David Johnson

David Johnson

Work experience

Work experience
2012 - Present

Adjunct Professor

University of North Florida

Teach U.S. Healthcare Systems and Quality Management in Health Care courses, which provides students with the academic background to comprehend the delivery mechanisms, financial resources, future growth and direction of healthcare, and application of quality management concepts, tools, and techniques (e.g. Six Sigma, DMAIC, PDSA) used in the health services industry.

2011 - 2012

Flying Eye Hospital Director

ORBIS International

Executive Team member accountable for the strategic leadership of the world's only Flying Eye Hospital - an innovative teaching facility and ophthalmic surgical center. Led the clinical, biomedical, and administration teams to develop hands-on training and public health education programs that improved access to quality healthcare. Directed the talent management function by coaching and mentoring 22 staff members while coordinating the selection, promotion, and orientation of a culturally diverse team. Built long-term capabilities with global healthcare organizations that were affordable, accessible, and sustainable through negotiation and project leadership.


  • Increased productivity 133% by conducting analysis of operational metrics and key performance indicators to identify opportunities for ongoing improvements with training programs.
  • Prepared and managed a $5 million budget for personnel, operating expenses, and capital equipment. Developed and implemented policies & procedures, internal control mechanisms, accounting & financial reporting processes, and contract management that improved organizational standards.
  • Built long-lasting and collaborative relationships with culturally diverse community leaders to develop strategies that increased the capacity of local, regional, and national ophthalmic partners.  Applied dynamic interpersonal skills to lead a cross-functional and multicultural team to develop customized training programs for ophthalmology, anesthesia, nursing, and biomedical clinicians.
  • Conducted media campaigns to increase awareness about preventable blindness and advocate support for surgical training programs that contributed to the development of sustainable healthcare systems.
  • Coordinated cost-saving measures for logistical support that integrated medical programs with global strategies.
2010 - 2011

Chief of Party

International Medical Corps

Developed the managerial and operational capacity of a 270-bed Afghanistan Ministry of Public Health hospital to deliver high quality clinical services and patient-oriented care. Designedandimplemented policies and procedures that ensured programmatic resources effectively contributed toward the long-term commitments of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services/Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (DHHS/CDC). Planned, implemented, and monitored all program activities and financial performance for a $2 million operating budget.


  • Saved over $350,000 to extend the DHHS/CDC funded program by designing and initiating Hospital Performance Improvement and Quality Management initiatives while incorporating Joint Commission International (JCI) standards.
  • Coached and trained 16 hospital executives to strengthen and improve administrative, operational, and financial performance; managed and conducted on-the-job trainings and SMART Goal objectives related to leadership, change management, processes improvement, quality metrics, and patient satisfaction.
  • Implemented, managed, and evaluated Quality Assurance projects for surgical procedures and checklists, medical records (e.g. Patient Rights), patient identification (e.g ID wrist bands), and infection prevention and control (e.g Hand Hygiene Campaign); established and launched Drug & Therapeutic, Medical Ethics, IT, Morbidity and Mortality, Medical Records, and Infection Prevention & Control committees.
  • Conceptualized, restructured, and streamlined an efficient and cost-effective supply chain management system; designed and implemented procurement plans (e.g. international/national tenders, consumption reports, long-term vendor contracts); identified innovative ways to improve the procurement process, inventory management, and warehousing of pharmaceuticals, lab reagents, and medical supplies.
  • Planned, coordinated, and supervised a Local Area Network project to establish an Electronic Medical Record and Hospital Information Management system; created and launched a hospital website & emails.
  • Served as principle representative to manage the DHHS/CDC cooperative agreement and grant; created and submitted programmatic reports, including quarterly, semi-annual, and annual reports; ensured program met DHHS/CDC strategic initiatives and policies.
  • Recruited, hired, and trained talented personnel; conducted employee performance plans and reviews; developed workforce skills and knowledge, and facilitate employee successes.
  • Developed a Strategic Plan for transitional handover of program to MoPH.
2007 - 2008

Chief Operating Officer / Patient Services Director

CURE International Hospital

Led the day-to-day operations of a 104-bed specialty training hospital with a multi-million dollar operating budget and directly responsible for the clinical and administrative departments comprising 318 employees. Accountable for process improvements, cost-saving measures, profit growth initiatives, employee relations, and revenue & expense measures. Senior Management Team member; contributed to formulating and implementing strategic/business plans for new and ongoing projects. Developed managerial, financial, and administrative capacity to cultivate long-term sustainability and good governance.


