Donald Collins

Donald Collins

Work History

Work History
Jan 2008 - Present

Adjunct Associate Professor
  • Teaching the Social History of Washington, DC undergraduate course.
  • Course includes an introduction to the notion of social history and the notion that Washington is really a city with three histories.
Jan 2004 - Feb 2008

Deputy Director, College Access and Success Initiatives

Academy for Educational Development
  • Managed Lumina Foundation–funded project that provided grants to collaborating organizations working to increase college access and degree attainment among underrepresented groups.
  • Coordinated outreach efforts to identify viable partnerships to invite to apply to PCAS.
  • Directed the selection process for planning and implementation grantees for the project.
  • Organized and directed the annual Learning Institute, Directors Meetings, and conference calls with grantees.
  • Developed data collection and evaluation protocol between PCAS and the project’s independent evaluators.
  • Managed the technical assistance work between the PCAS team and the partnership grantees.
  • Conducted technical assistance site visits and telephone calls with the partnership grantees.
  • Researched resources relevant to PCAS’s work and the work of the partnership grantees.
  • Wrote concept papers and grant proposals to obtain additional funding for the project.
  • Created additional products, including requests for proposals (RFPs), press releases, brochures, articles for publication and a toolkit/guide on the PCAS initiative.
Jun 2007 - Dec 2007

Adjunct Professor
  • Taught the Teaching Black Studies undergraduate majors course.
  • Course included a concentration on research methods in Black Studies and the development of a research question and prospectus on topics in the field, including African American identity formation.
Jan 2006 - May 2006

Adjunct Professor

University of the District of Columbia
  • Teaching U.S. History to 1865 undergraduate survey course.
  • Course includes a concentration on multicultural interactions between Europeans, Englishmen, Africans, and Native Americans and the change in that interaction between the colonial period and the Civil War.
Dec 2000 - Feb 2004

Assistant Director, New Voices Fellowship Program

Academy for Educational Development
  • Directed projects for a nonprofit leadership development program (funded by the Ford Foundation) that provided funds for the employment of new voices in social justice nonprofits for a two-year period.
  • Created the nonprofit leadership training curriculum in collaboration with New Voices Mentors, Fellows, faculty and other experts, with emphasis on leadership styles and cutting-edge social justice topics.
  • Organized and managed New Voices Summer Conferences and Winter Retreats, including logistics and content.
  • Conducted site visits with Fellows and Mentors to provide technical assistance on matters of the fellowship.
  • Provided expertise on social justice issues for community (e.g., best theories, practices, resources, applicants).
  • Conducted prospect research for funders in social justice arena and wrote introductory letters to foundations.
  • Participated in Ford Foundation meetings about future funding/budget for project and the selection process.
  • Developed materials for New Voices such as bibliographies, a brochure, and a piece on the history of the project.
  • Managed the development and editing of profiles on New Voices Fellows/Alumni with a journalist/consultant.
Jun 1999 - Dec 2000

Director of Curriculum

Presidential Classroom
  • Worked with gifted high school juniors and seniors as an instructor/staff member for Washington-located programs designed to teach 4500 U.S. and international students about American civics each year.
  • Updated and expanded nonprofit civic education organization’s textbook, Outlook for its use by students.
  • Developed a textbook proposal and manuscript for publication similar to Outlook.
  • Collaborated with Newsweek magazine to publish current issues reports developed by students.
  • Planned and located speakers for the organization’s Media and Democracy Week programs.
  • Assisted in strategic/program planning for current and future Presidential Classroom initiatives.
Jun 1998 - Aug 1999

Adjunct Professor

Duquense University, College of Education
  • Designed and taught History of American Education graduate courses.
  • Course includes a concentration on current controversial issues in American education, including fiscal equity, multiculturalism, and charter schools.
Sep 1997 - Sep 1998

Special Projects Coordinator
  • Provided community educational outreach services via computer technology through Gates Foundation grant.
  • In charge of designing and teaching a variety of computer education courses for adults and children.
  • Responsible for the creation and analysis of evaluation reports for tracking computer lab usage and services.
Aug 1996 - May 1997

Adjunct Professor
  • Designed and taught African American History II Course (1865-Present)
  • Dealt with issues of race and agency on the part of African Americans between emancipation and the post-Civil Rights Era, with additional attention to the educational and cultural experiences of blacks.


Aug 1993 - May 1997


Carnegie Mellon University

Concentration in 20th Century American and African American social history (including: multiculturalism, history of education, education reform and policy, identity formation and identity politics)

Aug 1991 - Apr 1993


Finished my M.A. in History at the University of Pittsburgh in April 1992. Did a year of doctoral work there before transferring to Carnegie Mellon in 1993.

Selected Publications


Fear of a "Black" America: Multiculturalism and the African American Experience (New York:, 2004 ).


"A Substance of Things Hoped For": Multiculturalism, Desegregation, and Identity in African American Washington, DC, 1930-1960

Newspaper and Magazine Articles:

"Metro Needs More Money" (Op-Ed; Close to Home Page of Outlook)

Donald E. Collins

Washington Post (6/15/2003, p. B8)

"Perspectives on Racial Divide Broaden With Age and Experience" (Letter to the Editor)

Donald E. Collins and Angelia N. Levy,

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

(3/16/98, p. A18)

"Solving African American Identity Crisis" (Editorial)

Donald Collins

Gannett Westchester (NY) Newspapers

(2/1/95, p. A12)

"Afrocentricity: The Fight for Control of African American Thought"

Donald Collins and Marc Hopkins,

Black Issues in Higher Education 10 (8/12/93): 24-25.

