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Established scientist and productive researcher with 20 years of professional experience in both industry and academia

  • 6 publications in peer-reviewed journals
  • 3 published patents
  • Several posters presented at national scientific meeting

Demonstrated proficiency  in advanced molecular biology, cell biology, and biochemistry techniques

  • Generated NanoString expression data to profile immune cell types in human cancer models
  • Validated target compounds through cell based assays, expanding company's drug development pipeline
  • Designed TaqMan assay reducing the cost and time of screening
  • Generated stable cell lines expressing CAR {delta} enhancing adenoviral uptake 
  • Generated and screened a subtractive cDNA phage library to identify retinol-responsive genes

Productive working both independently and in a collaborative environment

  • Collaborated with Discovery group to functionally validate targets using RNAi
  • Led team that identified the association of a SNP with obesity, triggering a milestone payment
  • Collaborated internally and externally to publish 1 depression and 2 obesity linkage regions

Effective presentation skills, both written and oral

  • Reported progress updates to external collaborators 
  • Presented at national scientific meetings, increasing company's visibility
  • Co-authored an encyclopedia chapter

Published Patents

Obesity gene and use thereof, US Patent 7,314,713 

Publication Date: January 1, 2008 

Inventors: Shattuck DM; Stone S; RUSSELL DL; Abkevich V; Hunt S 

Assignee: Myriad Genetics, Inc

Depression gene, US Patent 7,052,853 

Publication Date: May 30, 2006 

Inventors: Shattuck D; RUSSELL DL; Abkevich V; Neff C 

Assignee: Myriad Genetics, Inc

Diabetes gene, US Patent 6,902,888 

Publication Date: December 30, 2004 

Inventors: McGrail M; RUSSELL DL; Shattuck DM 

Assignee: Myriad Genetics, Inc

Scientific Meeting Participation

Poster/Abstract Presentation 

ASHG 52nd Annual Meeting, October 2002 Title: Germline mutations in angiotensinogen associated with predisposition to type 1 diabetes. Authors: DL RUSSELL, F Kronenberg, KM Timms, MT McDermott, J DeGrado, HA O'Neill, Y Chen, M Auinger, C Säly, R Sommer, R Weitgasser, SC Hunt, M Skolnick, M McGrail, DM Shattuck.


Wang H, Hu L, Dalen K, Dorward H, Marcinkiewicz A, RUSSELL D, Gong D, Londos C, Yamaguchi T, Holm C, Rizzo MA, Brasaemle D, Sztalryd C. (2009) Activation of hormone-sensitive lipase requires two steps: protein phosphorylation and binding to the PAT-1 domain of lipid droplet coat proteins. J Biol Chem, 284: 32116-32125. Stone S, Abkevich V, RUSSELL DL, Riley R, Timms K, Tran T, Trem D, Frank D, Jammulapati S, Neff CD, Iliev D, Gress R, He G, Frech GC, Adams TD, Skolnick MH, Lanchbury J, Gutin A, Hunt SC, and Shattuck D. (2006) Tbc1d1 is a candidate for a severe obesity gene and evidence for a gene/gene interaction in obesity predisposition. Hum Mol Genet, 15(18): 2709-20. Abkevich V, Camp NJ, Hensel CH, Neff CD, RUSSELL DL, Hughes DC, Plenk AM, Lowry MR, Richards RL, Carter C, Frech GC, Stone S, Rowe K, Chau CA, Cortado K, Hunt A, Luce K, O'Neil G, Poarch J, Potter J, Poulsen GH, Saxton H, Bernat-Sestak M, Thompson V, Gutin A, Skolnick MH, Shattuck D, Cannon-Albright L. (2003) Predisposition locus for major depression at chromosome 12q22-12q23.2. Am J Hum Genet, 73(6):1271-1281. Stone S, Abkevich V, Hunt SC, Gutin A, RUSSELL DL, Neff CD, Riley R, Frech GC, Hensel CH, Jammulapati S, Potter J, Sexton D, Tran T, Gibbs D, Iliev D, Gress R, Bloomquist B, Amatruda J, Rae PM, Adams TD, Skolnick MH, Shattuck D. (2002) A major predisposition locus for severe obesity, at 4p15-p14. Am J Hum Genet, 70(6):1459-68. Hunt SC, Abkevich V, Hensel CH, Gutin A, Neff CD, RUSSELL DL, Tran T, Hong X, Jammulapati S, Riley R, Weaver-Feldhaus J, Macalma T, Richards MM, Gress R, Francis M, Thomas A, Frech GC, Adams TD, Shattuck D, Stone S. (2001) Linkage of body mass index to chromosome 20 in Utah pedigrees. Hum Genet, 109(3):279-85.

