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nDynamic and highly qualified project management professional with a successful fifteen years leading complex Telecommunications operations including engineering, and conflict resolution. Expertise in the wireless and data industry.

nOutstanding analytical, organizational, and communication skills.Bridge communications at all levels of an organization to effectively achieve corporate goals and objectives (technical and non-technical). Secure long-term client commitments, and engage motivated and productive teams. Consistently produce results which meet or exceed customer expectations.

Work experience

Jun 1993May 2008

Project Management

Nortel Networks

Areas of Expertise:

nTeam Leadership

nProblem Resolution & Risk Control

nRevenue & Profit Gain Monitoring

nClient Retention & Quality Assurance

nProject & Program Leadership

nWireless and Data Telecommunications Operations: CDMA/EVDO/WiMesh/Switching


Project Management

Nortel Networks, Richardson, TX1997 – 2008

nLead major wireless communication and data technology projects and programs for many carriers, within the US.

nOversaw management, engineering coordination and on site installation of over $15+ million, annually, in wireless and data communications systems projects, from concept through completion.

nProvided quality customer support (post project) to all carriers in my region.

nManaged all budgetary information for each project. Submitted billable and non-billable JCO to account for deviation of cost.

nManaged the integration of wireless and broadband equipment in the customer’s facility.

nAssisted other project managers due to workload conditions.

Customer Service Account Manager

Nortel Networks, Richardson, TX1997 – 2008

nProvided a single point of contact for the customer’s products and services.

nPresented Communication Package to all new customers to insure that the customer is familiar with Nortel procedures for Technical Support, Extended Warranty, Repair and Return and Training.

nProvided instructions on how to obtain documentation on line via Nortel’s website.

nHeld weekly, bi-weekly, monthly customer calls to review open Technical Support cases, or any issues or concerns raised by the customer.

nCoordinated training and maintain records of customer training bank and communicated to the customer when they are running out of training dollars or training bank is expiring.

nMonitored the customer’s warranty expiration dates and work with customer and sales to renew as required.

nTracked, maintained and reviewed open material on lone with customers.  Worked with AR on any disputes.

nInterfaced with internal organizations (Technical Support, Product Management, and sales.) to insure that customer’s issues were resolved in a timely manner.

Global Technical Support Engineer

Nortel Networks, Richardson, TX1993 – 1997

nInterfaced with customer technical personnel to identify and resolve any hardware, software and database issues.

Assisted with partial or total restoration of network failure.