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Currently a freshmen in college and looking for part-time work during the year. I would love to work with animals if able to. 


Quick learner
Computer proficient
Great ability to work well with others or part of a team

Creative problem solving
Can handle stressful situations
Time management
Educated in general human and animal health

Customer service and satisfaction
Able to communicate well with others within and outside the company
Able to organize and plan well
Able to work with children very well
Child care

Work experience

Nov 2014Mar 2015

Sales Associate

Blast Fitness - Saugus, MA

Worked as both a babysitter and sales associate at the gym. When working as a sales associate I would sign members up, address any issues they had, and clean the fitness machines.

(781) 558-2566

Nov 2013Mar 2014

Sales Associate

Staples - Saugus, MA

Worked as a cashier, helped customers, and re-stocked items in the store. 

(781) 231-6860



Pre-Veterinary Studies

University of Rhode Island

I want to become a wildlife veterinarian to care for animals, prevent their suffering, and give them what they need. 


Fluent in Spanish and English.



Ability to communicate with others respectively. 


Being able to guide others without force, having a vision, and sharing that vision while encouraging others to create their own.


Ability to work with a team.

Time Management

Being able to help or completing tasks in a timely manner.

Computer Proficient

Ability to use any business-required computer programs with relative ease.


Ability to work hard and complete the tasks at hand. 

Willingness to Learn

Always seeking improvement.