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University of Capetown

Research interests include

- Exercise Physiology and Biochemistry, Functional and Applied Anatomy, Pathology, Biomechanics and Research Methodology 

- Clinical Sports Medicine: covers Sports Injuries (diagnosis, management, rehabilitation and biomechanics) and the Medical Aspects of Exercise (including a systematic approach to the effects of exercise in each system of the body)



College of Medicine, University of Lagos

Clinical Electives

Sports Medicine

Columbia University NewYork

Center for Shoulder Elbow and Sports Medicine

(Sept 2005)

General Surgery

St Georges Medical School

University of London  (Nov 2005)

Related Interests

Volunteer Basketball Coach Special Olympics Nigeria

Amateur Golfer and Endurance runner


Dr A. Gueye

Prof. Wayne Derman

University of Cape Town

South Africa

Dr. Lanre Glover

National Stadium Lagos


Medical Liscensures

Health Professional Council of South Africa (Temporary Licence)

June 2010 _ July 2010

Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (Permanent License)

2006- Present   Practice Number  49239


Faculty or research position at research universities or institutions.

Summary of Qualifications

My training has been geared toward gaining skills and experience to provide the bestmedical care for athletes at all levels of participation. Relevant qualifications I have acquiredare:• Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) degree from the College of Medicine University of Lagos with additional training in Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine at the Columbia University Centre for Shoulder Elbow and Sports Medicine, New York• International Olympics Commission (IOC) Sports Medicine Certification• FIFA Emergency Football Medicine Certification• International Federation of Sports Medicine (FIMS) Team Physician development Certification• Federation of International Basketball (FIBA) Sports Medicine Certification• American Heart Association (AHA) Basic Life Support (BLS) and First Aid Certification• Certification in Medical Information Research from the St Georges Medical School, University of London


Dr Adedayo Osholowu is an Mphil Candidate in Sports and Exercise Medicine at the University of Cape Town South Africa Exercise Science and Sports Medicine Department and the Sports Science Institute of South Africa. He holds a clinical appointment as the Director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) funded Special Olympics International Healthy Athletes Program in Africa. He is certified as a Sports Medicine Physician by the Medical Commission of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and completed the International Federation of Sports Medicine Team Physician Development Postgraduate course in 2006. He is a Member of the Federations de International Du Sport Medicine (FIMS).  He has served as Team Physician for the Nigerian National teams in hockey and has served as Team Physicians of the Dodan Warriors and Lagos Islanders Professional Basketball teams.

In June 2010 Dayo was appointed a Member of the Medical Team of Africa’s first World Cup by Dr Danny Jordan Chief Executive Officer of the 2010 FIFA World Cup Organizing Committee, evidence of his exceptional career serving as a leader in the field of Sports Medicine in Africa. In February 2010 he was admitted as a member of the FIFA International Football Medicine Network by the FIFA Medical Office in Geneva Switzerland and has since completed the FIFA Football Emergency Medicine Postgraduate Certificate program at the FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence Johannesburg.  His main research area is sports injury prevention, and he has published more  than 20 original research articles, review papers and book chapters. He is a reviewer in Sports Medicine for the British Medical Journal. He is also a former  captain of his College basketball team. 

Research Experience

My research is focused on the problems of Sports and exercise Medicine in the sub Saharan African region. I am currently researching the quality of Health services for Special Olympics athletes in the Surulere area of Lagos Nigeria. This involves questioning not only the tangible aspects of the service but also reliability, responsiveness, assurance and empathy towards athletes in this underserved population.I am particularly interested in thinking about how the existing sports medicine infrastructure in Sub Saharan Africa will serve the growing demand for high quality sports and exercise medicine services and the potential for more market based methods of developing and sustaining the development of the practice in the sub-Saharan African region. I am also working on research related to the promotion of physical activity to reduce the burden of non communicable chronic diseases in Africa.I realize the rapid development of the specialty in the region depends in a large part on “standing on the shoulders” of sports and exercise medicine clinicians and scientists in Africa and the rest of the world. Thus I am  actively seeking collaborative research projects and pursing the transfer of knowledge to develop infrastructure in Sports and exercise medicine in the region.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Recent selected publications and presentations – Original Research

OSHOLOWU A.G, OWO C. How to plan the Health Services of a Major Football Event in Africa: A review of the policies, protocols and standard operating procedures for provision of essential medical services at the Ghana 2008 MTN African Football Cup of Nations. Presented at the 3rd International FIFA Football Medicine Conference, Sun City South Africa. OSHOLOWU A.G. Can we prevent of traumatic dental injuries amongst children participating in competitive sports in Nigeria? The role of mouth guards. Presented at the 1st Nigerian Association of Pediatric dentistry, Lagos Nigeria

OSHOLOWU A.G. How can we get more elderly patients exercising in Nigeria? A review of health promotion strategies to promote physical activity amongst the elderly. Submitted to the 2010 Conference of the School of Clinical Sciences, College of Medicine University of Lagos. In review

OSHOLOWU A.G, ORIDOTA. The knowledge, attitude and practices of players and coaches towards the role of warm up in preventing sports injuries: A study of the Nigerian Basketball League Atlantic Division. Presented at the 16th Annual International Medical Students' Congress in Cairo Egypt 2007.OSHOLOWU A.G, ONYEODO P., Incidence of injuries and other health problems in the Lagos International Half Marathon, 2007- A morbidity and mortality survey. Presented at the Annual Scientific conference of the West African College of Physicians 2008.

