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Hello, im Dayan Briche a french based high-tech writer, seller and polyvalent employee.

Work experience

Jan 2015Jul 2015

Polyvalent high-tech seller

Cash Converter (Sartrouville, 78500) 

Hardware testing, facing, raduis getting, give customer tips for help them buy.

Aug 2015Sep 2015

Polyvalent employee.

Piat Farm (Marquaix-Hamelet, 80240)

Home's housing, jardinary, home painting, managing and installing internet system.

Aug 2015Sep 2015


Piat Farm Marquaix-Hamelet
Polyvalent employee. 80240 Home's housing, jardinary, home painting, managing and installing internet system.
Feb 2013Jun 2013

Freelancer redactor

Mediagen - AndroidGen (website)

Writing actualities about the Android operating system, making tutorial, software & hardware testing. Helping member of the website.

Mar 2012Jan 2013

Video game seller

Score Game (Argenteuil, 95100)

Merchandising, facing, customer tips.

Aug 2011Dec 2012

Polyvalent employee, seller.

Truffaut (Herblay ,95100)

Care and cleaning pet house, facing, merchandising, customer tips.

Sep 2010Jul 2011

Seller car repair accesories

SDA 78 (Sartrouville, 78500)

Facing, customer tips, merchandising

Sep 2008Aug 2010

Vehicle body repairer

JDS Carrosserie (Sartrouville, 78500)

Vehicle body repairer, car painting, welcomes customer, quote creating.

Jun 2013Jan 2014

Community Manager



Sep 2008Aug 2010


Vehicle body repaire and car selling accessories


High-tech tool

I can fix software problem on Android/iOS smartphone and tablet & use lot of tool for working everywhere.

Word, excel

Pretty good with this software

Team Worker

Im very comfortable with all my co-worker and its always a pleasure to be a part of a team.

Creative writing

Give me a subject, i can create an article or more.

French language

This is my originally language.


Just start to learn this web language.


I just make this resume in english and without Google trad. I can read, talk, write in english.


05/09/2016 Google Digital Active