Current Works

Professional Staff at BEM Universitas Diponegoro

Sales Development Staff for Incoming Internship Program at AIESEC Local Committe UNDIP


2014 - 2018


Diponegoro University

2nd-year student in Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Faculty of Engineering

Jul 2011 - Jun 2014

Senior High School

SMA Negeri 1 Pekalongan

Work History

Work History
Sep 2015 - Present

Staff at Department of Sales Development

AIESEC Local Committe Diponegoro University

Corporate Staff for Incoming Global Internship Program (iGIP) / Global talent. My responsibilities are :

- connect AIESEC intern from another country to get and enhance their personal development through internship experience in Semarang, with Trainee Nominee/TN (such as international school/foreign language course/company) who need help from foreigner talent ;

- finding potential market research ;

- negotiating and lobbying the TN for the internship, relate with the best experience and offer they can provide for our intern ;

- make sure AIESEC give the best experience of internship for both the TN and intern ;

- make sure AIESEC can provide good experience, win-win partnership, and development toward the the institusion itself, the students, or the people there ;

- fill the Letter of Agreement (LoA) ;

- tell and describe the main content of LoA to TN ;

- send and check the Appendix to TN (about Job Description and Requirement for Intern) ;

- cooperate and discuss with Department of Incoming Global Internship Program (iGIP) about the partnership offer, requirement from the TN, and intern availability ;

- cooperate and discuss with Department of Finance about the Letter of Acceptance, and invoice ;

- cooperate and help another teammate in Department of Sales Development ;

- report progress and achievement to Manager and Vice President of Sales Development Department.

Feb 2016 - Present

Professional Staff (Staf Ahli)

Student Excecutive Board of Diponegoro University (BEM Universitas Diponegoro)

Work as a professional staff (staff ahli) at Department of Student Welfare (Kesejahteraan Mahasiswa) specifically in Division of Job and Career ;

- synergize with Undip Career Center (UCC) to maximize and accomodate the need of best  job/career fulfillment for Diponegoro University students ;

- the main coordinator for "Sahabat UCC", a platform consist of total 156 Student Welfare' Staffs from all of the Student Associations in Diponegoro University, who worked as communicator or diplomator from/to UCC and for/from their respective association ;

- make sure that 156 members of Sahabat UCC worked effectively to make Job and Career informations heard/received by all of Diponegoro University students ;

- make sure that the Job and Career service from university through UCC and BEM Universitas Diponegoro through Department of Student Welfare being well used, accessible, and helpful for all of students in Diponegoro University.

Sep 2014 - Aug 2015

Staff at Department of External Relation

AIESEC Local Committee Diponegoro University
Nov 2013 - Nov 2013

Vice President

Galang Aksi Paskibra V (GALAKSI)

Vice President of Galang Aksi Paskibra V (GALAKSI) held by Pasukan Khusus Pengibar Bendera (PASSUSBRA) SMA 1 Pekalongan. GALAKSI is an inter-city PASKIBRAKA (flag bearer's squad) competition held by SMA 1 Pekalongan every 2 year.

I was the head and have responsibility on:

- Team management/human resources

- External relation

- Budgeting (the one who make the budget plan and control it)

- Internal Audit

- Money flows

- Made a clear and detail book about the flow, tricks, tips, and flaws of the event for the next generation committe


- our new direction and thorough preparation for the event made our participants and visitor addicted with GALAKSI

- real team work compatibility that everyone felt challenge and improve a lot

- public reception and trust

- set an easier path for the next year GALAKSI held by our successor, bringing a greater hype and be more succesfull-get a profit as much as 50% of the budget fund(5x of its previous year profit)

Skill & Interest

  • Consultative Approach
  • Lobbying
  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategic Negotiations
  • Project Management
  • Human Resources
  • External Relationships
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Time Management
  • Budget Management
  • Marketing
  • Sales


English        (Intermediate proficiency)
Javanese    (Native proficiency)
Indonesian (Native proficiency)
Japanese    (Elementary proficiency)


Dec 2015 - Dec 2016



Total Score 517

May 2015 - Present

International Career Day 2015 in Semarang

AIESEC Local Committe Diponegoro University


Nov 2014 - Present

Semarang Youth Conference 2014

AIESEC Local Committee Diponegoro University