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About David William Doan

An innovative leader in the manufacturing field, David William Doan has consistently met goals for increasing efficiency and profitability. Outside his role as a delivery technician at FedEx, David William Doan enjoys leading his dragster team, Doan Racing.

He has competed in drag racing for over 40 years at such venues as Edgewater Park in Cleves, Ohio. He was particularly pleased at defeating a nationally-sponsored team and being interviewed on television. In 2001 he received recognition for achieving the lowest elapsed time at the Eastgate Classic run.

Since 1983, Doan has entertained friends, neighbors, and family during his Independence Day fireworks show synchronized to pop songs. The event takes place at his family farm in Falmouth, Kentucky.

He is also a life member of Mt. Moriah Christian Church in Butler, Kentucky. Previously a church trustee, he is now developing a program called Toys from the Mount to provide Christmas gifts for underprivileged children.

Doan attended the University of Cincinnati, graduating magna cum laude with a bachelor of science.

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