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 Senior administrative position which would take advantage of 18 years of varied, in-depth real estate experience. Specific emphasis on coalescing diverse interests and opinions into a set of strategic objectives.

Work experience


Senior Vice President & Regional Director

America’s Capital Partners / BBJ Environmental Solutions

America's Capital Partners

Senior Vice President & Regional Director

Directed the property management, tenant improvements and leasing activities in Orlando and Tampa Bay as well as managed the firm's equity partner relationships. Significant accomplishments within this 2.1M square foot portfolio include:

  • Re-staffed and redeployed various positions within the region's property management and maintenance structure to significantly increase service quality to tenants and information flow to equity partners.

  • Implemented procedures and controls to manage the progress of all property managers, building engineers and leasing teams throughout the Central Florida region.

  • Achieved a 15% net rent increase on renewals and new transactions in our Class "A" Bank of America building (415,000rsf) creating the most favorable economic conditions for the property's sale. Similar net rent increases were realized portfolio wide.

  • Assured the $28M sale of a troubled 330,000rsf business park by teaming with our 3rd party leasing representatives to close over 45,000sf of leases within a 5 month period.

BBJ Environmental Solutions


Identified this failing tenant as an acquisition candidate, purchased the firm out of Chapter 7 liquidation, re-staffed with qualified professionals and resumed production of antimicrobial and non-antimicrobial remediation products for the medical and HVAC industries. Significant accomplishments since acquisition include:

  • Conducted all phases of due diligence, creditor negotiations, litigation and closing that resulted in the acquisition of three U.S. patents, four Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registrations, two EPA sub-registrations, production equipment, finished goods, raw material, customer lists and 40% of the outstanding receivables as of the bankruptcy filing.

  • Developed 3rd party product manufacturing strategy with an accretive partner to reduce production cost, develop a more cost effective supply chain and introduce the products to a significantly larger distribution audience.

  • Developed four new medical use based products centered on the current EPA registrations; these products are currently being tested by independent laboratories.

  • Developed the first in-room in-place hotel air conditioning cleaning system that allows users to thoroughly decontaminate and clean in-wall units. The current protocol for such cleaning requires the costly and time consuming process of taking the units out of the room and steam cleaning them in the parking areas.


President & CEO


 Hired to turn around ONCOR International domestically and internationally. Significant accomplishments include:

  • Successfully turned around this failing membership based company operating in 26 countries with 48 partner firms within 15 months.

  • Created an enthusiasm within the organization that revitalized significant interest in ONCOR's meetings, conferences and new products. The membership is now aggressively passionate about the direction and services of the ONCOR brand.

  • Re-staffed the domestic and international offices to match new objectives and emerging technologies.

  • Created the technological platform upon which all data was acquired, stored, associated and leveraged. The result of the ensuing internal dialogue was a 118% increase in net income, 89% increase in number of transactions closed and a 1015% increase in traffic over the company's extranet.

  • Increased membership by 22% with an additional 31% increase pending. Most membership growth occurred in the northeastern U.S. and Western Europe.

  • Moved ONCOR International, with $32.1B in annual transaction value, from an unranked position in international polling of most successful real estate providers to Top Ten.

  • Re-established ONCOR Europe as a dominate real estate provider, re-staffed the offices, relocated the European office from Milan to London enabling more efficient access to ONCOR's global reach, developed and executed an aggressive 2007 Business Plan in conjunction with the European partners and increased intercontinental deal flow by 40%.

  • Structured a "managed loss" recognizing all write-offs and unrealized expenses to maximize a refund of previous years' tax expenses. As a result of this effort, ONCOR received a six-figure tax refund from the IRS.

  • Negotiated a tax payment amnesty program with the Washington D.C. Corporate Tax Authority. The result was a release from the authority for all penalties due from ONCOR for non-payment of corporate franchise taxes for 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2003.

  • Restructured ONCOR's financial reporting system to reflect and report the actual financial position/condition and to comply with several of the Sarbanes-Oxley requirements. The restructuring also allowed ONCOR's Board of Directors to have a clear understanding of ONCOR's financial performance for the first time in several years.

  • Positioned the ONCOR International for sale to Realogy Corporation (NYSE: H) to significantly enhance the company's access to financial resources and relationships.



M.H.&M. Realty Company

Founded company to provide property repositioning, disposition, multi-market brokerage and consulting. Successfully completed the repositioning and disposition of 2 major mixed use properties in Sarasota, FL as well several multi-market brokerage transaction and consulting assignments. Total sales and acquisitions exceed $50M, brokerage services exceed $20M and consulting is billed at a pre-negotiated rate.

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Student Body President - Elected to represent the university's 34,000 students. Directed a staff of 12 to promote the interests and objectives of the student body to the Florida State Legislature. Operated an annual budget of $2,400,000 of student activity fees for housing, legal services, entertainment and campus safety. Personally re-directed student and university funds to move the main campus child care center from a dilapidated trailer into a new state of the art facility. This initiative blended the child care needs of a significant number of older students and the College of Education's need to provide students hands-on experience in early childhood development studies. The University's child care center program became a model for other Florida universities struggling with student child care.