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Work History

Jan 2011Jan 2015

Community Support Worker


Caring and Supporting the Aged, Sick and Disabled in their own homes.

Jan 2004Jan 2010

Hotel Manager

Alpha Hotel and Restaurant Ltd

Daily running of the Hotel, Stock Orders and Stocktake, Staff, Entertainment, Hotel Bookings, Accounts, Payroll, Reps etc

Jan 1990Jan 2004

Checkout Operator / Supervisor / Manager / S. A. M

Progressive Enterprises

Customer Service, Managing Staff, Cash Balancing, Rosters, Payroll, Accounts etc.


I have worked for 17 years in the Grocery Retail Business. In that time, I have gained extensive experience in Customer Service, Supervising Staff, Human Resources, Health & Safety in the work place, Stocktaking, Cash Balancing, Banking, Customer Feedback, Payroll and Accounts.

I went on to manage a Family Business for 6 years until it was sold in 2010.  I dealt with Ordering Stock, Stocktaking, Purchasing, Sales, Reps, Customers, Accounts, Licensing Requirements, GST and Entertainment.

I am currently working as a Community Support Worker.  I support and care for the Aged, Sick and Disabled, so that they are able to continue to live in their own homes.  I am currently into my 4th year. 


Excellent Customer Service                                   Honest

Excellent Phone Manner                                         Loyal 

Accounts Experience                                              Flexible / Reliable

Payroll Experience                                                   Committed / Dedicated

Computer Literate                                                    Hard working / Good Work Ethics

H R Experience                                                         Integrity

H & Safety Experience                                             Quick Learner / Sponge


I first started working at 17 years of age. Have only had 4 jobs since then and I am now 46.  I worked my way through from a checkout operator to Service and Admin manager.  On occasion, along with the Grocery Manager, we would have to manage the Store, in the Store Managers absence. I was responsible for 30 odd checkout staff and over saw the different departments.  Responsible for HR issues, H&S requirements and generally anything that was needed. Very proud of myself as I had to start from scratch and through hard work and the support of my family, (which I had two children during this time also), I was able to achieve my goals.  I only left when I could not go any further without having to leave town.

Secondly, the family business t managed, was closed for some time before it was purchased and through determination of the family members,  it was reopened on an oily rag and sold 7 years on for a good price.  Since that sale, I have watched the business go through different hands and slowly decline to where it is no longer the same business.

What does this tell you???

This tells you that, I commit and put everything I have into a job.  It shows my loyalty to my employer and my work.  I have great work and family balance. I pride myself in learning all there is to know about the business,  so that I have the knowledge to better help customers and the business.


Donna Armstrong

07 871 2028 (after hours) 027 413 7447

Jody Humberstone

07 871 7064 (after hours) 020 111 3238