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De Etta Adriana Sánchez Orozco

Senior Associate Operations

Work History

Nov 2011To date

Mergers and Acquisitions Strategy & Delivering Deal Value – Senior Associate Operations

PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers)

Project management, assessment and process design, internal control and Sarbanes Oxley with different clients

Main responsibilities:

- Analyze a target along the value chain on opportunities and risks within project.

-Value creation through a collection of different levers through significant and sustained synergies and improvements in both revenue generation and operating efficiency

-Assure the activities involved in an M&A do not affect product quality, availability, or delivery to end customers such as:

  • Analyze the structure and reporting relationships amongst: procurement, operations, warehousing, distribution and, packaging
  • Knowledge management and transfer of: production processes and procedures; manufacturing drafting; standards and other production of critical documentation and operating policy documents, standards, and manuals
  • Verify the accomplishment of production forecasting, planning, and scheduling
  • Ensure the specific performance issues and concerns of the production operations be solved
  • Identify opportunities to improve lead-times, cycle times and productivity
  • Sourcing (vendor management, agreement, contacts and terms, purchasing)
  • Inventory management (current materials requirements planning, work order and production scheduling), warehousing (storage or capacity needs, opportunities to consolidate and rationalize or reconfigure the distribution network, finished goods inventory levels), distribution (transportation strategy) and packaging (product labels and packaging required)
Jul 2010Oct 2011

Brand Analyst


Analysis and evaluation of product lines, research and development of action plans to strengthen the position of these and of the company in the market.

Main responsibilities:

 -Market Research: get and generate market information about the positioning of our products.

 -Development of trade statistics, which facilitate the analysis to generate sales proposals and marketing strategies.

-Participation in the development of promotional activities with the aim of strengthening the image and support the product positioning in the market.

-Control of the inventory levels of the product lines to generate information to improve the movement of those products.

- Identification of the excess and obsolete in order to realize the strategy of the movement of those products.
-Close relationship with the areas of finance, purchasing, warehousing, sales and product engineering for the development of new products (price assignment, sales strategies, promotions, etc.)

Apr 2008Jun 2010

Asistente en Gerencia General de Ventas y Nuevos Negocios


Main responsibilities:

-Serves customers by providing product and service information; resolving product and service problems.

-Process the claims of the imported material.

-Development support on new products to ensure adequate product knowledge for the internal and external sales teams, and managing day-to-day project coordination with outside suppliers and vendors.

Achievement: I implemented a program to reduce time in the testing and evaluation of new products. I streamlined the sales process programmed to one of the key customers, reducing downtime, achieving faster deliveries achieving customer satisfaction. I reduced times of internal processes in the sales area.



Bachelor of Industrial Engineering and Systems

Laureate International Universities -Universidad del Valle de México

Based on MHMS (Materials Handling and Management Society) and Lean Six Sigma in Quality Control
Honors Program


-Organized, innovative, creative, committed; used to working under pressure, objectives, goals in team or individual; highly institutional, with the best attitude in compliance with regulations, objectives and policies set by the organization.
-Management of public relations, personnel management, systematization of information, process reengineering, strong analytical skills, implementing new processes to improve times, excellent attitude of service and attention to customers, users and staff.