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My ultimate goal is to find employment in the multimedia industry doing what I enjoy most - working in a friendly, creative media-based atmosphere - in which I can utilize my exceptional organization and design skills to assist my employer in overall company productivity, business culture, and bringing new and innovative ideas to the forefront. I assure you that my employment is a worthwhile business investment, and that I would be a valuable asset to your company.


Some of my skills, expertise, and qualifications are, but are not limited to:

  • Multifaceted, efficient, and reliable multimedia specialist with 6+ years of educational experience in a broad range of multimedia proficiencies.
  • Panoptic media expertise in everything from graphic/web design, 2D/3D animation, film production/editing/analysis, to business/managerial writing, etc.
  • Extensive experience in Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc.) and several other Adobe-based applications and design software.
  • Intermediate training in numerous production editing/animation programs (ex. Final Cut Pro, AfterEffects, Maya, etc.).
  • Adequate skill in basic HTML/XHTML - with the ability and potential to expand said knowledge.
  • Versatility in all of the standard office desktop software, as well as compatibility with PC and Mac systems.
  • Diversified skill sets covering administrative/customer support, project management, and working in a team-based environment.
  • Strong knowledge of the concepts, practices and procedures used in the multimedia industry.
  • Excellent interpersonal, phone, and digital communication skills.
  • Reserved, cool composure, resistant to pressure, extremely persistent, reliant upon experience, training, and judgment for planning activities to accomplish goals.
  • Worked in fast paced, high quality, and high volume establishments where accuracy is a requisite.
  • Ability in handling inventory, overall safety, and sanitation levels

Work experience

Jun 2005Jul 2008

Store Associate/Produce Worker

Defense Commissary Agency

Salary: 23,527 USD per year

Hours: 20+ per week

Series: 1101  Pay Plan: GS  Grade: 2

  • Maintained inventory control of 500+ produce items, including inventory stocking, product rotation, ordering/receiving, managing promotional displays, etc. 
  • Retained a general-to-advanced knowledge of the department's current products/inventory.
  • Proficient in retail sales, with stellar accounting record (i.e. front-end cashier duties).
  • Identified and corrected any unsafe conditions; reported uncorrectable conditions to supervisor.
  • Proficient in use of manual/electric pallet jacks.
  • 100%, unblemished customer satisfaction, safety, and sanitation record.


Aug 2008Dec 2011

Bachelor of Arts

University of Hawai'i

Academy for Creative Media (ACM)

ACM, part of the University of Hawai‘i at College of Arts and Humanities, emphasizes narrative, or story telling, theories, skills and application across multiple platforms of digital media and within a context of cultural and aesthetic values. ACM seeks to empower students to tell their own stories of Hawaii, the Pacific and Asia rather than have those stories told for them through a different cultural lens that is distant and often distorted.


Konrad Ng, PhD

- Brislin, PhD

- Wang, MFA

- Kardan, BS

- Dorn, MFA


Aug 2005May 2008

Associate in Science

Leeward Community College
  • Undergraduate CO in Digital Media, Web Page Design (Fall 2007)
  • Undergraduate CO in Desktop Publishing (Fall 2007)
  • Undergraduate CO in Motion Graphics (Fall 2007)
  • Undergraduate AS in Digital Media Production, Concentration DMMG (Spring 2008)


Mr. Anthony Dearth

Mr. Dearth is a Department of State employee who holds the title of Chief, Space & Missile Technology Division in the Washington D.C. area. He is a close family friend whom I've known for 10+ years, and I wholeheartedly respect. He may not be able to vouch for my work ethic, but he is still a volunteer contact who knows me well enough to fill you in on just about anything else you may have queries about.

Professor Konrad Ng, PhD.

Dr. Ng is Director of the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Program.  Prior to joining the Smithsonian Institution, he was a professor in the University of Hawai'i at Manoa’s Academy for Creative Media.  His professional and scholarly work examines how Asian and Asian American communities use cinema and digital media to engage in artistic and cultural representation and preservation, and community mobilization. Prof. Ng was one of several of my mentors/instructors during my enrollment at UH. He has volunteered to vouch for the legitimacy of my educational experience.

Mr. Bruce Shimabukuro

Mr. Shimabukuro is the acting Union Shop Steward for the Hickam AFB Commissary (DeCA), as well as a respectable and hard-working full-time employee with over 30+ years in work experience. He was omnipresent during my endeavors at the Hickam Commissary, and can vouch for my work ethic and experience.

Professor Tom Brislin, PhD.

Dr. Brislin chaired the successful movement in 2001-2002 to establish the academic, creative and community foundations for a university-wide film school. That effort led to the launching of the Academy for Creative Media. Dr. Brislin assists in the academic advising and administration of the Academy, and teaches courses in the Critical Studies track, including Media Ethics. As one of my former instructors/mentors, he has agreed to allow me to use him as a reference to my education.