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Logos Graduate School


Logos Graduate School

Masters Certification

Johnnie Coleman Institute


Roosevelt University

Associate in Applied Science

Olive Harvey College


Development Tools and Products: BellCore, SystemHouse; Onyx Software Products; Behavioral Health Care Software for: Provider, Managed Care, Credentialing; Visio Software Products.   Various Personal Computers, Operating Systems, platforms,  and software languages.                                                                 Knowledge of and Experience with DoD, Defense Contracts with ISO 9000, Military Standards, IEEE Standards.
Desktop Publishing
Web Page Design, Resume Creation and Posting Service, Computer and Internet Literacy Tools, Internet Instruction.   Supplying e-Business Solutions to Small and Start-up Businesses.  Consulting Services for Start-Up and Established Businesses in the area of: Finance, Operations, Human Resources, Sales, Business Plan, Financial Plan, Marketing Plan.   MS Office 2000 templates: Calendars and Planners, Holidays and Occasions, Finance and Accounting, Orders and Inventory Education, Health and Wellness, Home and Community, Legal and Business Legal Forms, Marketing Materials, Design Sets, Stationery and Labels, Meetings and Projects, Human Resources, Your Career, Travel and Maps, Charts and Diagrams, Organization Charts. Windows Vista Business, Microsoft Office Professional 2007, Microsoft Works Suite 2006.   Knowledge of and Experience with Various Software Packages: Lotus 123, PrintShop, Presentation, PhotoImpact Special Edition, MicrografX Windows Draw 6, SnapShot Express, Corel PrintHouse Magic 4 Select, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Web Publisher.  COREL SUITE: WordPerfect 2000, New Project 9, Professional 9, Presentations 9, Quattro Pro, Central 9, Utilities.   Microsoft 95/97/98/2000, CE, NT, NT XP, Enterprise7, Explorer8, MS Office Suite, Workstations, ME, SB, Vista, Windows7.

Work experience

Software Engineer


Managed software development Data Products for AMF Bowling Systems sporting activities, American Airlines flightscheduling programs and Greyhound Bus scheduling using the M68000, and Sigma9 Computer Systems.


Proprietor and Contractor


Proprietor and Contractor, assist small businesses by way of recommendations of hardware/software and installation setup of PC's and peripherals.  Develop / manage web sites using HTML, GUI, and desktop publishing software, and internet instruction. Developed, designed and implemented vehicles to enhance the professionalism of start-up and established businesses.

Accomplishments Include:

  • Assessment of Development Needs managed all aspects of project design and implementation: met with senior management; prepared protocol, and conducted instructional sessions.
  • Organizational Research use of statistical and research design for business, marketing, and financial plans, conducted survey, new business markets studies, product turnover studies, and feasibility studies.
  • Program Development researched, designed, and coordinated materials unique to specific business as to their personal business plan, markets and software required to operate on a daily basses.
  • A Business Builder able to produce high quality desktop publishing presentation materials and establish long term relationships of the highest quality.
  • A Strong Start-up Business Developer a trouble shooter and problem-solver in initiating start-up companies. Identify and develop market strategies; generate ideas and initiatives that capitalize on existing and prospective partner strengths; consistently built a pipeline of new, revenue generating opportunities; prepared written presentations, reports, and term sheets; assist in contract negotiations; assist with other tasks as needed.
  • Identify every area of the business operations by which computer equipment and software could best be utilized in order to promote their products in the marketing arena.
  • Equipment Installation of computers and peripherals and teach staff how to use it.
  • Software determine which software package was best for a particular company, then teach staff how to use it.

