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Facilitate business with process reengineering and match that to the best and most cost effective technology solutions






I offer proven executive level skills that encompass bringing business people and technology providers together to arrive at best practise platforms.I am consistently able to bring people on board, get them enthusiastic and focused on finding solutions and then facilitate the provision of that solution.I am committed to choosing the best and most cost effective solutions rather than simply throwing money at technology, and have saved millions with this approach.  I adopt the business process orientated approach when help companies arrive at best proactise solutions.

The key is change management and that means getting business people passionate about the “why” of the change.  It then becomes a relatively simple matter to teach the “how”.Over many years working with staff from management down to the work force, from technology literate to those with not a clue, I can proudly claim to have excelled.

In general people find me easy to talk to as I avoid jargon wherever possible and have a reputation that when I tell the technology tale, they finally understand.

Relationships with my staff can be described as firm but accommodating, I am a firm proponent of management by mutually agreed objectives (KPI’s).

Work experience

Jul 2008Jun 2009

GM IT Project Development

Al Futtaim

This role sits in the Automotive Strategy Division reporting to the Director.

I provide a funnel between the many and varied business process owners in the automotive division and all of our technology partners.This means getting hands on with the users, truly understanding their requirements, whilst guiding them within the organisation’s technology platforms “bigger picture”.I am always looking to find business best practises to adopt.

Over the last nine months the following areas have been addressed:

  • SAP IS Auto – DBM and VMS
  • Dealer Management Systems
  • Vehicle Leasing and Fleet Management
  • Body shop estimating and scheduling solution
  • Truck Configuration Systems
  • Shared Service systems for Finance, HR, and Payroll
  • Service/Maintenance contracts and vehicle warranty systems
  • Toyota Parts B2B system

A significant portion of all the above has been the building of relationships with process owners, internal IT division, vendors, and getting them all working together with one plan.

Sep 2004Jun 2008

Senior Manager: e-Business

Toyota South Africa

Responsible for understanding and documenting business requirements, and then liaising with IT to put the best systems in place.Project management was a key component and based on standard PPM methodologies.Feedback from Toyota world wide was is that we put together a suite of products truly world class.Areas covered:

  • All vehicle Order to Delivery (OTD) functionality
  • Parts order, tracking, kanban systems
  • Vehicle Technical Systems
  • Warranty
  • Communications
  • Intranet, Extranet,
  • Manufacturer and Dealer web sites
  • Dealer retail functionality – Leads, quotes, OTP’s, & Finance
  • Workshop booking and scheduling (bays and technicians)
  • Dealer financial transactions, statements, invoices, floor plans
  • Live links to all SA major vehicle finance and short term insurance house for on line deals.
  • Full on line bespoke LMS
Jun 1997Aug 2004

Senior Manager Sales Logistics

Toyota SA

Key functions covered:

  • This began with detailed sales forecasts down to dealer sales rates and ordering analyses.
  • Then the fair allocation of stock (on a weekly basis) to 240 dealers
  • Delivery scheduling of vehicles across the whole SA customs union

As a result of the BPR exercise, Toyota needed to move from the legacy bespoke main frame systems to a client/server based ERP system.I represented the sales and marketing divisions as their super user on the team selecting the ERP product (SAP R/3) to implement.

I then move to the implementation team as the permanent representative for all sales and marketing functionality. A complete blue sky (nothing is sacred) approach was adopted we used the opportunity to bring the latest business best practises on board.

Portal - it became obvious that R/3 was far too complex and unwieldy for general users.At the same time the Communications division were looking to go out to the dealers a web tool, and the Technical division were also in the process of moving from paper and CD based workshop manuals to an internet platform.We got together and gave birth to one combined web enabled front end.

Jan 1991May 1997

Manager: Marketing Information Systems

Toyota SA Motors

Here I filled the gap that existed between IT and the Marketing & Sales user community.I used my business and engineering backgrounds and my knowledge of PC deployment.

  • Overall responsibility for all marketing and sales divisions’ computer systems (Natural/ADABAS main frame environment).
    • Working with users to understand their requirements and then facilitate system design with IT developers using JAD techniques.
    • Once programmes written, my department performed pre-user final testing as well as compilation of user manuals.Programmes covered were:
      • Dealer vehicle ordering and allocating
      • Customer database
      • Retail sales capturing system
      • National industry sales reporting and analysis (NAAMSA)
      • Dealer financial information gathering and comparative analysis
      • Various PC based research projects.

In 1996 Toyota embarked upon an exercise to become “world class” that started with a total clean slate Business Process Reengineering (BPR) initiative.I participated in this full time as the representative for the Marketing & Sales divisions.

Jul 1980Dec 1990

Manager: Vehicle Pricing & Economic Analysis

Toyota SA Motors
  • Vehicle pricing.This involved the establishment of a “comparatively equipped” market price.Then looking at profitability at this price.From there the best compromise was chosen.
  • Negotiating imported component costs with parent company in Japan.
  • New product research and potential pricing.
  • Full calculation of all local content duties, and signing off of payments
  • A secondary role was that of “in house” economic trend analysis and forecasting with a view to planning sales volumes over the medium term.

A key highlight in this period was being the second person in the organisation to be given a PC, printer and XY plotter in 1983.I had convinced management that the labour intensive pricing methodology could be reduced from six weeks to less than one as well as using it for economic trend analysis.

May 1978Jun 1980

Senior Supply Analyst

Toyota SA Motors
  • Analysis of the core costs of OEM components and forecast increases up to one year ahead.
  • Maintain and monitor LME (London Metal Exchange) commodity prices’ affects on those components supplied at a fixed plus variable cost
  • First person is South Africa to do calculations, using a fully programmable scientific calculator, of SA government motor industry local content duties
May 1973May 1978

Laboratory Technician

  • This period included my education at college. Full time but attending alternate trimesters.
  • Fundamentally I was involved from a low to gradually higher level in first the testing and then later the design of military communications systems.Systems included
    • Point to point portable military FM radio systems
    • Ground to ground radar
    • Land mine detection
    • Missile guidance


Jan 1977Nov 1981


University of South Africa


Durban Institute of Technology


MS Visio
MS Project
MS Office Pro
Data Wharehousing
ERP Sales & Distribution


ITIL V3 Foundation