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Web 3.0, Web 2.0, individualized medicine, genomics, proteomics, genetics, nutrition, travel (85 countries so far), technology, personalization, biometrics, product design, online communities, customer empowerment. Also inline speedskating, skydiving, ice climbing, scuba, dark chocolate, high-end watches, and Zinfandel.


David Siegel is the author of four books on the Internet and an expert in web interfaces, web strategy, and the Semantic Web. He worked for Pixar in 1986. After that he painted people's Macintosh computers in any color they wanted, then he designed Tekton, a typeface distributed by Adobe that became one of the bestselling typefaces in history. He then designed the typeface Graphite, which shipped on every HP Inkjet made for ten years, and later produced Zapfino, a typeface that ships with the Mac OSX operating system. In 1994, he wrote "Creating Killer Web Sites," the first book on web design. His 1999 book, "Futurize Your Enterprise," pre-envisioned the Semantic Web. His current book on the Semantic Web is due out at the end of 2009. In 1995, he started Studio Verso, a high-end design and strategy consultancy in San Francisco and sold it to KPMG in 1999. He has been an active angel investor and advisor to many startups. He is currently raising a fund to invest in Semantic Web companies.


My name is David Siegel. I'm interested in being Apple's next CEO. I'd like to be considered, and in the process help Apple become more aware of the changes they will need to go through in the coming years. My main goal is to change the conversation around the future of the computing industry from improving outmoded 20th Century business models to putting the entire IT industry on a faster better track to the 21st Century. Here is my open letter to Apple: I'm easy to find on LinkedIn. There's a FaceBook group supporting my candidacy. I believe my candidacy, whether I am chosen or not, will help Apple be a better company.

Work experience


Siegel Vision

I have been a strategic advisor to CSC, W3C (consortium in charge of standards on the Web), American Film Institute, World Wildlife Federation, Nasa’s Mission to Mars,, etc. Served on boards of eight companies. Named to over a dozen advisory boards.


Siegel Design

Designer of several popular typefaces: Tekton, Graphite, and EagleFeather. Tekton and Graphite are two of the bestselling typefaces of all time. I am the producer of Zapfino, which comes standard on Mac OSX, and is currently one of the fastest growing typefaces in history.

Jan 1999Present

Investor, board member

Siegel Ventures

I have been investing my own money and serving on boards for the past eight years. I started a registered broker/dealer and sold it. I have been blogging about the Semantic Web and working with startups. I am currently working on raising a VC fund to start new companies in the Semantic Web space. I am also an investor in Cambodia's only automated brick factory.

Jan 1994Present


Siegel Vision

I have written three bestselling books about the Internet, currently working on my fourth. I wrote Creating Killer Web Sites, published by Macmillan, the #1 best-selling book at in 1996 and remains’s longest-running number-one bestseller. The book was translated into over 15 languages. Second book, Secrets of Successful Web Sites, published by Macmillan in August 1997, was translated into 8 languages. Third book, Futurize Your Enterprise, published by John Wiley & Sons, was on the BusinessWeek bestseller list and translated into 12 languages. Wrote a book on the environment and 7 screenplays. Currently working on a business book on the Semantic Web for Portfolio Press, an imprint of Penguin.

As a public speaker, I was

Jan 1996Present


Siegel Vision

As a public speaker, I was represented world-wide by the prestigious Leigh Bureau ( I have given over 100 lectures to various groups, of which more than 50 were paid and more than 20 at the $30,000+ level. Keynote speeches for Salomon Smith Barney, CSC, Nortel, GTE, Direct Marketing Association, Vignette, etc. I have recently started to book speeches on the Semantic Web for late 2009.

Feb 1993Jun 1999


Studio Verso

Founded Studio Verso, a high-end web-design and strategy consultancy. Created web strategies and sites for clients: Hewlett Packard, Sony, Office Depot, Humana, Lucent, Hummer Winblad, KPMG, Ingram, etc. Sold Studio Verso to KPMG in 1999. Started several other companies in Silicon Valley; none survived the 2000 crash.

Jan 1986Jan 1987


Pixar Studios

I worked one year for Pixar (1986) as the company’s principal writer.


Continuing Education

Took the corporate board class at HBS.

Sep 1979May 1982

Applied Mathematics

Applied mathematics degree, emphasis on computer science. Took graduate-level computer science coursese was a teacher's assistant for one grad-level class while an undergraduate.


Corporate strategy, Internet strategy, future scenario planning, marketing, market segmentation, use-case methodology, presentations, events, media relations, customer advocacy, creative strategies, branding, technology, communications, writing, board membership, legal, negotiations, private equity, recruiting.