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Work experience

Aug 2011Present


Information Technology Associates Program (ITAP)
Jan 2014Apr 2014

Cape Town Green Map Intern

Cape Town Green Map

For DePauw's 2014 spring semester, I traveled to South Africa where I interned for the Cape Town Green Map. I was primarily responsible for blogging and keeping the site updated.  The work vastly enhanced my writing and social skills due to the constant communication with community members. Living and working in a different culture surrounded by new people was an incredible and life changing experience.

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May 2012Jul 2012

Atlantic Salmon - Lost at Sea!

Castletown Productions

I worked with wildlife cameraman, Rick Rosenthal, and Emmy nominated film producer, Deirdre Brennan, filming and editing footage for the documentary, Atlantic Salmon - Lost at Sea.  Filming locations included Main and Ireland.


Aug 2007Jun 2011

Jefferson High School

I graduated from Lafayette Jefferson High School with a 4.31 GPA.  I was fourth in my class out of 491 students.



Environmental issues

Traveling (exposure to new ideas/cultures)



Healthy living



My immediate goals are to secure internships for the summer and fall of 2014.


True to DePauw University's liberal arts perspective, I have explored and developed a strong interest in several fields of study - economics, environmental issues, media, art, and statistics.  I prefer learning through experience and try to maintain a focus on keeping my work and life fresh and different. I work well with others, but consider myself independent and self-motivated. Among my favorite hobbies are traveling, reading, photography, and film viewing/making.


Adobe Photoshop CS5
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5
During my time in Cape Town, I took a photography class where I was introduced to Lightroom 5. I have since used it to edit all of my photos.
InDesign CS3
During my four years involved with my high school newspaper, THE BOOSTER, I had the opportunity to edit pages for the newspaper using InDesign CS3. After being named Editor-in-Chief my junior year, I was also responsible for teaching new staff members how to use the program.
Before being exposed to Final Cut Pro, I would often edit films using iMovie.  I became familiar with the program my sophomore year in high school, and still use the program when I feel it will serve my purpose better than Final Cut Pro.
Final Cut Pro
In an effort to edit videos for a film and media class, I began using Final Cut Pro at the beginning of my senior year of high school.  While enrolled in the class, I had the opportunity to use the software to edit more than ten short films.  DePauw University has also provided me with several chances to use Final Cut Pro.  Most of the experience has come during my current internship working for Jonathan Coffin and making admission videos for the DePauw website. Additionally, I took a six week ITAP rotation, Digital Video, where I learned camera techniques and editing tricks.