Berberich SJ, RUSSELL DL. (1997) Tumor suppressor genes, p53. Encyclopedia of Human Biology, Second Edition, Volume 8, Academic Press. RUSSELL DL, Kim KH. (1996) Expression of triosephosphate isomerase transcripts in testis: Evidence for retinol regulation and a novel germ cell transcript. Biol Reprod, 55(1):11-18.


Donna Shattuck

Dr. Shattuck was the Vice President over-seeing the Predisposition Gene Discovery group in which I worked for seven years at Myriad Genetics, Inc.

Dawn Brasaemle

I worked as a laboratory manager for Dr. Brasaemle for over 3 years in the Dept. of Nutritional Sciences at Rutgers, The State University of NJ.

Randy Seeley

I managed the molecular biology lab in Dr. Seeley's laboratory in the Obesity Research Center at the Genome Research Insititute in Cincinnati for 2 years.

Steven Stone

Dr. Stone was my immediate supervisor for 6 years in the Obesity Predisposition Gene Discovery Group at Myriad Genetics, Inc.

Sample Presentations

Professional Affiliations

Recent Publications

Work experience


Laboratory Researcher/Manager

Rutgers, The State University of NJ

Identification and characterization of lipid droplet associated proteins:  perilipin and CGI-58

On-site expert in RNA isolation, cDNA synthesis, and qPCR

Ensured regulatory compliance of the lab

Directly supervised and trained undergraduate and graduate students


Research Associate

University of Cincinnati, Obesity Research Center

Expression profiling of genes in the CNS involved in feeding behavior

Introduced new techniques/technologies keeping the lab competitive and up to date

Collaborated to write grants and proposals for research funding

Managed the daily operations and budget of the molecular lab allowing projects to proceed 



Myriad Genetics

Leader in the Predisposition Gene Discovery Group for obesity, diabetes and depression 

Met project goals and deadlines resulting in collaboration extension and additional research money

Characterized and validated HOB1 as an obesity/diabetes target, enhancing the company's portfolio

Identified lead compounds targeting HOB1 to advance into in vivo studies

Used association studies to identify diabetes predisposition genes, improving the company’s standing

in the field



Ohio University

Emphasis on genetics.


Washington State University

Thesis:  Characterization of Retinol Induced Triosephosphate Isomerase cDNA Isolated Using a Subtractive Hybridization Method


Biochemical assays
ELISA, in vitro enzyme assays, kinase assays
RNAi knockdown
siRNA and shRNA
I have trained high school students, undergraduate and graduate students, and post-docs.  I have also directly supervised technicians and Research Assistants/Associates.
cDNA synthesis, RT-PCR, RACE
Mammalian cell assays
Toxicity assays (ATPlite and WST-1), glucose uptake assay, GFP, staining (Oil-Red-O, trypan blue)
Northern/Southern and Western analysis
Genetic analysis
Association studies, linkage analysis (MCSIM), genotyping (STRs and SNPs), haplotype and recombination analysis
  DNA/protein sequence analysis, primer design, Vector NTI, GCG, GDE, Sequencher, UCSC Genome Browser, NCBI and ExPASy tools, DNA and protein alignment programs, database searches, basic text mining  
Immunofluorescence microscopy
Immunocytochemistry, immunhistochemistry
Tissue culture
Transfections, transductions, generation of stable lines, inducible expression systems.  Cell lines worked with include HeLa, HEK293, HepG2, 3T3L1, NIH3T3, C2C12, L6, CHO, IVB, NLSD, WS-1, lymphoblastoid, primary cell lines.
Recombinant adenoviral system
Recombinant protein expression/purification
Expression in E. coli and affinity column purifications
TaqMan end-point assays
qPCR (SYBR green)
Yeast two-hybrid screens
Site-directed mutagenesis
DNA/RNA/protein isolation