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Work experience

Apr 2001Present

Marketing Specialist/Graphic Designer

Deborah M. Menges Graphics

Hard work, professionalism, and dedication to employer/client success resulted in significant accolades and responsibilities. Allowed to continue providing dual role of Sr. Graphic Designer/Marketing Coordinator for several previous employers because of trust gained and the quality of work provided. Clients are provided a full range of marketing/graphic design services including: complete  (SOI, SOQ, RFP, RFQ, SF330, SF254, SF255) proposal development and production including all graphic content, corporateidentitypackages,digital FlashandPowerPoint presentations,emailcampaigns,websitedevelopment,publicinvolvementpresentationmaterials,conferencematerials,tradeshowdisplays,alltypesofprintedcollateral,indoorandoutdoorsignage,andpointofpurchasedisplayadvertisingmaterials.

Jun 2010Nov 2010

Marketing Manager

Protean Design Group

Identified and developed marketing strategy and collateral. Organized marketing dabase. Prepared LOIs and Proposals for submittal.

May 2009Dec 2009

Marketing and Project Assistant

Walker & Company

Accomplishments include the creative development of templates and graphics used for proposal submittals, marketing sector sheets, digital presentations and email campaigns. Prepared and produced responses to RFP and RFQ bid opportunities. In addition, assisted with overall project administrative support.

Mar 2006Feb 2008

Marketing Coordinator

Reiss Environmental

Accomplishments include the complete re-design of all marketing collateral including: corporate brochure, project profile sheets, resumes, indoor lobby signage, trade show display, website design, magazine and newspaper ads, corporate sponsorship materials and all proposal and report graphics. Secured contract to continue providing marketing/graphic design services through Deborah M. Menges Graphics. Prepared and produced proposals (SOI, SOQ, RFP, RFQ, SF330, SF254, SF255) as well as developed presentations and handouts for interview portion of selection process.

Feb 2003Oct 2005

Senior Graphic Designer

Environmental Science Associates

Provided comprehensive graphic support to the expanding southeast division of ESA. Accomplishments included the creative design and development of the "airport and highway transportation" division corporate marketing materials. Because of an extensive background in print and advertising, given responsibility for the local production of all marketing materials needed for the airport division of ESA. Also prepared and produced responses to RFP and RFQ solicitations as well as developed presentations and handouts for interview portion of selection process.

Initially worked as a subcontractor providing marketing and graphic support to ESA under Deborah M. Menges Graphics then hired as a part-time employee of ESA.

Feb 1999Oct 2003

Graphics/Marketing Coordinator

Birk Hillman Consultants

Successfully re-designed all corporate marketing materials including: Corporate brochures and website, project sheets, resumes, proposal templates and report graphics, digital and board presentations, trade show display, conference materials, magazine and newspaper ads. prepared and produced responses to (SOI, SOQ, RFP, RFQ, SF330, SF254, SF255) solicitations as well as developed presentations and handouts for interview portion of selection process.

Secured a contract to continue to provide all graphic and marketing services to Birk Hillman as a subcontractor under Deborah M. Menges Graphics until BHC was sold.

Dec 1997Dec 1999

Freelance Graphic Designer

Deborah M. Menges Graphics

Designed and produced computer generated artwork from concept to color separations. Various creative and technical skills utilized included illustration, layout, typesetting, scanning and pre-flighting of computer files for film output. Graphic services were provided to a local printer, AD Printing through Deborah M. Menges Graphics.

Jun 1998Dec 1998

Graphic Designer


Designed and output computer generated files for large format digital printing, vinyl plotting and cutting. Creative and technical skills included: illustration, design, typesetting, output and mounting. Worked concurrently with Deborah M. Menges Graphics.

Oct 1996Sep 1997

Graphic Designer

Drakes Printing

Designed and produced computer generated artwork for press from concept to color separations. Various skills involved: illustration, layout, typesetting, scanning and the pre-flighting of computer files for film output. Left as a result of husband's transfer to Tucson, AZ.

May 1995Oct 1996

Graphic Designer

Creative Printing and Graphic Design

Designed andproducedcomputergeneratedartwork for pressfromconcepttocolorseparations.Variousskills involved: layout,typesetting, photo editing, creating logos for customers, scanningandpre-flighting filesforfilmoutput.

Sep 1984Jun 1988

Art Director

Park Sign Company

Managed and supervised work-flow in addition to executing camera-ready artwork from concept to film out. Creative and technical skills utilized included: illustration, typesetting, performing camera work. Supervised staff of 3 individuals.

Mar 1974Jul 1984

Art Director

Lovely Lane Advertising

Generated camera-ready artwork for newspaper ads, magazine ads, and point of purchase materials. This assignment required special design skills such as: technical illustration, layout and design, type specification, camera work and paste-up of mechanical flats. Initially hired as an artist under the company name of Cooperative Advertising.