Work experience

Jul 2009Present

Team Doctor

Nigerian Hockey Federation

Worked with the NIgerian Hockey Technical team at the 2009 African Hockey Nations Cup to co-ordinate the implementation, development and delivery of medical services and facilities for athletes.

I was responsible for the prevention of athletic injuries; the maintenance of the health and well-being; and the recuperation and rehabilitation following illness, injury, or surgery of all players under NIgerian Hockey federation. 

Feb 2008Present

Team Doctor

Lagos Islanders Basketball

Lead the Lagos Islanders Basketball Club medical team. A multi-disciplinary team to co-ordinate the implementation, development and delivery of medical services and facilities for Club athletes.

I was responsible for the prevention of athletic injuries; the maintenance of the health and well-being; and the recuperation and rehabilitation following illness, injury, or surgery of all players under contract to the Club. 

Contributed to a continuous professional development programme that ensures the service positively impacts on performance outcomes.

Nov 2008Present

Clinical Director: Healthy Athletes Program

Special Olympics International

Healthy Athletes is Special Olympics' program to provide health screenings and promotions to improve the well-being of Special Olympics athletes.

The role of the Clinical Director is to develop a plan, in conjunction with the Special Olympics Africa Healthy Athlete Program Coordinator, to implement and expand the Healthy Athletes program in NIgeria.

I coordinate Healthy Athlete programs at state and local levels and work Special Olympics NIgeria staff to identify sponsors and donors for the program. In addition, I assist in the recruitment of other professionals in their discipline to assist with screenings at events. At the events, I conduct screenings, collect data, and submit to Special Olympics Incorporated.

Nov 2006Present

Chief Medical Officer

FIBA 2006 African Basketball Championships

Duties involved administrative, personnel and financial management of medical services including liaising with the FIBA medical committee and team physicians to coordinate medical services at the event. Coordinated Sports Medicine training forover 50 coaches and medical staff at the event.

Jan 2008Present

Medical Officer (Observer)

2008 CAN African Cup of Nations

Present on site to render emergency care to a stricken participants, prompt medical evaluation of the situation, when warranted. Coordinating access to a remote medical facilites, including communication and transportation between pitch side and the medical facility for prompt medical services, when warranted.

Dec 2007Present

Medical Officer

BG Nigeria Lagos Triathlon

I was appointed Head of Medical Team. Duties included onsite medical coverage and coordination of emergency medical services at event


Jan 2012Present

Director Sports Medicine Program

Lagoon Hospitals

In this position I partner with the Chief Operating Officer of Lagoon Hospitals in strategic business development and operational and program growth with specific emphasis on Sports Medicine . As the Sports Medicine Program Director, I am responsible for conceptualizing, planning and implementing communications, marketing and public relations strategies to advance the mission and goals of the Sports Medicine service in relation to the Lagoon Hospitals, it's patients, donors, media and consumers. This includes, but is not limited to analyzing and recommending marketing and business development strategies to community physicians, consumers, athletic trainers, physical therapists, athletic organizations, associations, all athlete categories and allied health professionals through professional sales and outreach, advertising campaigns, and various marketing/promotional activities and materials; manages the oversight of promotional campaigns, market research, referral development, sales, outreach, budgets and monitors all efforts to determine effectiveness; develops communication strategies, provides oversight and project management of all communication vehicles, including internal and external, media relations, public relations, web development and development of all written promotional materials; manages relationships with potential donors. 

I also lead service growth through creating and implementing marketing and media relations strategies, clinical and administrative staff recruitment, billing and revenue improvements, expense reduction, marketing, business development and strategic business planning efforts. Manage growth of infrastructure and support staff with growth of faculty and programs to maximize efficiency. Manage facilities and space. 

The Lagoon Sports Medicine Service is a vibrant and growing unit of Lagoon Hospitals, Nigeria's leading private Hospital group. The service is estimated to generates over N100M in clinical revenue and N15M in research grants and contracts for total annual expenditures of N20M. The service at Lagoon Hospitals is the most comprehensive Sports Mediicne service in the region , offering the full spectrum of subspecialties including  orthopaedic, Cardiology, physical therapy, fitness training and sports medicine. 

Jun 2010Jul 2010

Consultant Sports Physician

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Organising Commitee

As part of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Medical Team. I was present on site to render emergency care to a stricken participants, prompt medical evaluation of the situation, when warranted. Coordinating access to a remote medical facilites, including communication and transportation between pitch side and the medical facility for prompt medical services, when warranted

Aug 2006Jan 2008

Medical Intern

General Hospital Lagos Island

Rotated through the departments of Medicine, Surgery, Paediatrics and Obtetrics and Gyneacology as part of Postgraduation training. Was part of medical team involved in management of various medical conditions.

Nov 2007

Medical Officer

Lagos International Half Marathon

Performed an audit of morbidity, mortality and medical services during event, in a bid to generate data to guide planning of future events.


Feb 2010Present

FIFA Medicine for Football Workshop

Nov 2007Present

Certificate in Sport Medicine

International Olympic Commitee
Nov 2007Present

Team Physician Development Course

Federation Internationale de Medicine du Sport FIMS)
Nov 2006Present

Sports Medicine Course

International Basketball Federation (FIBA

Basic Life Support Certificate

American Heart Association
Jul 2010Present

FIFA Football Medicine Emergency Medicine Course

FIFA Football Medicine Center of Excellence Johannesburg, FIFA FMARC