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Work experience

Mar 2000Present

President & Founder

Life Is Now Inc





David Neagle, a Chicago-based entrepreneur and motivational and financial coach, established Life is Now, Inc., after he survived serious injuries sustained in a 1989 boating accident that almost killed him. In the year after his accident, he increased his income three times over. A decade later, David Neagle had transformed himself into a successful business owner and investor through his application of the personal growth formulas he studied and adopted. Today, he aims to teach the “Universal Law” to others who seek to overcome self-sabotaging behaviors and achieve personal and professional success. David Neagle, now the “Million Dollar Income Acceleration Master Coach,” bases his training in particular on the work of early 20th century American thinker Wallace D. Wattles, author of such books as The Science of Getting Rich. When Mr. Neagle read Wattles’ book, he realized that it described in practical terms a powerful philosophy of creative visualization that could lead to increased levels of empowerment, confidence, and achievement for himself and others. David Neagle incorporated Wattles’ ideas into his own work toward success for himself and his clients.David Neagle reaches the public not only through his popular in-person seminars and classes, but also online. At his website,, he offers a library of resources on self-development, with his recommended bibliography including works by classic writers in the field such as Neale Donald Walsch, Catherine Ponder, and Eckhart Tolle. His site also provides an easy way to order his home-study materials on both personal and business success. In addition, Mr. Neagle writes a blog on which he discusses motivation and how to work successfully with life-changing ideas. A personalized advice column offers even more access to his insights.David Neagle also communicates regularly through his Facebook page, with recent posts relating advice for marketing a personal or professional brand, discussing how subconscious attitudes might guide an individual’s degree of business success, and how to harness the power of the imagination to power real-world goals.


Make-A-Wish Foundation David has been supporting them for years. They have given us permission to use their logo on our website. Avid reader of many topics: business, spirituality, personal growth, history. David also loves to boat on Chesapeake Bay.