 Journal and Academic Articles:

"Laying the Groundwork: The Constant Gardening of Community-University-School Partnerships for Postsecondary Access and Success"

Donald Earl Collins, et al.

Journal of Hispanic Higher Education, Special Issue on Actualizing School-University Collaboration

(In Progress)

"The Ivory Tower and Scholar Activism"

Donald Earl Collins

Academe 91 (September/October 2005): 26-28.

"Rules to Live By: Conservatives, Liberals, and Derrick Bell’s ‘Rules of Racial Standing’,"

Donald E. Collins

Radical Society 30 (April 2003): 65-74.

"Multicultural Education," "Afrocentricity," "Frederick Douglass," "W. E. B. Du Bois," "Booker T. Washington," and "Carter G. Woodson,"

Donald Collins,

in Richard J. Altenbaugh, ed., Historical Dictionary of American Education

(Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1999).

Book Reviews/Other Publications:

Multiethnic Moments: The Politics of Urban Education Reform (review)

(Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2006), by Susan E. Clarke, Rodney E. Hero, et al.

Teachers College Record (; February 2007).

On the Edge of Commitment: Educational Attainment and Race in the United States (review)

(Palo Alto: Stanford University Press, 2005), by Stephen L. Morgan

 Teachers College Record 108 (May 2006): 815-818.

A Clashing of the Soul: John Hope and the Dilemma of African American Leadership and Black Higher Education in the Early Twentieth Century (review)

(Athens, GA: University of Georgia Press, 1998), by Leroy Davis

History of Education Quarterly 39 (Spring 1999): 89-90.

"Section 43: United States, 1877-1920," (contributor)

The American Historical Association’s Guide to Historical Literature,

Mary Beth Norton, General Editor, Joe William Trotter, Jr., Section Editor

(New York: Oxford University Press, 1995). 

Selected Presentations and Public Speaking Engagements


"A Driving Force: Community Partnership Strategies for Using Data to Improve Postsecondary Access and Success among Underrepresented Students" Interactive Symposium

2007 American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting

Chicago, Illinois, April 9-13, 2007.

"The Ultimate Fear Realized: Public Policy, Multiculturalism, and Race in the 1990s,"Secondary Education and the Old Politics of Consensus" Panel Discussion

9th Annual Human Sciences Conference, George Washington University

Washington, DC, February 28 - March 1, 2003

"Education Panel," Panel Discussion

2003 Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy (Tufts University) Washington DC Career Trip

Washington, DC, February 13, 2003.

"Multicultural Sisters: African American Women Educators and Their Consideration of Multiculturalism, 1900-1940," "How Our Children Learn" Panel Discussion

2001 Organization of American Historians Annual Meeting

Los Angeles, California, April 26 - 29, 2001.

"The Black Brahmins of Harvard: W. E. B. Du Bois, Carter G. Woodson, and Alain L. Locke on Multiculturalism, 1890-1940," "Finding An Identity" Panel Discussion

1999 Organization of American Historians Annual Meeting

 Toronto, Ontario, Canada, April 22 - 25, 1999.

"Walking By Faith: Multiculturalism, Desegregation, and Identity in Black Washington, DC, 1930-1940,’" Panel Discussion

1997 History of Education Society Annual Meeting

Philadelphia, PA, October 23 - 26, 1997.

"Strategies for Empowerment: Writing Histories of African-American Educational Reform in the Post-World War II Era," Symposium,

1996 American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting

New York, NY, April 8 - 12, 1996.

"‘A Substance of Things Hoped For’: Towards A New Theoretical and Methodological Framework on the Historical Development of Multiculturalism,"

Spencer Foundation Winter Forum,

Berkeley, CA, February 15 - 17, 1996.

"Educational Historiography and Diverse Populations: Why Research Isn’t ‘Bringing a Pet to Class,’" Panel Discussion,

1995 History of Education Society Annual Meeting

Minneapolis, MN, October 19 - 22, 1995.

"‘The Evidence of Things Not Seen’: The Historical Development of Multicultural Education Within the 20th Century African American Educational Experience"

The 40th Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education: A Commemorative Forum (Linking Desegregation to Multicultural Education),

 Athens, GA, May 17, 1994

"Dimensions of Multiculturalism: Roots, Politics, and Practice," Roundtable Discussion

1994 American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting

New Orleans, LA, April 4 - 8, 1994.


"Fear of a ‘Black’ America Interview," with Rob Robinson, The Healey Show

WPFW-FM (Pacifica Radio Washington, DC), August 17, 2005.

"Fear of a ‘Black’ America

Interview," with Ambrose Lane, Sr., We Ourselves Program

WPFW-FM (Pacifica Radio Washington, DC), April 25, 2005.

"Fear of a ‘Black’ America Interview," with Stephanie Gaines-Bryant, Insight Program

WHUR-FM (Howard University Radio), February 2, 2005.

Selected Awards

AED Quarterly Achievement Award for Managerial Excellence

November 2005

(for work related to Partnerships for College Access and Success)

AED Quarterly Achievement Award for Managerial Excellence

September 2003

(for curriculum work with the New Voices Fellowship Program)

AED Team Technical Award

September 2002

(for work related to the New Voices Fellowship Program)

Spencer Foundation Dissertation Fellowship Award

April 1995

(for the period June 1995 - May 1996).


Am in search of opportunities that combine my teaching experience as an adjunct professor with my work experience as a nonprofit manager and makes use of my skills as a writer.