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Graduate Student at the University of Minnesota with over 3 years of software development experience at Facebook, Amazon and Symantec, having primarily worked on Backend Systems, Machine Learning and Full-Stack Web Development.

SKILLS Python Java C/C++
SQL JavaScript Android CUDA




MS in Computer Science

University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Specializing in Machine Learning and High Performance Computing, 4.00 GPA


BE in Computer Science & Engineering

Pune Institute of Computer Technology, University of Pune

Graduated First Class with Distinction, 3.55 GPA

Work Experience


University of Minnesota Twin Cities - Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • MSBA 6320 - Databases and Data Warehousing (Fall 2018)
  • CSCI 5523 - Data Mining (Spring 2019)

Facebook - Software Engineer Intern

  • Added Entity Linking support for Facebook Pages to Facebook documents like posts, comments and ads, as part of the NLP team.
  • Increased the F-1 Score of our Entity Linker to 82.5% (+1%) with no increase in False Positives and run time, despite the extremely noisy data.

Amazon - Software Development Engineer

  • Built and released an internal tool with scaleable web services for tracking potential large scale issues with Amazon Digital Services and Devices 100x faster and more easily.
  • Owned the development of the Help app on all variants of the Fire TV and Fire Tablets, including the Click-To-Call feature.

Symantec Research Labs - Research Associate

  • Used Random Forest and SVM classifiers to predict risk factor based on users’ web browsing behavior with an accuracy of up to 87%, for risk evaluation in Cyber Insurance.
  • Extracted over 30 features from a big data set of telemetry obtained from 100,000 anonymous users for profiling their web browsing behavior over a 3 month span.

Symantec - Associate Software Engineer

  • Worked in the Security Response Content Engineering team, primarily on Information Extraction from over 400 Android and Windows App Stores to supply data that powers all of Symantec's security software and solutions.
  • Designed, developed and maintained web harvesting systems which gathered >10,000 new units of metadata and >5,000 accompanying physical software archives daily.
  • Introduced a scaleable architecture with RabbitMQ and MongoDB that increased our throughput by ~75x.

Highlighted Projects

  • 3D Object Symmetry Detection - C++ with STL, VCG Library, MFC - A Mesh Processing system for detecting intrinsic symmetries within 3D Objects using a skeleton based approach.
  • Head Pose Estimation - Python, OpenCV, dlib, dbus - Pose Estimation of a viewer's head using Face Detection, Facial Landmark Extraction and PnP for pausing a video being played on VLC Player when the viewer looks away.
  • GPU Parallel Movie Recommender System - CUDA C - A GPGPU User-User Collaborative Filtering system used to recommend movies using the MovieLens dataset with a 45x speedup over CPU implementations.
  • Paradise-GL - Java, LWJGL - A mini game engine supporting water simulation used to render a beautiful forest scene.
  • Iron Man VR 
  • Ray Tracer - C++ - Ray Tracer capable of rendering scenes with local illumination, reflection and refraction, etc.