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To meet and superseded client expectations, which best suites everyone involved.


Volunteer Experience: 

  1. Brockville Animal Shelter SPCA
  2. Brockville General Hospital
  3. Brockville Legion BRANCH 96 -LADIES AUXILIARY
  4. Brockstock Bed In for WORLD PEACE 
  5. Riverfest parade
  6. Vending booths at craft fares 


Ability to recognize when a task needs to be completed Always goes above and beyond employers expectations Takes on tasks and roles that are not 'designed' for specific role and excelling in them Taking on a leadership role easily    
Ability to take over tasks and run with them Able to jump into projects and complete them An Idea person Extroverted person Persistent and always in control Ability to work well in a team Functional to work well independently 
Availability to express ones self Open to new ideas and concepts Seeing pictures in words and vise verse Task oriented and always finnish projects in a timely manner  Always open minded    
Asking the proper questions to find the correct answers Ability to speak freely Consumer mindset with ability to see both sides of the spectrum Ability to listen to others Ability to interact with others Ability to reach out to an outsource for information without fear of rejection
Keeping track and analyzing data Making sure everything is as it should be Time management Ability to take on several projects at once
Problem Solving
  Overcoming objections Figuring out customer related issues Getting to the root of the problem and solving it Gathering as much information as possible Fixing problems as they occur Organizing the outcome of a particular problem

Work experience

Accounts Manager

-Called clients and offered advertising

-Came up with client rates

-Built business proposals

-Maintaied a face of the company

Accounts Manager

-Called clients and offered advertising

-Came up with client rates

-Built business proposals

-Maintaied a face of the company

Nov 2010Jan 2013

Sales / Logistics


Entry level position was a sales associate in digital imaging  department in which duties included but were not limited to: 

  1. Serving customers in a timely and effective manner
  2. Kept up with current events related to the electronic world 
  3. Cash handling / POS cash system use
  4. Product knowledge of cameras, camcorders and other camera accessory
  5. Versed customers in areas of unaccustomed knowledge

After working with the company for 2 years, then moved to a Logistic role in the company in which duties remain the same and added responsibility of more, which were, but not limited to: 

  1. Stocking shelves
  2. Loading / Unloading product trucks
  3. Customer carry outs
  4. Participated in store building of new model (
  5. Prioritized all logistic tasks
  6. Store maintenance and cleanliness
  7. Maintained daily security audits 
Jun 2010Sep 2010

PR / Marketing / Membership Coordinator

Premier Fitness

Hired initially as a maintenance and pool rep responsibility were but not limited to:

  1. Cleaning facility to FCC standards
  2. Keeping supplies filed (I.e soap, toilet paper, towels etc)
  3. Pool shocking and maintenance 
  4. Pool and hot tub cleaning

After a month of cleaning, Quickly moved into a PR - Marketing role in which my list of duty's changed to:

  1. Reaching out and contacting company's for retreats 
  2. Networking with radio stations, newspapers and other business for promotion
  3. Created scripts and commercials
  4. Set up booths at events such as Blues fest 
  5. Cold called past clients to re offer memberships
  6. Signed up new members with gym memberships
  7. Facility tours
  8. Booking appointments for future clients
Apr 2008Jun 2010

Sales Agent

Katana Marketing Solutions (Cydcor)

 Leadership was achieved While working at Katana Marketing Solutions, And was published in a magazine called "The Leader" in 2009. Duty's were but not limited to:

  1. Knocking door to door 
  2. Interacting daily with the public
  3. Keeping up on upcoming and ongoing promotions and there codes
  4. Phoning in orders to call center
  5. Building a team atmosphere
  6. Recruiting new employees and training them in the field
  7. Received an award for top sales agent in CANADA 2009 - Published in "The Leader" magazine 
Feb 2010May 2010

Sales Booking Agent

Gold Envision

This was a small business, with 4 employees. Used as a second job income for a few months. EnviroPlus was the contract on this job.

  1. Cold called customers using a database
  2. Booked in instillation appointments for field agents
  3. Mapped out area's for field agents
  4. Wrote and read from a script 
  5. Used product knowledge to answer questions 
Dec 2007Nov 2009

Midnight Movement Merchandiser

Zellers HBC

This placement started in Brockville, Ontario with a placement transfer to Ottawa Ontario a year later.

  1. Knowledge of LRT computer system
  2. Use of pump truck daily
  3. Loaded and unloaded shipping truccks
  4. Loaded and unloaded packing skids
  5. Use of product placement guides (planogram)
  6. Picking list preformed daily
Mar 2006Nov 2008


Nucomm International

This was a call center atmosphere for working for campaigns, which later intrigrated into a click to chat forum.

  1. Answered customers calls and dealt with issues
  2. Worked in an incentive program
  3. Called customers outbound
  4. Worked with c++ programming among several other programs 
  5. Worked in a group atmosphere as well as individual
Sep 2001Jul 2002

Weekend Board Operator

CFJR/ The Point Radio

Starting postion was a co-op student working in the news room, which later lead to working weekends for both stations, CFJR AM and 103.7 The Point FM.

  1. Operated switch boards for both stations
  2. Answer calls and directed them accordingly
  3. Inserted commercials
  4. Played remote live on location cut ins
  5. Chose songs to time out programs
  6. Wrote news stories


Jun 2003

Grade 12 diploma

Brockville Colligiate Institute