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Deborah Lundmark is the Artistic Director of Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre located in Toronto, Ontario. Ms. Lundmark is also the Contemporary Dance Theatre’s Artistic Director and Senior Arts Education Outreach Teacher. Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre is a Toronto youth repertory company of gifted next-generation artists who train, perform, and tour in the same manner as do their adult colleagues. Deborah Lundmark founded the School of Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre in 1983. With over thirty years experience as both a ballet instructor and a supervisor of teachers-in-training, Ms. Lundmark ranks among Canada’s leading specialists in movement for the young. In addition, Lundmark has developed, refined, and taught curriculum-related material for Ontario over the past two decades. Ms. Lundmark played a key role in both the development and the delivery of the Toronto District Board of Education’s Drama/Dance Project.

Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre
509 Parliament Street
Toronto, ON M4X 1P3‎
Tel: (416) 924-5657