Design Engineer


Managed communications management projects.Developed communications management project plan and including: implementation tasks, levels of effort for various SW disciplines within Ameritech's five state region for resources, and budgets that matched customers objectives.Utilized the Systems Integration Life Cycle Methodology to project manage multiple vendors,hardware and software components, and communication systems in voice, data and image.Managed and performed all phases of systems integration including: definition ofrequirements, network design, system design, application design, contract scope, installation, testing, acceptance, training, site planning and preparation.Coordinated vendor deliverables, subcontractor work pertinent to AIS products and services with project plan resources, and managed the AIS project toward a scheduled dead line. Provided written and verbal project status to corporate and customer management. Best served customers by functioning as a dedicated liaison betweenthemany AIS departments,in resolving issues, and reporting progress of projects in a timely manor.


Software Quality Assurance Engineer


Created and implemented the Cook NT Software Life Cycle Methodology, a Quality Assurance Plan, and SQA Auditing Procedures for the software and firmware departments, also conducted auditing of various software related organizations.Managed multiple projects as to the coordination, maintenance, and daily operation of software products throughout the entire Software Life Cycle process.Coordinated the ongoing activities for multiple projects into NT's Systems Concepts in relation to various software organizations such as Marketing, Software Configuration Management, Software Support, Software Systems Integrity, Product Services and Product Assurance.Served NT customers bycreating an Engineering Reporting Systems, established formal corporate lines of communications, initiated software fixes,tracked the progress of retrofit software fixes, and monitored follow up of projects using case tools.


Software Quality Assurance Engineer


Provided software reliability, test and change control services. Conducted Verification, Validation and Reliability Studies, Audits and Test Certificationfor developmental software and its documentation. Monitored the tractability of software performance from requirements, design, to coding and testing.Established and maintained a Software Quality Program in accordance with corporate policy,military standards and continuously updated programs to concur with revised military or professional standards.


Software Configuration Manager

Developed procedures to identify control and document contractually required computer programs.Established and maintained master software release schedules for each computer program and related documentation.Maintained records of thereleases, reviewed approval, and change status of all software.Wrote and implemented Configuration Management Program Plan, Procedures, and Auditing Practices.Established and incorporated a training program method that illuminated the way information was gathered and researched with the organization.Developed automated library using ARCUS.Served customers bybeing a repository of contract compliance information, and go-between for the Department of Defense to ensure government standards were being met.


Telecommunications Network Service Manager


Performed configuration management for Wards and subsidiaries. Focused on customers needs by serving as liaison between upper management, subsidiaries and various telephone companies and coordinated efforts with Information Processing Centers development Groups and OCC committee.Responsible for resolving all trouble report issues between Wards Corporate HQ, stores, subsidiaries and local/long distance telephone companies Created andmaintained a Circuitry Database using IBM 3033, OS/MVS, TSO/SPF, CICS, TCAM, IMS, ACP and VMS for maintaining control over costs, vendorsand corporate HQ. Created and chaired ON Line Change Management Committee.


Technical Assistant Network Management


Developed software to reduce network congestion using UNIX and4ESS. This procedure stopped allescalated problems by means of initiated corrective controls.


Software Quality Assurance¨Project Management¨Small Businesses Development

Worked for various companies utilizing systematic analysis verification validation skills, involving Project Management, Development Coordination, Strategic Planning, Quality Assurance, Change Management, college instructor, contractor for small and start-up businesses.


To utilize my professional experiences, business accomplishments, acquired business skills, and core competences of knowledge to enhance my prospective employer’s business.

Core Competences in

  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Auditing Procedures / Practices
  • TQA and TQM
  • Case Tools
  • Project Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Change Management
  • Software Life Cycle Methodologies
  • ISO, IEEE, Military Standards and Procedures
  • DOD, Defense Contracts
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Resume Posting Service
  • Computer and Internet Literacy Tools
  • Web page Design and Management
  • Internet Instruction
  • e-Business Solutions
  • Consulting Service
  • e-Document Transactions
  • Needs Assessment Small Business
  • Equipment / Software Installation and Utilization
  • Writing Business Proposals, Grants, Business Plans
  • Writing Marketing Plans, Financial Plans
  • Writing Business Presentations
  • Internet Research
  • Work for Individuals and Businesses