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With over 30 years of experience in the casino gaming industry, David Schugar has worked in executive with casinos across the United States in association with Sahara Gaming Corp., Mandalay Resort Group, and The Majestic Star Casino LLC. In 2005, David Schugar founded Equity Gaming, LLC, an intellectual property company focused on the creation of new innovations in both table and electronic casino games. Throughout his career, David Schugar has made significant contributions to the success of the casino gaming industry. As President of the Tunica Casino Operators Association from 2003 to 2004, David Schugar led the largest casino task force in the history of Mississippi. Working with the Mississippi Highway Safety Patrol, the FBI, and The Mississippi Gaming Commission, David Schugar and the task force put an end to the largest casino robbery spree in the United States. Over a six-month time period, 20 robberies attempted on 10 casinos were successfully thwarted. In addition to stopping criminal activity, David Schugar was the first to negotiate a collective bargaining agreement for U.S. casino dealers. His efforts established critical pay-for-knowledge criteria and other important elements of the employment contract. David Schugar has also made significant academic contributions to the casino gaming industry, writing on the topic of responsible gaming for the National Council on Problem Gambling newsletter. David Schugar attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and taught at the Clark County Community College. In 1998, David Schugar participated in Dale Carnegie Training’s Leadership Training for Managers and has continued to speak at gaming conventions such as G2E in Las Vegas. David Schugar reads the Harvard Business Review and other business magazines. His hobbies include playing guitar and swimming. David Schugar is a Lifetime Member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

Work experience

May 2005Present


Equity Gaming LLC

Strategic planning, allocation of resources, business development, sales, and marketing/Complete responsibility for all aspects of patent research, mathematics, operational procedures, business development, sales

Numerous patent grants

Published in the National Council On Problem Gambling


Sep 19701975

University of Nevada Las Vegas