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Graduate Student at the University of Minnesota with 3 years of software development experience at Symantec and Amazon having primarily worked on Information Retrieval, Machine Learning and Full-Stack Web Development.

SKILLS Python Java C/C++  SQL JavaScript Android




MS in Computer Science - University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Specializing in Recommender Systems, Machine Learning and Computer Vision.
GRE - 332/340, AWA 4.5/6 ;TOEFL - 119/120


BE in Computer Science & Engineering - PICT, University of Pune

Graduated First Class with Distinction, 3.55 GPA.

Work Experience


Amazon - Software Development Engineer

  • Worked to enhance the Digital & Devices Customer Service technologies for the Earth's most customer-centric company. 
  • Built applications and scalable web services using AWS Kinesis, DynamoDB, Cloudsearch, S3, Amazon's Internal frameworks as well as the FireOS SDK.

Symantec Research Labs - Research Associate

  • Developed a risk prediction model based on users’ web browsing behavior.
  • Worked on big data analysis, data wrangling, feature engineering and machine learning.

Symantec - Associate Software Engineer

  • Worked in the Security Response Content Engineering team, primarily on Information Extraction from the World Wide Web.
  • Designed, developed and maintained web harvesting systems which gather data that powers all of Symantec's security software and solutions.

Dassault Systèmes - 3D Software Engineer Intern

Worked on a sponsored research project on Symmetry Detection in 3D Objects with the Polyhedral Technologies team.

Highlighted Projects

  • Risk Prediction System based on Users’ Web Browsing Behavior - Apache Hive, Python, SciKit Learn
    Extracted features from a big dataset of telemetry obtained from over 100,000 anonymous users for profiling their web browsing behavior. Performed outlier detection and removal using binning to clean up the data. Trained and tested binary classifiers using the feature vectors with SVMs and Random Forests.
  • Intrinsic Symmetry Detection in 3D Objects - C++ with STL, VCG Library, MFC - Developed a Mesh Processing system to detect intrinsic symmetries within 3D Objects using a skeleton based approach.
  • Audiophile - Feature-packed Android Music Player application.
  • aMazeGL - C++, OpenGL - A feature-packed 3D Maze Crawler video game.
  • Fray Tracer - C++ - A ray tracing application capable of rendering fairly complex scenes with lighting, recursive reflection and refraction effects, etc.
  • CLI Image Editor - C++ - Command Line Image Processing and Manipulation Suite.
  • Movie Subtitles - Python, Beautiful Soup 4 - Tool for downloading good quality subtitles in a chosen language for a movie collection by harvesting the opensubtitles website.
  • Popular Movies - Android app that shows listings of the most popular and highest rated movies and their details using the TMDB API. Used Material Design components and AsyncTaskLoaders for fetching data in the background using Retrofit.
  • Hangman and Cows & Bulls - Python, SQLite, Qt4, Beautiful Soup 4 - Word and Movie guessing games that use data scraped from IMDB and Barron's GRE Wordlists.


  • Achieved International Rank 25 and National Rank 2 in Top Career Code Challenge 2016.
  • Received 4 Symantec WOW Awards for driving innovation and increasing throughputs over 100x across several projects.