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To obtain a position in one's business with a variety of work experience, several different achievements, and volunteer work, while also helping one's business to improve dramatically with great hard work, dedication, and a vision to succeed. With that I have learned how to be a team player and join different organizations, adapt to their customs, and help the organization reach their goals and improve in overall satisfaction of their standing. A team player is more than an individual being apart of a team. It is a person who seeks to improve the team, who has a positive outlook, and someone who never wants to stop putting forth their best effort without looking for personal justification. 

Work History

September 2018January 2019

Task Force Lead

Tetra Tech, Inc

My responsibilities were to ensure the debris removal crew followed proper safety protocol while also documenting and photographing the removal of burned debris and ash, metal, and concrete from properties affected by fire into dump trucks with an excavator and skid steer. I was also responsible for communicating with homeowners in regards to when the debris removal process will begin, answering questions regarding the process, and walking the site to ensure all debris is removed from the property. Once debris removal was finished I worked with Erosion Control and documented, photographed, and graphed the wattling and hydro seeding of said properties.

August 2018September 2018


BioGenesis Enterprises

Upon completion of removing an Arsenic fence I became responsible for the assembly of the soil treatment facilities to treat soil contaminated from said fence. While working with BGE I received skills in laying cables and installing said cables to their respective junction boxes. I was also responsible for the assembly of various filtration pumps and joining pvc piping together using a pipe welder.

May 2018July 2018


Brice Enviromental

I was responsible for the decontamination of an arsenic fence. The process for treatment would include using power drills to unbolt the fence, work as a team to load and unload the fence, work as a team use reciprocating saws to cut the fence, placing the fence inside of a metal bin that we lined, then close and cover the bin. Upon working here I also received experience working with an industrial shop vacuum to remove debris from trenches built to allow for proof of work to be taken.

Feb 2018May 2018

Guest Services Attendant

Turtle Bay Museum

As a guest services attendant, it was my job to ensure at all times the customer is having a fantastic experience, my area was completely cleaned, and provide valuable information in regards to the museum, Daily task could include but would not be limited to unlocking doors for guest, ensuring members had access to entitled activities, maintaining workplace cleanliness, and providing assistance to animal crew when needed. Also as apart of my job I was responsible for working with the exhibits crew and building the World's Largest Dinosaurs exhibit. In building this I gained valuable skills such as working with various hand and power tools, working as a team to complete projects and lift heavy objects, providing insight into how a task could be completed, and how to find alternative methods to complete a task.

Oct 2017Feb 2018

Takeout Server

Applebee's Neighborhood Grill

I was responsible for answering phone calls and ensuring every customer is satisfied. I make sure the guest delivers their request over the phone or in person, their request is followed out in its entirety, and ensuring the customer receives their request in an orderly fashion while ensuring satisfaction until said request arrives. I was also responsible for being a team player. I worked with other servers to help deliver food, seat guest, and bust tables. Things I was also responsible for include keeping my assigned section well stocked and orderly, taking and delivering messages, surpassing various sales goals, and maintaining a delightful experience throughout the visit

Sep 2017Dec 2017

Footwear Associate

Sportsman's Warehouse

Responsible for ensuring customer finds a shoe that delights them to the fullest extinct, while I also maintain workplace cleanliness, and take cure of other duties. Various duties include pricing and putting shipment onto the sales floor, adjusting sales floor to meet mandatory store requirements, organizing the back stock, and returning misplaced shoes to the rightful location

October 2016July 2017


T.G.I. Friday's

Responsible for ensuring every customer is beyond satisfied. I make sure the guest delivers their request, their request is followed out in its entirety, and ensuring the customer receives their request in an orderly fashion while ensuring satisfaction until said request arrives. Also I was responsible for being a team player meaning I had to work as a team with other departments to accomplish various task within a set parameter of time.

July 2017Oct 2017


Big Lots

Responsible for ensuring merchandise is properly filled on the sales floor while maintaining excellent customer service when necessary. This includes the removing of merchandise from the shipment truck, ensuring proper pricing and placement of merchandise, rotating product by date, delivering great customer service, the removal of the bale, and keeping an orderly work area while completing tasks at an efficient rate

June 2016September 2016

Pool Attendant

Ginko Residential

Ensure all safety rules and regulations are followed, pool is cleaned, water pumps are working, and that the pool is chemically balanced at all times.

April 2016May 2017

Ride Operator

Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Responsible for providing exceptional customer service, ensuring guest safety throughout the ride, and ensuring proper operation of the ride.

Jan 2016April 2017

Stock Supervisor


Responsible for processing shipment, maintaining and updating the stockroom, ensuring the sales floor is completely filled, delivering exceptional customer service, meeting sales goals and exceeding expectations, ensuring employees follow safety regulations and other work place protocols, and keeping the sales floor and stockroom organized and sanitized 

Oct 2015Jan 2016

Sales Associate


Responsible for providing exceptional customer service, going above and beyond sales goals, practicing workplace cleanliness, and maintaining a well stocked sales floor.

Jun 2015Nov 2015


Kmart, INC

Responsible for maintaining workplace cleanliness, ensuring the satisfaction of customers, processing the purchases of merchandise, keeping inventory well stocked and maintained on the sales floor

Oct 2014May 2015

Desk Assistant

Norfolk State University

Responsible for keeping documentation of residents and guest information, ensuring safety is maintained throughout the entire building, keeping maintenance and other personnel notified and informed of any dilemmas in the building while helping to resolve the dilemma until proper personnel arrives, and ensuring all proper dormitory protocol is followed throughout the entire day.

Jan 2014Sep 2014


Dollar General, INC

I was responsible for processing the purchases of mechandise, provide quality customer service and janitorial services, and stocking inventory

Mar 2012Aug 2012

Merchandise Sales

Water Country USA

I was responsible for processing purchases on merchandise, restocking inventory, providing janitorial services, and also providing customer service


Jan 2016May 2016

Computer Science

Thomas Nelson Community College

Volunteer Service

Salvation Army - 2012, 2013 

American Red Cross - 2012


BET Studios - 2014


Ride Introduction Operation 

  Busch Gardens Williamsburg - 2016

  Busch Gardens Williamsburg - 2017

Roman Rapids Ride Certification

  Busch Gardens Williamsburg - 2016

  Busch Gardens Williamsburg - 2017

CPR Certification

   American Red Cross - 2016