  • Planned, coordinated, directed, and executed the construction of a new Operating Room, and renovation of the NICU, Lab, X-ray, and Pediatric & Private wards under severe budget and space allocation limitations to create a patient friendly hospital, increase staff productivity, generate revenue growth, and improve customer service.
  • Identified, cultivated, solicited,and negotiated over $750,000 of contract funding from private and public donors (e.g. USAID, U.S. Department of Defense). Actively monitored and evaluated budgets for multiple contract and grant portfolios.
  • Increased revenue by 23% through strategic solicitation of new business (e.g. clinical training services), gifts-in-kind, and implementing additional services (e.g. Physical Therapy, Laboratory).
  • Developed high-level relationships with key stakeholders including the Afghanistan Ministry of Public Health, U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Embassy, NATO, and national/international agencies to negotiate and establish contractual agreements to support the development and sustainability of a specialty training hospital with various residency and fellowship programs.
  • Conceptualized, assembled, chaired, and spearheaded the Infection Prevention & Control program; designed and implemented policies and procedures in accordance with Joint Commission International accreditation standards.
  • Restructured and streamlined the operational capacity of the Medical Records (e.g. patient indexing system, standardize charting, financial data) department with 30,000+ patient visits a year to capture and utilize pertinent financial (e.g. Tier-payment system) and clinical data for strategic decision-making purposes. 
  • Contributed to producing an annual report and marketing brochure including patient success stories to increase brand positioning, donor commitment, and generate revenue growth.
  • Prepared and analyzed complex budgets, devise appropriate capital financing for major acquisitions, and identify spending patterns to project future expenditures.
  • Hired, trained, empowered, and mentored employees to provide financial, managerial, administrative, and customer service functions. Orchestrated several cross-functional teams (e.g. Medical Records, Infection Control & Prevention, Specialty Clinics, and Clinical Services) and coached team members to develop skills and confidence in their ability to examine work processes, create solutions, and measure improvements. Utilized emotional intelligence to mediate employee and patient relations.
  • Created a Patient Services Best Practices and Lessons Learned report to provide managerial guidance, build administrative capacity, and facilitate the continuity of best practices.
2006 - 2007

Financial Analyst

University of California, San Diego Medical Group

Developed and managed a variety of large-scale business intelligence and operational performance systems for 52 medical and surgical clinics with an annual billing budget of $9 million, gross charges of $400 million, and net collections of $130 million to efficiently and effectively utilize financial, human, and clinical resources. Provided data analysis and recommendations resulting in revenue growth, cost control, and improved patient care.


  • Project manager for a cross-functional team that worked with senior management to implement a state-of-the-art financial and clinical data software system.
  • Designed and created integrated revenue/expense analysis, informative projections, and innovative reports for clinical and medical departments utilizing Advanced MS Excel/Access and other financial software applications (e.g. COGNOS, GE/IDX)
  • Structured complex data analysis for strategic planning, financial feasibility, cost/benefit studies, including clinical cost, technology investment, and operational staffing studies.
  • Created, monitored, and delivered a monthly $115 million budget variance and trend report.
2004 - 2005

Visiting Professor

U.S. Peace Corps–Kharkov Polytechnic Institute

Facilitator of academic learning and enhancing critical-thinking abilities. Incorporated cooperative and communicative learning techniques and unique classroom management styles to establish creative and stimulating environments that encouraged student exploration and promoted self-esteem. Uncompromising advocate of the view that “all students should be provided the opportunity to excel”.


  • Created and presented a variety of leadership, business, and healthcare courses to 150+ students per semester.
  • Transferred knowledge to national leaders; introduced new curricula (e.g. Business Ethics) and educational techniques (e.g. Harvard Business Case Studies) which fostered critical and creative thinking skills in business, civic responsibility, and community development. 
  • Designed and conducted a Leadership training program and HIV/AIDS Awareness workshop for students; programs included mentoring and job/life skills training.
  • Developed student's communication skills to accomplish long-term career goals through intensive interaction which effectively strengthen individual student knowledge, pride, and enthusiasm with a 100% passing rate.
  • Spearheaded and facilitated a weekly Business Club.
2003 - 2003

Business Development Consultant

U.S. Peace Corps–Donetsk Community Action Organization

Promoted economic and social development for international and multiethnic organizations by building managerial capacity skills for project management, process improvement, and developing and initiating best practices. Transferred constructive skills and valuable knowledge to various institutions, colleagues, clients, and entrepreneurs.


  • Advised business executives on strategies to attract $157,000 in grants (e.g. DFID), improve financial solvency, and develop and implement Business Plans for optimal performance.
  • Conducted business consultations for local organizations, which included a needs analysis, developing project specifics, identifying possible solutions, providing recommendations, and post-project reviews.
  • Designed and implemented a variety of business oriented (e.g. Business/Marketing Plans) training courses to encourage client participation; conducted seminars on complex business concepts for local entrepreneurs in a developing free-market economy.
  • Designed and conducted an International Marketinglecture series for theDonetsk UniversityInternational Economics Conference.
2001 - 2003

Patient Escort

St. Vincent’s Medical Center

Coordinated the plan of action for departmental transfers and other patient matters. Facilitated optimal patient care utilizing effective communication techniques with the patient and team members. Mediated departmental impediments with integrity to ensure cost-effective operations; displayed emotional intelligence to properly serve and assist patients.


  • Aided in the implementation of a Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) program to provide superior patient care, reduce operating cost, and meet Joint Commission requirements for the Imaging Services department.







Extensive experience with Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook), COGNOS, Adobe Acrobat, and various business intelligence and performance software packages.