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Qualifications Summary

 Army National Guard 12 yrs. experience. Soldier E-6 1992-2004.

  Full-time 1994-2004. Maintenance Technician.

  Pipefitter 2004- 2007 3rd year apprentice, Computer Art Designs

  Blueprint, Schematics, Installation of gravity and power Wet and Dry systems.

  Maintained, Serviced and Installed sprinkler systems for fire protection, Commercial and Residential.

  Attending Steven Henager College. Associates degree in Graphic Art Design.

  Microsoft, word, excel, powerpoint, entourage.

Work experience


Treasure Valley Fire Protection

Jan. 2004 Fab shop a year and a half, field experience 2 yrs. to Sept. 2007. Construction, manual labor, very physical. Installation of underground systems to supply commercial and residential fire protection systems.

Blueprint schematics and readouts for architectural designs.

        10th and Bannock, (Banner Bank) St. luke's east and west hospital's, as well as St. Al's region medical centers.

        Most residential homes, pvc. and steel applications, Firehouses, Plazas, and mini-malls.

Apr 2010Jul 2010

Receiver, Stocker


    Down stocked merchandise from topstock to designated areas. Received freight and utilized all power equipment. Cashiering experience as well. 

Jan 1992Dec 2004

E-6 Staff Sargent.

Idaho Army National Guard

Enlisted Feb. 1992, went full-time 1994. Enlistment ran out April, 2004 General discharge December same year.

      Certificates and diplomas of training, promotion schools and technical courses. Medals and award verification available upon request.

      Full-time Federal technician 1994-2004. Gowen Field, Idaho. Maintain vehicle, all phases. Heavy equipment, Track (M1A1) Abrams Tank, Personnel carriers, 2 1/2 - 10 1/2 ton vehicles. Light-wheeled (Humvee's) and Trailer mounted vehicles.

      Tour of duty, Dec. 1999 to July, 2000. Bosnia.


Sep 2009Present

Associates Degree

Steven Henager College
Aug 1983May 1986


Kuna High School

High school diploma, All required subjects, Home Ec. Welding, Auto shop, member of the FFA Junior and Senior year.


Chris Rose

Bruce Domina

Don Forrester


Supervise and Management
Military-  Managed and trained my section for abilities and tasks performed throughout day to day operations. Signed  certificates as well as daily maintenance evaluations and promotion awards.   
General Labor Skill's
    Industrial, Shop Fabrication all levels, wood working, steel pipe, automotive including shop tools, threading machines, and welding. Maintenance and installation systems as well components and parts for troubleshooting and diagnostic electrical and hydrant systems.   General warehousing, inventory control, stocking and pulling inventory.   Manufacturing and production, Computrol-soldering components to motherboards and cards. wiring as well.


Jan 2004Sep 2007

A.F.S.A. Apprenticeship program.

American Fire Sprinkler Association
Feb 1992Apr 2004

Diploma's and Certification's

Idaho Army National Guard