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Software and Technology manager-leader with a track record building and operating agile development Teams who propel and sustain business growth via innovation and systematic, accelerated execution.

Core Competencies

  • High-Impact Hands-On Technology Development Organization Leader

  • Low-Ceremony Collaborative managing style to invigorate top talent, elevate execution, and continually boost Team performance

  • Experienced Teams Manager – onshore, offshore, mixed, various & dynamic sizes

  • Senior Architect-Level Design & Code Contributor abilities across multiple stacks, technologies, and market classes – enterprise, web, cloud, desktop, mobile, etc.

  • Effective Collaborator/Communicator – cross-functional partner, internal, external, all level

  • Extreme Delivery expertise – hundreds of successful Product/Project launches worldwide

    • Payments Projects – gateway, web, mobile + APIs, Integrations

    • Massive Source Code migration project – 25 yrs’ 10k+ developers’ code, zero-downtime

    • Legacy CRM system warehouse consolidations plus Data Analytics add-on

    • $4B+ Software Activation w/live-migration & zero-downtime...more

  • Proven Ability to Evolve & Accelerate Tech Teams to fuel Rapid Business Growth

Work experience

Aug 2014Present

VP of Engineering


A Software Development Services firm specializing in custom software development.

Led projects practice engaging high-touch clients full life-cycle from inception through delivery across a variety of markets – B2B, B2C, Startup, mid-sized & F50.

  • Managed, Led, & Contributed to multiple client-facing project Teams – local & onshore

  • Engaged new Clients & Developed RFP/Bids to win new Customers

  • Implemented accelerated Agile delivery practices across a variety of technologies and stacks

  • Delivered 10+ product solutions to target clients: enterprise, cloud, mobile, payment, more

    • 6+ Payments Projects – APIs, Gateway, SDKs, Custom Integrations, POS, Web, & Mobile

    • Sales Tool w/ROI Impact Study Generator & client-ready Interactive Data Visualizations

    • Cloud-Based Data Harvesters for Big Data analytics firm

    • Multi-Media Startup MVP Project – full Server, API, Web & Mobile Cloud Apps

Jun 2009Aug 2014

Sr Program Manager


A $12B information leader for financial, business, and professional clients.

Led organization-wide change modernizing development tools and practices for 10k+ developers across 250+ teams shifting into automated Agile methods.

  • Pioneered & Implemented massive, unified Data-Driven R&D Visualization platform

  • Expanded Continuous Integration build, Source Code, & artifact facilities at scale

  • Introduced & Integrated Continuous Code Analytics systems at scale

Built and ran 7 multi-discipline project teams, plus multi-phase launch campaigns:

  • Led & managed $1.3M live re-engineering project activating $4.4B+ in revenues

    • Re-Engineered & Geo-Relocated set of Massive Global Software Activations platforms

    • Built, Managed, & Led multi-site, multi-disciplinary Teams to accomplish Mission

      • India, London, Switzerland, NYC, St. Lois, Minneapolis, NJ, & Boston

    • Harvested, Cleansed, & Live-Migrated 25 years of Business Data - VSAMs & Flat-Files

    • Managed & Orchestrated 8 separate Global Region Live-Transfer Migrations

    • Achieved & Maintained Zero Customer and Business Impacts throughout Transistions

    • Captured annual $20M+ recurring ROI in annual operating costs

  • Led & managed 2 $0.5M data warehousing global SOX-critical financial data projects

    • Architected, Built, and Launched 2 BI/Data Analytic services to house historic CRM data

    • Managed & Led offshore Teams to fulfill both Missions

      • India, Switzerland, London, Minneapolis, St. Lois, NYC, NJ, & Boston

    • SOX-Compliant BI & Data Analytics for >20 legacy CRM systems’ data

    • Transitioned massive Customer Services organizations over to both

  • Led $2.5M IP synergy project & 3 affiliate projects – radically under budget via lean methods

    • Led small, high-impact Team to Design & Build massive source code control system

    • Built, Managed, & Led multiple onshore/offshore Teams to deliver full Mission

      • Boston, Rockville, London plus >100 onsite migration leads worldwide

    • Serving 10k+ developers’ daily work with >25 years’ code changes (7-month siphon)

    • Integrated Requirements & Defect workflow artifacts into source code system

Also served as dependencies manager on a $50M+ Siebel/SAP project collecting $6.6B.

