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Strategic Communications


Strategic Communications

Led the team that created strategic communications for Army Reserve Senior leaders on various topics to include Abu Grahib, the Army Campaign Plan, and Operationalizing the Army Reserve.Proactively developed integrated and consistent Army Reserve strategic themes, messages, and using multiple vehicles to communicate with internal and external audiences.Formulated, integrated and executed Army Reserve Strategic Communications to include identifying and prioritizing audiences, developing core messages and subordinate messages, as well as supporting data points.Developed and published strategic communications plan to share messages and strategy with enterprise communicators.Created and maintained productive relationships with US Army Reserve Public Affairs, and Army and Department of Defense Strategic Communications.

Program Management

Managed individual programs to include Military Personnel Pay, Defense Health Program, Joint Exercise Program, and Organizational Clothing and Individual Equipment.Created detailed cost projections and performed statistical analysis to ensure programs accurately estimated future costs.Adept at finding solutions for troubled programs - for example is the Active Duty Pay (reserve) program of over $1.5 Billion which was under funded and improperly costed.Promptly performed analysis to determine causes and successfully justified the program to obtain full funding.Successfully planned and directed the Thrift Savings Program roll out and implementation for Army Reserve Soldiers to include training and strategic communications.

Conducted and directed audits within the Army Reserve internal review and compliance reviews of contracts to include: maintenance contract $9 million; review of micro card purchase credit card usage for the 120th Army Reserve Command which included all Units in North and South Carolina.Investigated matters regarding possible theft or fraudulent practices.

Summary of Qualifications

Multiple experiences in all phases of Department of Defense Resource management and financial management comparable to Chief Financial Officer or Vice President for Business and Finance advising the CEO of organizations with 200,000 personnel or more personnel from diverse backgrounds, an annual budget in excess of $13 Billion.

Twenty-five years of progressive promotion to positions of increased responsibility in diverse functional areas including financial management, strategic communications, marketing, cost modeling, and auditing.Adept at analyzing programs and making cost projections for complex situations and coordinating these efforts across the organization.

  • Skilled at collaborating with operational managers and translating key factors into budgets and coordinating these efforts across the organization..
  • Created the Strategic Communications plan and messages for the Chief, Army Reserve and all senior officers during complex situations such as Abu Grahib.
  • Experienced at translating strategic plans into long term financial budgets.Multiple senior experiences at creating alternatives to obtain objectives as well as balancing resources against requirements which often exceed available resources.
  • Adept at creating and costing complex changes to National Defense Authorization Act such as modifying reserve retirement.

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Resource Management

Excelled at all aspects of resource management to include planning, programming, budgeting and execution within the Army and the Joint Staff.Currently, formulate and manage the Logistics Global War on Terror Operation and Maintenance funding to include Reset (repair of all equipment returning), maintenance and transportation with an annual budget in excess of $13 Billion. Created and justified Hurricane Katrina estimates in a short timeframe to provide resources for repairs and provide disaster relief support.

Managed multiple appropriations to include Reserve Personnel Army in excess of $3B, Operation and Maintenance Army Reserve in excess of $2B, and all Joint Staff appropriations to include procurement, Research and Development, Military Construction and Operation and Maintenance.Frequently responded to congressional information requests to include briefing responses to Senior congressional staffers and initiated modifications to legislation within the areas of military pay, benefits, and retirement.

Managed all accounting and business functions for Cross Creek Foods supporting the Taco Bell food supply for all North and South Carolina.Managed all accounts receivable, payable, payroll and created all financial statements.