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Social media specialist with experience in graphic and web design, technical problem-solving, and small team leadership. Skilled video and audio producer and editor. Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro, Dreamweaver, Eclipse, Subversion, MS Office, Mac Os X, and Windows. Excellent HTML and CSS skills and basic understanding of JavaScript and PHP. Interested in designing social media applications.

Work experience

May 2009Present

Video Editor

brass|MEDIA Inc.
Creating short videos for placement on financial institution websites.
Nov 2008Present

Web Designer & Media Consultant

Dawson Hunter Creative
I am ready to take on your web design or social media project, and I am currently looking for a full-time gig.
Aug 2003Present

Founder and Corporate Vice President

Diakonos Ministries, Inc.
I had the privilege to establish and oversee a new non-profit Christian fraternity on the campus of Oregon State University. Membership grew from 9 to 25 between 2003 and 2006. Although we have passed on the oversight of daily operations at the house to younger leadership, I remain on the board of directors. Other duties included cooking for 30, installation and maintenance of the LAN, leadership training and conflict resolution.
Apr 2008Nov 2008

Community Manager

Responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategies aimed at the web developer community; designing web graphics, user interface, CSS, and HTML for standards-based web sites; communicating with potential clients; creating social media applications, branding, and identity; and analyzing web metrics.
Apr 2007Nov 2008

Key Grip and First AC

Road's End Films
Responsible for lighting design, and camera, lights, and audio rigging.
Apr 2008Jun 2008


Responsible for designing user experience for web applications, creating presentations for executives, and communicating technical concepts in plain English.
Jun 2003Aug 2005

Creative Director and Outreach Team Leader

Real Life Ministries
Designed promotional and informational materials for print and web. Set up, maintained, and operated audio/visual equipment for meetings, concerts, and special events. Organized and led three international outreaches to six cities in Brazil and one trip to Uganda.




Learned media production theory and practical skills with a focus on story-telling and online social media. Projects included scripting, video pre- and post-production, 3D design and animation, TV studio production, audio recording and editing, web design, and writing.


Cornerstone School of Ministry