Apr 2005May 2009


Applied Search MA


Developed personal internet search engine product as a solopreneur.

Feb 2009May 2009

Consulting Engineer

Reveal Imaging MA
Developed fault tolerance for new airport baggage scanners as a contributing engineer.
Nov 2007Jul 2008

Consulting Engineer

Thomson Reuters MA
Automated a series of enterprise software deploy automations as a contributing engineer.
Sep 2004Apr 2005



Transformed 60-person contractor firm into an Embedded Software Products company

  • Led turn around and rapid revenues expansion to 180% of plan & $15M

    • Proposed corporate recovery plan to parent company’s Board & won Approval

    • Repositioned firm as an Embedded Products company

  • Completed remote acquisition & integrated teams, core capabilities, & businesses

    • Re-Acquired & Integrated Acquisition’s key Sales & Engineering personnel

    • Merged & Managed unified Sales, Marketing, Bus Dev, & R&D Teams as one Unit

  • Secured a series of marquee clients: AMD, Adobe, Microsoft, PTL, Macromedia, Intel, etc.

Delivered Embedded Flash, Linux, & Windows products & UI/UX libraries into:

    • Low-Cost, high-volume AMD machines targeting South America

    • Multiple Phone, Kiosk, and PC firmware releases

    • New Intel FiberChannel NAS systems targeting datacenters & storage markets worldwide

May 2002Sep 2004

President & COO


Rallied R&D, Manufacturing, & Sales at $50M, 100+ person NASDAQ company

  • Re-won and expanded relationship to co-develop Windows XP/MCE with Microsoft

    • Negotiated & Managed re-entry into MCE’s domestic US launch

    • Won subsequent 1-year exclusive rights to all remaining international markets worldwide

  • Radically expanded OEM business with 400% boosted new products rate sustained

    • Ramped R&D productivity w/streamlined process methods & new repeatable practices

    • Added 2 new Fabs – reduced costs & single-fab risks & radically elevated production

    • Eliminated single-supplier risks with alternative parts designs across all products

  • Achieved 152% Revenues Boost to $65M and >350% share price gains

    • Led 100% test program to reduce costly returns – drove manufacturing scrap rates to $0

    • Enabled direct OEM/ODM design-in wins to boost volume Sales

    • Positioned Firm as trailblazer first-products house for all video chipmakers


VP of R&D

Priority Call Management MA

Built & Led small, business-targeted Software development teams from 3 to 120 engineers

  • Built massive Prepaid Calling & Voicemail service systems & infrastructure

    • Designed & Led Teams to develop unlimited distributed Storage & App Services platform

    • Managed 75% Staff transition mid-project & Achieved 150% uptake in Productivity

    • Competed In & Won technical “shootouts” to unseat established industry dominants

    • Captured RFP award -- all of Verizon’s voicemail business in North & South America

    • Still operating today

  • Systematically Delivered >200 new Products, outpaced competitors, >800% ROI

    • Using small, high-impact, client-focused, tactical Agile Engineering methods

    • Relentlessly won new clients via “silver-bullet” special feature engineering

    • Continuously integrated special features into full Product offerings as licensing options

  • Delivered targeted offerings fueling 2 revenue growth ramps – up to $42M and ~$80M



SW Eng

Program Management Intern


Provided PM services to 200-person multi-function R&D organization making color TVs.


Watson Scholar Summer Internships


2 Fundamental Physics Research, 2 Business, 1 Manufacturing



Masters of Engineering, Applied & Eng. Physics

Cornell University

Simulation thesis on evaporative deposition for convex substrates.


BS, Applied & Eng. Physics

Cornell University


2 US Patents