Feb 2008Aug 2008

Adobe CS3 Certification



Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft FrontPage
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Word
Corel Draw
Adobe Acrobat
Adobe Flash
Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe InDesign
Adobe PhotoShop
Adobe Illustrator


Lance Walker, Jr.

I would be happy to give you a good reference for your graphic design skills Debbie!

Portfolio Samples



Experienced and talented marketing specialist/graphic designer that has a reputation for consistently delivering professional, polished products on time and under budget.

  • Demonstrated graphic design ability by successfully creating corporate logos, brochures, digital Flash and PowerPoint presentations, email campaigns, websites, proposal  (SOI, SOQ, RFP, RFQ, SF330, SF254, SF255)  and report graphics, trade show and store front displays, indoor and outdoor signage, point of purchase materials, and outdoor advertising.
  • Consistently contributed leadership skills in a corporate setting, working well with others or independently, and multi-tasking. Immediately responsive to changing priorities while working under tight deadlines.
  • Proven ability to manage valuable corporate resources such as time and budget without sacrificing the quality of the finished product.
  • Diversified graphic design experience in commercial advertising (ad agencies), printing (offset and silk screen), and for professional consulting firms in both the transportation (aviation/highway) and environmental industries.


“As a marketing and creative branding expert, Deborah excels at today’s stringent demands for proposal writing and marketing accountability. Deborah's experience enables her to prioritize target deliverables to the most profitable customers even in a fast-track delivery environment. Deborah's sharpened understanding of proposal development workflow and collaborative idea exchange creates a win-win for short- and long-term business results. Deborah is a great team player, and always gets the job done !” February 6, 2010

Prashant Mahajan, Senior Aviation Consultant, PBS&J 

“Debbie is one of the most efficient and hardest working people I have ever met. Her attention to detail and the level of effort in her graphics and marketing products are second to none.” December 26, 2008

Oscar E. Duarte , Project Manager , Reiss Engineering Worked directly with Deborah at Deborah M. Menges Graphics

“Deborah Menges did a beautiful job on the artwork for the website. Her designs are very creative and just right for the company. She was always responsive in what was needed and is a pleasure to work with.” December 18, 2008

Diane Heald , Owner , Heald Consulting Worked  with Deborah at Deborah M. Menges Graphics

“She does well and listens well” July 11, 2008

John Robbins , Owner , Pioneer Gutter Cleaning LLC. Worked directly with Deborah at Deborah M. Menges Graphics

“Debbie is creative, artistic and most definitely a team player. Debbie would always take the time to assist others with their work; she is resourceful in every way possible. I could always count on Debbie and the work that she produced was amazing. I could not have asked for a better teacher, if I had the opportunity to work with her again I would. She is a valuable asset to any company that hires her.” December 30, 2008

Porcia Bernard , Human Resource Coordinator-Engineering Assistant , Reiss Engineering, Inc Worked with Deborah at Reiss Environmental

“Deborah is creative, courteous and has always met very stringent deadlines without sacrificing quality.” December 18, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , On Time

Tim Schneiter Hired Deborah as a Graphic/Web Designer in 2002, and hired Deborah more than once.

“Debbie is a pleasure to work with. I had the opportunity to work with her for 5+ years at Birk Hillman Consultants and ESA Airports. She is detailed, hard working and the quality of her work is some of the best. As a Project Manager I had numerous clients comment on the quality of the graphics that she produced for publications, presentations and marketing materials.” January 6, 2009

Steve Ritter , Project Manager , ESA Airports Worked directly with Deborah at Environmental Science Associates. Now Vice President of The Solutions Design Group. 

“Debbie is a detail oriented, creative graphic designer. I could always count on her to meet every deadline while always looking for new ideas that took our work to the next level. She is one of the most conscientious employees that has ever worked for me and I do not hesitate to recommend her.” December 18, 2008

Mike Arnold, LEED AP , Vice President , Environmental Science Associates Managed Deborah at Environmental Science Associates 

“Deborah is a detail oriented Graphics Coordinator. She was always a pleasure to work with.” July 11, 2008

Cyndi Kosmicki , Civil Designer , Noble Engineering worked with Deborah at Birk Hillman Consultants

“While working with Birk Hillman Consultants, Inc., Ms. Menges was responsible for the production of all graphics associated with the various airport design services that the company provided as well as the firm's website. Her work was very professional and on task and the final product was one that the company was proud of. Once a draft was provided to her it was then that she was able to express her design capabilities and provide a document that was in line with the company's portfolio to provide airport design and consulting services within the private and public sector. She was a very important asset to the company and a Birk Hillman team player.” July 11, 2008

Chris Huftill , Admin Assistant , The Reinforced Earth Company Worked directly with Deborah at Birk Hillman Consultants