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Work experience

Project Manager/Owner


I created DelphicMedia to enhance the entrepreneurial marketing efforts of small businesses. It keeps my mind sharp and facilitates keeping abreast of new technologies and cutting-edge networks.- Create HTML/CSS email templates and deploy email campaigns- Provide online and integrated media marketing strategies for small businesses - Devised SEO strategies and managed editorial content- Created exclusive content for social media including e-mail newsletter, blogs, postcards, Facebook and Twitter- Conducted classes in Web 2.0 and social media for small business entrepreneurs

Aug 2010Present

Web Project Manager

Parsons-Meares, Ltd.

Parsons-Meares constructs made-to-order costumes for stage, film, dance, and opera.  The workroom created most of the amazing costumes for Spiderman the Musical. If you have ever seen, Lion King, Phantom, Wicked, Shrek, The New York City Ballet, Disney on Ice, or The Rockettes,  you will have seen costumes that were constructed by Parsons-Meares. I am currently working with web developers to create original content and secure permissions release for images to be displayed at the forthcoming website.

Feb 2000Jan 2008

E-Newsletter Manager/Assistant Web Manager

HarperCollins Publishers

While working in the Internet Development Group, I owned all aspects of e-mail newsletter and e-marketing campaigns. This included scheduling, scoping, strategizing, content development, editorial reviews, design, and statistical analysis. Responsibilities extended to: hard coding e-mails, creating templates, (HTML/CSS), interpreting and reporting on statistical analysis of all e-mail campaigns, segmenting databases in order to increase response rate, targeting specific audiences, and serving as technical liaise with vendor. Teamed with designers and Managing editors, to create brand awareness and campaign guidelines to ensure that our global studios executed all campaigns consistently across multiple platforms and continents.

- I managed vendor evaluation project for new e-mail campaign management software with Epsilon Interactive- Facilitated the creative development and production process for international E-newsletter campaigns in our Canadian and Australian offices.

- Maintained several key sections of via CMS, web project management, graphic design, and HTML coding

- Coordinated daily with online marketing managers, editors, the IT team, legal, and our VP of Global Marketing to establish campaign goals, functional definition, creative guidance, audience definition, schedules, and performance metrics- Ensured timely delivery, follow-up, and implementation of updates to our delivery system to guarantee strategic technologies were in place Sourced and managed copywriters, designers, developers, and photographers. Provided production oversight, quality control, and established brand standards to ensure consistent messaging/tone across platforms


  • Demonstrated personal initiative and knowledge of new technology trends that led to the creation of this position.
  • Conducted strategic marketing research that resulted in electronic focus groups to identify trends
  • E-newsletters were responsible for an average 33% increase in all HarperCollins Web site traffic

E-mail subscribers increased across 20 channels from 4000 to 467,000 upon my departure with increased average email response rates from 2-3% to 6%. I also contributed to the documentation of best practices and processes and continuously found ways to improve the quality of services.


Ardy Khazaei

“Deborah did an excellent job of helping our group determine which are the best approaches for successful email marketing for each target audience segment, and also was instrumental in finding and selecting the appropriate software for this purpose-- at the best cost!” -- Ardy Khazaei, SVP, Electronic Media, HarperCollins Publishers


Duel Citizenship

Immigration Naturalization




Art serves as the catalyst that wrestles comprehension from the sociopolitical and cultural shifts of each era. My degree in Visual Arts provided the foundation for this exploration. As a curator, I have experience executing the entire cycle of event facilitation from communications, graphics, e-mail, websites, and social media, to physical onsite coordination of exhibits.

I recently completed mounting an exhibit - Adaptations - with sculptor Helene Brandt.

This summer I will oversee the gallery debut of two completely different – but exciting – artists. I am accustomed to extremely detailed research and believe it compulsory in order to provide context.

In all endeavors, I revel in the seamless integration of content and design. During my eight-year tenure at HarperCollins Publishers, I implemented and developed all business and process requirements for the E-mail newsletter division within the Internet Development Group. Upon my departure, the E-newsletter subscriber base had increased from 4,000 to over 450,000. Past experience as a video and news producer enables me to quickly concept creative projects and my background in graphic design has enabled me to skillfully orchestrate content on the web. My abiding love of creativity means that my comfort zone kicks in when the stakes are seriously challenging. I live to implement design and functional enhancements and solve operational issues and can liaise with all levels of an organizational structure, including directors, editorial, creative, business, marketing, and IT.

"Ms. Johnstone clearly understands planning horizons, resource identification and resource allocation, sources of organizational funding, competitive industry analysis, regulatory influences, current and projected economic factors, and top management buy-in. Her detailed explanation of how the limitations and constraints of server technology, software and network control protocols were addressed and overcome were an insightful window into how creativity, adaptability, flexibility, determination, and intuition come into play in the development of both strategic goals and the development of strategic plans." 

-- Jordon Kaplan, Director, M.S., M.B.A., Human Resource Management Program, Associate Professor of Managerial Science, Long Island University

Specialization is for insects:"A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects."– Robert A. Heinlein