boundary Analysis, Capability Analysis, Runtime Compatibility Analysis, Verification and Acceptance, Version Description, Requirements and Design documents, Integration Test Report, etc.
  • Led QSI’s development on several Sikorsky’s Fleet Management and Logistics Programs:
    • Helotrac 2X Maintenance Management System for the fleet of Helicopters: Involved in the design of several Maintenance Screens such as Maintenance Due List, Inventory Screen, Parts Order Screen, PO Screen, Ground Support Equipment, etc.
    • Total Assurance Program (TAP) that provides lead cost to maintain existing aircraft.
    • Army Dashboard providing a drill-down view of the Army's Helicopter fleet and its readiness, and operational availability of individual aircrafts.
    • Fleet Management Operations Center (FMOC) providing a fleet wide view of the aircraft operations, maintenance, availability, and the ability to create and update hierarchical Fleet components.
  • Technical lead on NASA-KSC’s program deployment of QSI’s TEAMS software. Played a major role for software-scale-up:
    • Advised on the multi-threading of reasoner algorithms and analysis reports
    • Coordinated benchmarking on several key components for large scale systems
    • Optimizing memory and speed performance on various analysis modules
  • Project Lead from QSI side on NASA's Tactical Satellite -3 (TACSAT-3) Testbed Program playing a key role in the Vehicle Systems Management Software. Led the porting and integration of TEAMS-RT real-time reasoner to the VxWorks platform.
  • Technical lead on the JSF project with Pratt & Whitney – Interfacing QSI's Diagnostic Software with Prognostic Health Area Monitor (PHAM) utility on the J135 Engine.
  • Played a key role in revenue generation by performed lead engineering functions in several SBIR activities.
  • Led development of Framework for extending analytic capabilities of QSI tools via Plug-Ins.
  • Instrumental in building the prototype and overall workflow for QSI’s mobile app PackNGo.
  • Developed forecasting and trending tools to diagnose and predict future systems degradations
  • Wrote several Business Proposals for Commercial customers
  • Several Product Enhancements such as FlexLM licensing integration into our tools.
Jan 2002Dec 2005

Sr. Software Engineer

Qualtech Systems, Inc

Played a prominent role in productizing QSI's enterprise level diagnostic software prototype TEAMS-RDS (Remote Diagnostic Server). Was the lead developer and integrator of the TEAMATE technician troubleshooting module into TEAMS-RDS. Gained expertise in creating interfaces and hooks to third-party legacy programs with minimal disruptions.

Core Competencies

JAVA, PASCAL, LabVIEW, JNI, XML, VB, SQL, Database Programming, UNIX Bash Scripts

Key Highlights and Achievements

  • Porting the key reasoning module Teamate to Unix operating systems
  • Standardizing TEAMS reasoner applications into registry-enabled Windows NT Services
  • Load-testing and performance benchmarking of TEAMS algorithms and reasoners.
  • Creation of technician-troubleshooting diagnostic trees renderable in HTML using JAVA application that communicates to the expert reasoner using TCP/IP for obtaining the expert knowledge.
  • Successful in embedding QSI's diagnostic reasoners into LabVIEW CIN (Code Interface Node). This enabled the use of real-time expert diagnosis in any native LabVIEW application.
  • Adapted GE's legacy NVM (Non-Volatile Memory) download and engine-code-interpretation program from a Serial Port based download to Wireless network based download.
  • Interfaced with Boeing's IEDS (Integrated Engine Diagnostic System) to import engine parameters into QSI's diagnostic reasoners via LabVIEW ActiveX controls.
  • Played a lead technical role in the integration of maintenance and troubleshooting procedures of GE’s T700 engines on Sikorsky UH-60 Blackhawk and Boeing AH-64D Apache helicopters under the Army Aviation program ATEDS (Aviation Turbine Engine Diagnostics System)
  • Played a lead technical role in integrating with Sikorsky's S92 Helicopter based Ground Software. Interpreting downloaded Flight Data for inferring maintenance issues using QSI's diagnostic tools. Developed solutions for a seamless fit into customer's maintenance workflow.
  • Database Programming – Created MS Access based reports and developed Oracle scripts and triggers suited to several database applications and requirements
Jan 1999Dec 2001

Software Engineer

Qualtech Systems, Inc

Was the lead developer for several high-key Govt. sponsored Defense projects such as NAVY’s JAHUMS (Joint Advanced Health and Usage Monitoring System) program that involved developing and interfacing QSI's expert reasoning software with flight data acquisition hardware.

  • Developing LabVIEW interfaces between QSI's TEAMS diagnostics software and the hardware signals acquired from the SH-60B helicopter
  • Developed a simulated flight software program based on sparse and legacy flight software specifications for the purpose of developing, unit-testing and debugging QSI’s flight-software-specific components.
  • Embedded TEAMS-RT real-time reasoner into Goodrich's onboard HUMS (Health and Usage Monitoring System) of the Sikorsky SH-60B helicopter using ADA.
  • Key Developer of technician troubleshooting reasoner TEAMATE.
  • System Administrator and Web Site Developer.


Sep 1996Dec 1998

Master of Science of Electrical Engineering

Clemson University
Aug 1992May 1996

B. Tech. in Electrical Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay


C ● C++ ● JAVA ● LabVIEW ● ADA ● PASCAL ● JavaScript ● XML ● SysML ● Eclipse ATL ● MoDisco
Tools and Technologoes
InstallShield ● NetDynamics ● Google Web Toolkit ● Hibernate ● Spring Framework ● SmartGWT ● BIRT ● Google Maps API ● jQuery ● ICE ● ActiveMQ ● Axeda ● Network Monitoring Tools (NetXMS, OpenNMS) ● Mobile Application Development  ● DCOM ● MFC  ● LINUX/AIX Build Scripts ● System Administration