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Work History

May 2012Present

Java Developer


Project: OHM (Order Handling Management)


OHM is a custom made ERP tool that is being used by all the companies within the Ravago group throughout the world. It exists for over a decade. The core functionalities are the ability to enter sales/purchase orders, arrange transport and create invoices. My goal on this project was to handle incoming bugs related to the invoice module. Whenever I was not fixing bugs, I assisted in the implementation of new functionalities.

Technical information

the application is built on top of a custom made web framework (comparable with Struts 1). The same applies for the persistence framework.

Technologies: Spring, Apache FOP, JQuery, JSP

Oct 2010Apr 2012

Java Developer


Project: BBC (Beheers en - Beleids Cyclus)


Building further on the existing Olympus and Mercurius package. This is a product (web application) used by municipalities and the OCMW in Flanders for preparing their objectives and following up the budgets to accomplish these goals.

Technologies: Struts 1, Spring, Spring Batch, Hibernate, JAXB, Spring web services, JSP

Jun 2010Oct 2010

Java Developer


Project: Astrid


Implementing a service in a Mule ESB that allows the 11 emergency stations throughout the country to request GPS coordinates of mobile phone numbers or addresses of fixed numbers whenever a call comes in. In the Mule, 3 LBS clients (Location Based Services) are deployed for tracking cell phone numbers (one for each provider), a database for looking up the provider of a phone number and a service for fetching address data. Several kinds of protocols are used including XML over TCP/IP, XML over HTTP and SOAP.

Technologies: Mule ESB, Spring 2.x, JPA, SOAP, Spring web services, commons HTTP client, JAXB

Oct 2007Jun 2010

Java Developer

KPN Group Belgium

Project: Virtual Forest


For BASE, a web service was requested that made the communication available between a Flash banner on their web application and its backend system. This banner motivates people to switch from paper invoices to online invoices. The banner shows the current available points (retrieved from a database via the web service) that the user received from viewing online invoices. These points will be awarded to a good cause that can be selected from the banner (once per 3 months). The selection of a cause is done via the Flash banner that calls a method on the web service.

Technical information: Implementation of the web service via SOAP. storing of the points per person and the selection of the project via Hibernate in an Oracle database.

Technologies: Hibernate, JUnit, Spring, Axis SOAP

Project: Kafka

Description: The justice department of BASE had the needs of an application to automate a process that otherwise has to be done manually. Legal authorities send requests via mail/fax/phone to retrieve information about a BASE phone number (identification, call history, …) These requests are available in the system that needed to be developed. Via the application, each request can be handled separately. Queries can be executed to fetch the requested information for the authority, prices are calculated based on the requested info, output results can be sent to the requestor and invoices are generated via a communication with an SAP system.

Technical information: The system needed to be as flexible as possible. It was opted to use a lot of Ajax in the application. We used the DWR library a lot to achieve this. Batch jobs were set up via the Quartz library for the automated jobs. In some cases, PDF’s and Excel files needed to be generated. This was done via the iText and POI library.

Technologies: Spring (Spring MVC, Spring Security), Hibernate, DWR, Log4j, JUnit, DBUnit, maven, POI, iText, Quartz, java-mail

Project: Simyo

Description: The existing web shop from Simyo had to be rewritten. In this shop, customers can order a Simyo simcard and pay online via Ogone. A small customer care application was needed for the employees of BASE to do the follow up of the orders.

Technical information: Spring MVC was used as the basis of the application. An external service was implemented for doing several calls to an existing backend of Simyo. This is achieved by sending XML data over HTTP. The shop is multilingual (Dutch/French/English). The mail API provided by Spring is used for sending mails to the customer when their order is completed. Via Ogone, customers are assured of a safe payment transaction.

Technologies: Spring (Spring MVC, Spring Security), Hibernate, DWR, Log4j, JUnit, DBUnit, maven, POI, iText, Quartz, commons-HTTPClient.

Project: VAT Premium services

Description: External webtool for connectivity providers that make use of the BASE network in Belgium. The tool provides the ability to manage the premium services for each connectivity provider. They can view the currently active and pending services based on search criteria on the page. For each service, a new price or content provider can be requested. New services can be created when the connectivity provider receives a service ID from BASE.

Technical information: Authentication and authorization has been integrated with Spring Security 3.0. We used JSP’s as the main view technology (apart from POI for rendering Excel views of exported data). To query the databases, Hibernate was integrated in the business layer. For displaying lists of results (with search filters), a combination of DWR (Ajax for Java) and the Prototype JavaScript were chosen.

Aug 2007Oct 2007

Java Developer


Project: Club Carrefour

Description: Integration of a web application for customers of the Carrefour group to register themselves and to follow up their points collected in the Carrefour shops. Customers can trade points for vouchers in the application that can be printed and be exchanged in the shops. The application includes other functionalities like editing person/address information; invite new people, selecting a person that becomes the master account holder.

Technical information: Carrefour provided us with a web service that provides all the functions described above. The main goal was to build a front-end that implements this web service. All of this was achieved by using the Spring framework. Implementing the web service was done via the Spring Web service library that comes with Spring.

The whole application needed to be secure so we opted to use Acegi Security as the technology.

Technologies: Log4j, Junit, Maven, Spring MVC, Acegi Security



Bachelor in Informatics Technology

PXL Diepenbeek

Industrial Science

Technical Institute Sparrendal


Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 7 Programmer