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Work experience

Installation Engineer

Per-Se Technologies

Provided lead support for all Oracle and SQL customers.

§Lead Technical Installation Engineer for a cutting edge patient accounting system (Business1).Software installed for this application included: WinNT 4.0 Server, MS SQL Server 7.0 and Business1 (a Smalltalk application).

§Developed and Authored the installation and implementation plan and procedures for Business1.

§Lead Technical Support for ANSOS and OneStaff nurse scheduling software for over 1100 hospitals.

§Support provided on WinNT 4.0 and Novell 4.11 servers using Btrieve and Oracle Databases.

§Provided lead support for all Oracle and MS SQL customers.

Jan 2006Mar 2009

Managing Partner

eXidiom Computing

eXidiom is a full retail Computer store specializing in custom computer systems/break fix/network design and implementation.

Business Functions

§Founded eXidiom with the purchase of Kendall Computer in Jan of 2006.

§Improved second year revenue by 100%+ through marketing, added services, and sales.

§Employed 5 fulltime employees.

§Developed xVault online backup program.

  Technical Functions

§Acting SQL DBA for database customers.

§  Worked with various customers developing web enabled workflow applications using Ultimus BPM, ASP.NET, SharePoint and SQL Server.

§Maintained hosted websites and hosted email for customers.

Apr 2000Nov 2008

Professional Services/Senior Support Engineer

§Provided technical support to customers worldwide for Ultimus BPM Suite, a workflow automation software suite.Work directly with Ultimus development group to help diagnose, debug and resolve issues.

§Top senior technical support technician at Ultimus out of 30+ support personnel.One of 2 Level III support engineers at Ultimus.Level 3 engineer for the Western Hemisphere.

§Support included troubleshooting, configuration, and testing of COM+, IIS, SQL Server, Oracle, Windows Servers, Internet Explorer, Ultimus BPM Suite, and SharePoint

§Authored the Ultimus 4.2 Installation Manual.

§Responsible for benchmarking and performance testing of Ultimus 5.0.

§Named/24hr Customer support for several high profile customers including (DELL, Citizens Bank, Chevron, and Janus).

§Designed, developed, integrated and implemented business processes for customers.Specifically performing the following tasks:

oRequirements collection

oDocumentation and Analysis of Process Design

oDocumentation of Test Cases

oProcess diagram and Mapping using BPM Design Tools

oProcess development using ASP.NET, BPM Tools, XML Schemas, database connections, and various integrations with web services, MS Office applications, and other third party applications.

§Oracle Expert at Ultimus.

§Telecommuter for 3 years.

§Worked directly with the following Fortune 100 Customers: Wal-Mart, GE, Chevron, Verizon, Boeing, McKesson, Dell, Microsoft, Lockheed Martin and Honeywell.


Sep 1991May 1993

Texas A&M University
Sep 1989May 1991

Baylor University


Augusto Vera

“David is a thoroughly skilled support expert for software, with knowledge in complementing areas like networking, databases, operating systems, diagnosing tools, etc. Also he is very analytic, very proactive, sympathetic, and keeps calm under stress so he can manage very well critical situations. As a colleague is very trustable.”

Mark Rahn

“David is one of the best support specialists I have ever worked with. He is knowledgable in the the product as well as all the integration points. He has never failed me in any issue I have had at a customer site. He will continue to work on an issue until it is resolved while maintaining a friendly and helpful manner. He makes my job easier because I know that I can call on him for help and he will be there to provide an answer.” 

Grant Kitching

“David is an extremely smart and talented individual. His ability to troubleshoot extremely complex problems and find solutions rapidly is second to none. He guided us through many tough, technical challenges with his leadership and strong technical acumen.”