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The Following Companies Have Benefitted from My Expertise:

  1. Weyerhaeuser
  2. Georgia-Pacific
  3. International Paper
  4. Westvaco
  5. Boise
  6. Canfor
  7. P.H. Glatfelter
  8. CBC Engineering -Brazil
  9. International Paper
  10. Aracruz - Brazil
  11. VCP - Brazil
  12. Siam Pulp - Thailand
  13. ENCE - Spain
  14. Andritz Inc.
  15. Ahlstrom Recovery Inc.
  16. Pyro Power
  17. Rigesa - Brazil
  18. Bowater
  19. Temple-Inland
  20. SCP - Slovakia
  21. Clyde Bergemann - Sootblowers
  22. Clyde Bergemann Anthony-Ross
  23. Domtar
  24. Kimberly Clark
  25. Mead
  26. Graphic Paper
  27. Westvaco
  28. Temple-Inland

Areas of Expertise


  • Pipe System Layout and Routing
  • Pipe Detailing
  • Pipe Isometrics and orthographic drawings
  • Interference Checking
  • Pipe Support Layout and Design
  • Pipe Support Detailing
  • Pipe Stress Analysis Comprehension
  • Critical Support Design
  • Constants and Spring Hangers
  • Site Layout and Design
  • NDT and Testing

Systems and Codes

  • ASME Section 1
  • B31.1
  • International Codes
  • Steam
  • Condensate
  • Chemical
  • Water
  • Natural Gas
  • Fuel Oil
  • Air
  • High Pressure Systems
  • High Temperature Systems
  • Tubing
  • Victaulic
  • FRP

Leadership & Management

  • Project Management
  • Project Engineering
  • Design Supervisor and Project Leader
  • Jobsite Supervision and QA-QC
  • Design Verification and Checking
  • Design and Detailing
  • Team Leadership
  • Trouble Shooting-Problem Solving Expertise
  • Safety Oriented and Trained
  • Expert in working with P&ID's, General Arrangements, a wide Variety of Mechanical Design Drawings and Specifications


24 years of professional and proven pipe and plant layout design engineering. Broad ranging positions include project management, project engineering, design department supervisor, jobsite installation supervision, project coordination, design, and design verification.  Excellent verbal and written communication skills, detail and quality oriented, team leader and player, skilled at multi-tasking and multiple simultaneous projects. Always eager to listen, learn, share experience, and continue with new training opportunities.

Work experience

Mar 2009Present

Piping Engineering Consultant

David Watson - Piping Systems
Jan 2009May 2009

Project Engineer

Prepare project proposals for Pipeline and Meter Station installations for natural gas systems including:

  • Detailed understanding of quote requirements
  • Communicate quote details to all parties involved in the quote process
  • Prepare specifications
  • Correspond with customers
  • Gather and prepare pricing and pricing documentation
  • Assemble complete proposal packages
Dec 2005Nov 2008

Project Manager

Clyde Bergemann Anthony-Ross

Successful Project Execution -

  • Contract assessment and management
  • Establish and maintain the project budget
  • All company interaction with customers
  • Set and manage the project schedule
  • Provide technical assistance to the engineering team
  • Manage the design team personnel
  • Produce and issue purchasing documentation
  • Monitor fabrication and shipping
  • Arrange and schedule installation site supervision
  • Arrange and schedule start-up assistance
  • Monitor and staff performance testing
  • Hire and Manage Installation companies for turn-key projects
  • Provide on-site engineering, installation supervision, and coordination with customers and installation companies on all projects
  • International projects with customers in Europe, Asia, South America, Canada, Scandinavia, and Australia.

Technical and cost assistance for the sales teams -

  • Write technical specifications
  • Produce layout drawings
  • Gather price quotes from vendors
  • Write technical specifications and “request for bid” documents.

Work with all company personnel to obtain and execute new projects and establish contacts that could lead to new business opportunities.

Sep 2004Nov 2005

Project Manager

Andritz Inc.

Project Manager - September 2004 – November 2005Manage a variety of recovery boiler upgrade projects including -

  • Air systems
  • Liquor systems
  • Boiler tube design and replacement
  • Economizer and superheater upgrades
  • Piping
  • Steel and platforms
  • Pumps
  • Fans
  • Pressure vessels

Manage Project Execution -

  • Main customer contact
  • Follow specifications
  • Coordinate or producing design drawings
  • Issue RFQ’s
  • Monitor fabrication at vendor shops
  • Manage scheduling
  • Monitor shipping
  • Supervise installations

Specialize in Piping Projects -

  • Projects include ASME section 1 boiler code pipe, B31.1, chemical, and balance of plant piping systems.
  • Route new pipe in existing structures.
  • Determine all pipe route changes and modifications required to facilitate new equipment.
  • Design, locate, and detail all pipe supports.
  • Produce drawings as needed within our project scope.
  • Write and follow specifications, produce material take-offs, produce line and valve lists.
  • Check all project detail drawings produced by others.
  • Correspond with pipe fabricators, suppliers, and installation companies.
  • Provide on site supervision and QA-QC.

