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David Key - Irvine, CA

Systems Integration Engineer

David Key has more than twenty years of work experience as an entrepreneur, systems integrator, technologist and dynamic leader. David grew up in Orange County California (El Toro, CA) and is currently residing in Irvine California.

David was elected Student Body President of his college at Southern Polytechnic State University (Georgia) in 1985-86. He was also elected as the Vice Chairman of the Student Advisory Committee to the State Board of Regence, which represented all 34 colleges in the University System of Georgia. David received his engineering degree from Southern Poly in 1986 where he studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science with an emphasis on Computer Digital Circuitry.

In 2000, David and a team of engineers designed a medical card that could be molded in the shape of a credit card that is able to play in a common personal computer. This card had a built-in web page that could be changed remotely in a matter of seconds, which could hold encrypted health information needed by doctors with patents’ approval. David Key met with 5 Vice Presidents from WellPoint. WellPoint is one of the largest insurance organizations in the world. WellPoint witnessed how the medical card could remotely transfer patient’s medical records using a changeable webpage within the CD card. The card could safely transfer confidential medical records remotely. Only authorized medical institutions could the information and only with permission from the patient. Since the information wasn’t stored within the card, the dynamic web pages updated nearly instantly from other institutions.

David Key sold this patented technology to Celex Corporation for an undisclosed amount. This technology is currently being considered today by HIPPA, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Action (HIPAA) of 1996 (P.L.104-191) [HIPAA] which was enacted by the U.S. Congress in 1996, for consolidated healthcare information needed by healthcare insurance agencies.

As David continued developing technology, his vision to apply new robotics to the building industry began with Virtual 3D Engineering (later Precision Steel). David Key was the National Sales Directory. Precision Steel created photo-realistic animated 3D virtual tours for commercial projects that could be converted to engineering specifications (in an dxf format blueprints) for interior fabrication pieces.

Since 2013, David has been of developing new technology and will soon launch a software engineering company specializing in job development and placement services for Fortune 500 companies.

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Jun 1986

Bachelors of Science

Southern Polytechnic State University

he Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering is designed to provide a solid background in electrical engineering sciences. It also provides an opportunity for students to pursue interests in electrical and electronic circuits, including digital circuits and VLSI and its fabrication, microprocessors and their applications, electromagnetics, communications, control systems, and digital image processing and computer vision.

Through a senior capstone design project, the curriculum emphasizes written as well as verbal communication and a teamwork approach among students to attain a common goal.

This program helps its graduates develop capabilities to analyze and design a variety of electrical and electronic systems found in many industrial and government settings as well as providing a foundation for further graduate studies. A strong background in the fundamentals is built through a broad-based core in basic sciences (physics and chemistry) and mathematics as well as engineering sciences.