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Using Golf Clubs Specifically Designed for Beginners

Picking out a set of golf clubs can be both exciting and daunting for any beginner. There are many clubs available on the market, and some of them can become quite expensive. Beginners looking for some good tips can always turn to the David Rycott Google Plus page. He is a golf enthusiast who enjoys posting tips and news about the sport online.

Some golf clubs are specifically designed with beginners in mind. It is usually recommended that beginners start out using hybrids instead of going straight for the 5-, 4-, and 3-irons. Also, an iron with a wider sole will help eliminate the tendency that a club will have for sticking on the ground when the player hits behind the ball. A lower centre of gravity within the iron also assists a player in aiming the club lower, which causes shots to take a much higher trajectory. All of these factors make these types of clubs very attractive for beginners looking to enjoy the game of golf.