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Founder of Premier Property Management in Enfield, CT

About David Karat, Enfield, CT

David Karat, a businessman based in Enfield, CT, owns and operates a property management firm that oversees condominium and other residential communities. Before establishing his company, he gained practical experience in the real estate sector by purchasing, renovating, and maintaining multifamily properties. After learning all he could, David Karat sold his holdings and used the capital to found Premier Property Management Services, LLC, where he works to this day. Since he established the Enfield-based company, it has grown into a provider overseeing more than 900 condominium units. An entrepreneur active in his wider professional world, Dave Karat belongs to the Community Associations Institute.

Under Dave Karat’s leadership, Premier Property has earned several accolades. All Property Management ranked his business among Connecticut’s Featured Management Firms. Further, the Springfield Court System awarded Premier Property Management receivership status.

For more information about Premier Property Management, its mission, and its quality solutions, prospective clients can log on to the company’s website at ppmgmtonline.com. Interested parties can also contact the firm directly by calling (877)-208-4570 or by e-mailing [email protected]

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