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Experienced Paraplanner, highly regarded by advisers, clients and licensees.  Over 10 years' experience assisting advisers in all facets of financial planning, including the writing of a diverse range of complex and strategic financial plans in a timely and compliant manner.   Extremely well mentored over most of the last 7 years by an extremely knowledgeable, ethical and highly educated Certified Financial Planner.

Enrolling to commence a Bachelor of Finance later in the year (only 8 units to complete, with credits for previous studies).

Currently contracting to CPA Australia Advice who have only just recently had their Australian Financial Services License granted by ASIC.

A point of difference!

Instead of trotting out the usual personality characteristics repeated in every resume, I thought I'd tell you about mine in a different way.

If I asked my family, my friends and the colleagues I've worked with over the years, to  describe 'the sum of me', I'd like to think that they would say some of the following things:

"She is steadfast, loyal, diligent, determined, hard working, self-sufficient, detests tardiness, a lioness when she needs to be, but also generous, sometimes gregarious and adventurous; a pleasure to be around and/or work with".  The eldest of my five siblings sums it up for me when she says "you are the kindest of us all".  

But don't mistake my kindness for weakness; my kindness comes from an ability to see and understand both sides of every situationwhich has always served me well when dealing with conflict, unpleasant situations or difficult people (of which I've worked with, or for, a few!).  



Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning

Investment Banking Institute

FNS60410 / FNS50610


Phillip Institute of Technology

Business Communication Skills,  Accounting 1A, 1B, 1C Macroeconomics

Work History

Aug 2015Mar 2016


Advice for Living (purchased Crothers Financial Planning)
  • Fast-paced production of complex, strategic Statements of Advice, for wealth protection and accumulation and retirement planning, always ensuring the best possible client outcomes;
  • Production of the mandatory Statements of Advice for the transferred clients;
  • Attending investment seminars and personal development days ;
  • Product and investment research, keeping updated on technical issues and strategies; and
  • Assisted in the smooth transition of client base to Advice for Living,  providing the transferred clients with a sense of familiarity and continuity.

Jun 2009Aug 2015


Crothers Financial Planning
  • The production of complex, strategic Statements of Advice, for wealth protection, wealth accumulation and retirement planning; always adhering to the 'best interests duty' and 'safe harbor provisions' of FOFA;
  • Annual client reviews;
  • Investment/product and technical research, including attending Personal Development Days;
  • All facets of financial planning administration, including implementing procedures for the introduction of FOFA's Fee Disclosure Statement and Opt-In requirements;
  • Implementation of advice; including the buying and selling of managed funds and direct shares; and
  • Ensuring adviser files in order for annual audits.
Sep 2003May 2009


Wealth Expectations
  • Researching and creating Statements of Advice for personal risk insurance,  super consolidation and roll-overs; 
  • Liaising with insurance administrators, underwriters, superannuation companies and clients;
  • Implementation of advice; and
  • Ensuring adviser files in order for annual audits.

Jan 2001Sep 2003

Personal Assistant

GSA Group
  • Personal Assistant to in-house lawyer;
  • Administration of Actrol rental properties Australia wide, including public liability insurance, water and property rates; and
  • General secretarial duties including fast dictaphone, shorthand and typing skills.
Feb 1990Sep 1995

Desktop Publisher/Assistant Office Manager

Sedgwick, Noble Lowndes Superannuation
  • The production of complex management consultant diagrams, flowcharts, procedures manuals and superannuation forms;
  • The creation of complex word macros for  the automation of bulk client superannuation letters; and
  • Superannuation/secretarial staff training on Excel and Word; and
  • Supervision of reception and kitchen employees.
Feb 1985Sep 1990

Personal Assistant

Elders Finance (Merchant Bank)
  • Secretarial duties, shorthand, taking minutes of meetings;
  • Production of weekly economic newsletters using Pagemaker and Mirage;
  • Download and manipulation of economic data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics for the creation of complex graphs; and
  • Supervision of junior staff.

Examples of Strategic Advice provided

Inheritance/Centrelink Issue

A widowed retiree receiving a full age pension was receiving an inheritance which would have seriously affected her age pension and health care card entitlement.  I recommended a lifetime annuity; a 10-year investment bond, an investment platform with a regular withdrawal (investments chosen to maximise dividend imputation); the purchase of a funeral bond (up to Centrelink's allowable limit at the time) and to gift $30,000 over a 5 year period, not exceeding $10,000 in any one year). Under my scenario, I estimated her age pension entitlement would reduce, but not cease and that she would receive a higher age pension entitlement  by proceeding with the advice.

I also projected that the she would have the asset base to provide her with her desired annual income (indexed) to her life-expectancy and  beyond and that as the annuity and investment platform balances reduced over time, her age pension benefit would increase and she would not need to make withdrawals from the investment bond until it had matured, again providing a tax-free income source which would not be subject to tax if left to her non-dependent children  (tax definition of non-dependent) on her death.   

The adviser complimented me on an extremely well thought-out strategy which was both easy to present and easy for the client to understand.  The client and her children were delighted with the outcome.

Retirement Planning/Hold or Sell Investment Property 

Clients aged 65 wanting to retire within the following 12 months wanted to know if they had enough wealth accumulated to achieve their desired annual retirement income for their respective life expectancies and beyond. Their wealth consisted of superannuation and a rental property, which they were keen to retain.

I projected that if they retained the rental property, they would not achieve their desired objective, even with the eventual entitlement to an age pension as their superannuation benefit declined (factoring in indexation on rent and eventual entitlement to an age pension).

I projected that if they worked until August the next year, they could sell the investment property and contribute the funds to super as a non-concessional contribution using the bring-forward rule, whilst still satisfying the work test rule and minimise or negate capital gains tax, not having any other income for the financial year, with the recommended allocated pension tax-free.  I was clear to point out that we were not licensed to give specific property advice and that they should seek the advice of both a property and taxation expert if they decided to sell.  Under this strategy, they could achieve their desired outcome; if they retained the property, I demonstrated their super would be depleted around 10 years earlier, necessitating the selling of the property, incurring capital gains tax, which could not then be offset, without the ability to get the funds into a tax-free environment.  

The adviser again complimented me on a well thought out/presented plan.


Train the Trainer -  Centre for Business Development and Training Swinburne

Ventura Design and Layout - Business Resolutions

Ventura Basic and Advanced - Co-Cam Computer Group

Pagemaker Basic and Advanced - Delairco

Mirage Charting and Editing, Database Management & Advanced  - Dimension Graphics 

Advanced DOS - Paxus Consulting 

Referees - available on request