A pioneer in the field of algorithm-based trading, David Salomon has co-founded and chaired numerous prominent firms specializing in technology adapted to the burgeoning field of automated investment. He helped establish Madison Tyler LLC and EWT LLC, both proprietary trading firms famous in the securities industry for their progressive approach to electronically adapted investment strategies. Recently, David Salomon’s stake in Madison Tyler was absorbed when the company merged with Virtu Financial LLC, acquiring a strategic growth investment from private equity firm Silver Lake and consolidating the formidable territory the two companies had previously maintained in the arena of technologically assisted trading. David Salomon also previously chaired the trading company FATTOC, LLC, a firm he co-founded to develop further cutting-edge techniques in the science of algorithmic investing. 

Before garnering success as an entrepreneur, David Salomon traded stocks in the market for energy derivatives, after having accrued experience in equity strategy at Goldman Sachs. In this initial role, Mr. Salomon worked under famed investment expert Robert Rubin, performing projections and analysis in the risk arbitrage department. David Salomon’s qualifications in the industry at this stage of his career included a Master of Business Administration from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Political Science from Princeton University, where he graduated summa cum laude while maintaining membership in Phi Beta Kappa. 

Beyond his work in high-frequency trading and business development, David Salomon regularly contributes to several philanthropic causes. A benefactor of Harvey Mudd College, he also contributes to the cultural collaboration between youths of Islam and Judaism through the nonprofit group Children of Abraham. In addition to his duties as a patron, David Salomon is an accomplished chess player, maintaining the skills that, as a teenager, earned him a championship in the Eastern United States.

Work experience

Work experience




Sep 1980 - Dec 1983


Wharton Business School
Sep 1974 - Jun 1978


Princeton University