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I enjoy cooking, especially desserts. I love plate up caterings. When it comes down to it though, I really enjoy the basics too, like chopping vegetables and making alfredo sauce. I enjoy learning new dishes and flavors. I also really enjoy planning out a catering, Creating something from scratch and being able to say "I did that" is very motivating.

I also really enjoy music. I play a few insraments such as: the violin, bass guitar, guitar, and mandolin. I've dabbled on others as well. I have been in a few bands and I've recorded three or so audio cd's in my home studio. One day I would like to put a show together with a live band and some display cooking. Cooking to music.


My long term goal is to obtain a career in Hospitality and Management. Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to, batch cooking, catering cooking, table displays, ice carvings, melon monogramming, Word and Excel knowledge. Fast pace environments motivate me.

Work experience

Dish Washer


Front of House Employee





·Managed up to four people

·Cooked for ESU dining services cafeteria for up to 600 students

·Prepared sufficient amount of food without over producing

·Filled out logs

·Took inventory once a week

oCreated a spreadsheet for inventory

·Created orders three times a week

·Created the cooks’ schedules

Catering/Sous Chef



·Assisted in preparing food for the executive dinning room, board, and caterings at ESU

·Executed a countless number of caterings from three people up to a thousand people

oThese included cooking for buffets, plate ups, creating displays, carving stations, ice carvings, and melon monogramming

oCatering guests included: ESU Faculty, President and First Lady of ESU, Ambassadors from China, previous Governors of Kansas, Etc.

·Some menu design

·Took inventory once a week and created an order three time a week

Oct 2005Present

Retail Chef



·Prepare food for a “Chipotle” style retail store

·Make paninis and calzones daily, rotate on a weekly basis

·Create weekly orders

·Update the register for price increases, removing items, adding items, etc

·ServSafe Certified


Jeffrey McCullough



Fruit Carvings

Ice Carvings


Kitchen Manager
I worked as the Kitchen Manager for Sodexo. I had up to four people under me. I made sure we followed health codes and filled out paper work ie, temperature logs, HACCP logs, Cooler logs, etc, I made sure that everyone did there job. I pulled recipes for the cooks and came up with substitutes to help run out leftover product.
Retail Cooking
I have cooked in a retail operation simularly to Chipotle. We would sell 50-100 burritos a meal. I marinated and cooked the beef, chicken, and pork. I made my own salsas and guacamole. I also made paninis and calzones ready to be grilled. I did a four week rotation. Five new panini's a week and three new calzones.
Inventory and Ordering
I have a full understanding of ordering and inventory for a cafateria and catering kitchen. I know how to stick to a budget. I group inventory and ordering together because they are so closely related. You can not do one withouth effecting the other. I did the inventory and ordering for a Sodexo account that spent upwards of $60,000 a week in food (depeding on catering it could be much higher). I took a 6 hour inventory job and reduced it to 2.5 hours by organizing the coolers and storage and by organizing the procedure to take/keep track of inventory. I built the order guide from scratch, comparing products and prices. There was nearly 1000 items in the order guide. I created an Inventory and Order guide for people who where beginning inventory and ordering.
Spreadsheet function
I have built spreadsheets for mutliple purposes. I have introduced new concepts and included, cost comparisons of products, employees, materials, etc. It also included lists of what needs to be done to accomplish the goal.    I have also built spreadsheets to measure inventory. They let you input inventory for a full month and compare your inventory from week to week.  They can be changed for price fluxuations and the deletion or addition of new items. They calculate all of the inventory in categories i.e., produce, grocery, meat, dairy, etc. They are user friendly with easy to read buttons for manipulation and ease of printing.   I have also done multiple spreadsheets comparing products. I would make a spreadsheet to compare costs of products, cost of preperation, etc. to show my General Manager if we are saving money and being efficiant.
Catering Cooking
I can cook for small or large caterings, sit down or buffet. I have the knowledge of what foods to prep ahead and when to prep them. I can estimate the amount of food to use. I have experiance in costing out meals as well. I have prepared caterings for as few as 3 people to as many 1000. I can estimate cooking times to coordinate with serving times.  
Batch Cooking
I can cook food for a mass of people. I can come up with the amount of food to make for a group of people, whether it is 60 people or 600 people. I know how to convert pounds to ounces and given a number of people I can tell you how many pounds of X food to produce.
Knife Skills
I am efficiant in my knife skills. I can chop, dice, brunoise, julienne, batonnet and chiffanaud. Experiance with an electric slicer as well.