Piping Engineering Consultant

Clyde Bergemann, Inc.

Sootblower steam pipe and support design including supplying pipe stress analysis reports. Supported the installation of new sootblowing equipment in the power industry. Also did seal air pipe and support design.


Engineering Supervisor

Andritz Inc.
  • Specialize in piping projects. Served many different functions, depending on project scope and size. Project size was typically between $1.0 Million and $90 million. Functions include: project coordinator and checker for sub-contracted engineering, Supervisor and checker for in-house engineering, designer doing layout and detail drawings. Often a combination of functions within a project.
  • Projects include ASME section 1 boiler code pipe, B31.1, chemical, natural gas, oil, and balance of plant piping systems. The work includes work in new turnkey buildings, and work in existing buildings on upgrade projects.
  • Drawing and design capabilities include layout and routing, pipe detail work, pipe support location and specifications, and pipe support detailing. Pipe and supports are produced per existing project specifications from a customer, or per in-house specifications. Most in-house pipe projects done in AutoCad. A few projects use Rebis 3D software. Sub-contracted engineering done in PDMS with automatic isometrics produced.
  • In a checking and coordination function, review all project drawings and check against all project specifications, line lists, valve lists, equipment lists, balance of plant drawings, equipment drawings, and all other applicable documents and information. Make corrections as needed to assure the piping conforms to all project requirements, and fits within the established area. Do interference checking to assure all problems are caught in the design phase of the project.
  • In the supervision position, review resumes and hire contractors to staff a project. Assign and supervise work. Monitor and manage the project schedule and the design work. Check and issue all project documentation.
  • Provide coordination with customers, fabricators, and suppliers. Act as the chief contact for all piping related issues. Attend meetings, conduct site and shop visits. Assist the purchasing department.
  • Review all pipe stress analysis results. Make appropriate changes to pipe and support design as required to meet stress and flexibility requirements.
  • Provide on-site layout and design, installation supervision and QA-QC
  • Act as the main contact, design coordinator, and checker for all sub-contracted engineering other than the main project piping. This includes all pressure parts, all associated boiler design such as hanger rods, etc., pressure vessels, tanks, ducting, pumps, fans, agitators, structural steel, conduit and cable trays, subcontracted piping and supports for systems such as fire protection, and civil work such as concrete and underground pipe.
  • Supervision of sub-contracted designers when doing in-house engineering work other than piping.
  • Design of tanks, ducting, small platforms, and many other areas of recovery boilers.
  • Proficient in MS Office software, Rebis 3D pipe design software, and AutoCad.

Special Projects

Disassembly and Reassembly of Existing Recovery Boiler in Everett, WA

  • Planned the cut points
  • Marked drawings for re-assembly
  • Supervised the physical disassembly
  • The boiler was shipped to a spot near Mexico City, where it was successfully re-assembled

Pipe Design for Bleach Plant in Covington, VA

  • Monitored and verified the pipe design
  • Five months on-site in Covington supervising the installation of the pipe and supports
  • Was the Andritz site rep for the installation of the entire project

Lead Designer, Recovery Boiler Division

Andritz Inc.
  • Specialize in pipe design for recovery boilers and buildings, while doing other boiler design work as well. This includes design for turnkey projects as well as upgrade projects within existing buildings. The design includes ASME section 1 boiler code pipe, B31.1, chemical, natural gas, oil, and balance of plant piping systems.
  • Produce layout and detail drawings for pipe and pipe supports systems. Produce 3D pipe layouts using Calma software. Calma is phased out in the mid 1990’s, and replaced with AutoCad.
  • Pressure part design and layout, including boiler furnace tubes, superheaters, boiler banks, economizers, and steam drums.
  • Site installation supervision for piping and equipment, including design work and QA-QC work.
  • Proficient in MS Office software, AutoCad, and Calma 3D pipe and plant design software.

Designer, Lead Designer

Pyro Power
  • Pressure part layout and detailing for fluidized bed power boilers
  • ASME section 1 piping design for power boilers
  • Process pipe design for power boilers
  • 3D CAD design of various parts of a power boiler for interference checking



Drafting Technology

Platt Technical College


Working with P&IDs
Microsoft Project
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Word