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Professional Organizations

American Chemical Society (ACS), European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry (EFMC)


A scientist and organic chemist with a long and productive history in his field, David Woodmansee currently pursues doctoral studies at the University of Basel in Basel, Switzerland, under the guidance of Professor Andreas Pfaltz. David Woodmansee began his academic career as an undergraduate at the University of California, Riverside, spending two years studying biochemistry. In 1995, David Woodmansee transferred to San Diego State University, where he earned a place on the research team of Professor Patrick J. Walsh. From 1995 through 1997, David Woodmansee studied organic chemistry and asymmetric catalysis as part of the Walsh Research Group, ultimately earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry (Biochemistry emphasis). Upon graduation, David Woodmansee gained admission to the Master’s program in organic chemistry at San Diego State University, where he continued his work with the Walsh Research Group. During this time, David Woodmansee contributed research to a number of peer-reviewed scholarly articles and completed an internship with Agouron Pharmaceuticals (now part of Pfizer Incorporated). In January 2000, David Woodmansee completed his Master of Science degree in Organic Chemistry and soon entered the realm of professional research. From 2004 to 2006, David Woodmansee worked at the Genomics Institute for the Novartis Research Foundation in the Torrey Pines Science Park in La Jolla, California. While there, David Woodmansee contributed as a co-inventor on several chemical patent applications and academic papers. David performed earlier work for the biotech and discovery platform firm Ontogen Corporation in Carlsbad, California, from 2002 to 2003. At the end of this period, David Woodmansee entered doctoral studies at the University of Basel as a doctoral candidate in Organic Chemistry. Since then, David Woodmansee has actively participated in and led numerous research projects, supervised Master’s candidates in their independent studies, and taught practical chemistry for the past two years, among other accomplishments. Currently authoring a book and two separate journal articles, David Woodmansee lives and works in Basel, Switzerland.

David Woodmansee

Work experience

Feb 2006Present

Doctoral Student

University of Basel

Active Research in synthetic chemistry with an emphasis in building new tools and methods.

I have overseen three masters students in independent research projects, taught practical chemistry for chemists for two years and conducted a very active personal research project for 4 years.

I have authored 11 journal articles in reputable science journals, I am an inventor on six patents and I am currently working on a book and an additional 2 journal articles.

I have spent 5 years in the pharmaceutical industry working at highly competitive places such as the Genomics Institute for the Novartis research foundation. I did an internship at Agouron Pharmaceuticals, now part of Pfizer over ten years ago. I am proficient with automated methods and robotics used in chemical research and have mastered topics such as combinatorial chemistry, high throughput screening, structure activity relationships (SAR), experience with adsorption distribution metabolism excretion and toxic studies (ADMETox), and I have worked in several different disease indications such as HIV, Cancer, Pain/CNS, and metabolic disorders. Different enzyme classes I have worked with include Kinases, Proteases, GPCRS and Reverse Transcriptase. I am currently finishing a doctorate in a premier European Laboratory.


Jan 2006Present

Ph. D.

University of Basel