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Jan 2006May 2009

Public Affairs: Ethics, Politics and Social Policy

Wells College
  • Cumulative GPA 3.3, In Major 3.5
  • Graduated with Distinction
  • Dean's List Spring 2008
  • Served as a Resident Advisor 2007-2008, and Orientation Leader from 2006-2007 and as the Student Assistant to the Dean of Student Life from 2008-2009.
  • Served as President of the Japanese Culture Club from 2006-2007, a member of the acapella group Henry's VIII, a member of the campus safety group W.A.S.T.E.D. and as a representative to Collegiate Council for many organizations.
Aug 2005Dec 2005

Work experience

Box Office Clerk

Foxwoods Casino
  • Learned valuable phone skills, especially when needing to deal with many different issues at a quick pace.
  • Customer service - the need to treat everyone well, even when annoyed at you, and to attempt to keep everyone happy.
Aug 2008May 2009

Assistant to the Associate Dean of Students

  • Became proficient in Microsoft Visio to create new floorplans for the Dorms of my school, used by Student Life during room assignment and to be posted on the College Website.
  • Used Adobe Photoshop to crop and reshape student I.D. Images to be uploaded into a new school social network.
  • Operated on my own time, keeping track of time worked and due dates for projects.
Jan 2009Feb 2009

Comunications Intern

WARM Homeless Shelter
  • Helped organize the 2009 WARM Gala Auction, that raised over $28,000 for the Shelter.
  • Contacted Organizations for donations and information on items for the auction.
  • Maintained Excel spreadsheets of Auction items, prices and status.
  • Spent time troubleshooting computer issues for the director and other staffers.
  • Participated in Board Meetings on the Gala, helping design and setup the Gala.
May 2008Aug 2008

Technical Writing Intern

  • Learned Technical Writing - created training materials and manuals, customer help files, equipment manuals and marketing materials.
  • Understanding the full functions (and limitations) of Microsoft Word, including formatting large (100+ page) documents.
  • Working with Powerpoint as a training tool, including creating workbooks for trainees and presentations for facilitators.
  • Balancing workload between multiple projects, keeping due dates and delivering things early for approval and suggestions.
  • Properly track time and projects using an in-house program for project management.
Aug 2007May 2008

Resident Advisor

  • Gained a better understanding of the chain of command and the best methods to acchieve goals without stepping on toes.
  • Working with a diverse team with a set of short term and long term goals.
  • Mediating issues between students and between co-workers to best work together.
  • Properly reporting incidents, filling out forms, and dealing with medical emergencies.
Dec 2007Jan 2008

Technical Writing Intern

May 2007Aug 2007

Technical Writing Intern

Aug 2006May 2007

Orientation Leader

  • Working with a diverse team to greet students and train them about school policy.
  • Learned to spot early signs of distress and depression among the new students in an attempt to make the college transition as smooth as possible.
  • Design, order and distribute training material and material advertising orientation events.
Dec 2006Jan 2007

Technical Writing Intern

Gunther International
  • Learned to work with very large documents, creating unified formats over hundreds of pages.
  • Learned how to report and how to notify a chain of command.
  • Understanding when to call and who to call to meetings to maximize productivity without wasting time.
  • Worked closely with project managment to budget time to different projects.
May 2006Aug 2006

ROHS Documentation Clerk

  • Researched new E.U. regulations and restrictions on hazardous substances and helped inc.jet reach compliance goals.
  • Worked extensively with Excel to keep track of large lists of documentation and manufacturers.
  • Contacted manufacturers in multiple countries directly to obtain compliance information.
  • Created both electronic (pdf) and physical documentation storage for the RoHS documents.
  • Learned to schedule specific sections of projects to predict slow response time from others and maximize time spent on task.


Logic, Ethics and Philosophy
Trained in logic and ethics, useful both for conflict resolution and for debate.  This training allows me to think more clearly when dealing with issues in the workplace, and better aim to resolve issues before they arise. 
Macintosh OSX
I have used Macintosh systems at many points in my life, and have used one as one of my main computers for my college life.  I am familiar with basic functions of the Operating system and basic troubleshooting, as well as simple Terminal Commands.  I am interested in improving my knowledge in the Macintosh Operating system in the future, and will do so on my own when funds allow.
Windows Operating System
I am well versed in Microsoft's Windows Operating System, with familiarity from Windows 98 to Windows Vista, with the majority of my experience being in XP and 2000. I am familiar with basic troubleshooting dealing with both software and hardware issues, installation of new software, driver issues, and other common issues.  I am currently using a Vista PC as one of my main computers and am learning the Operating System.
Technical Writing
I have served as an intern in technical writing for three years, and have learned how to create and edit documentation for manuals, training and help files.  This includes using Robo-Help, Powerpoint and Word to create two to three day training courses on high speed printing.  These skills are useful for all types of writing, as technical writing focuses on writing understandably and consisely.
Microsoft Office
High levels of profeciency in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint and Microsoft Outlook.  Have used both Word and Powerpoint professionally to create technical and training documents.  Medium to Advanced levels of profeciency in Excel and Visio, I have used both professionally to track items and create building plans, but not to the extent I have used the rest of the Office Suite. 


  • English Literature
  • 20th and 21st Century American Poetry
  • Horology
  • U.S. Stock Market
  • International Policy in the U.S.
  • Traveling
  • Photography


Joel McCarthy

Joel was my supervisor both as his direct assistant senior year and as a Resident Advisor Junior year. He will accept reference calls or emails on my behalf.

[email protected]

Zbigniew (Zig) Roginski

Zbigniew (Zig for short) was my supervisor while technical writing for Inc.jet. He will accept reference calls or emails on my behalf.

[email protected]

Laura Purdy

Laura is one of my professors as well as my thesis advisor at Wells College.  She will accept reference requests on my behalf in email.

[email protected]