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Dr. David Kamelhar, NYU School of Medicine, Kamelhar Pulmonary Medicine, Internal Medicine, Lung Disease, New York

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Over the course of his career, Dr. David Kamelhar has demonstrated a commitment to the medical profession through his contributions to medical education. Throughout his career, Dr. Kamelhar has held teaching positions at the New York University (NYU) School of Medicine. In 1975, he began a five-year tenure as a Teaching Assistant, then as an instructor in flexible bronchoscopy for pulmonary fellows in 1980. During this period, Dr. David Kamelhar also acted as a supervisor at the weekly chest clinic. Dr. David Kamelhar held this position until 1986, when he became a Clinical Assistant Professor. Simultaneously, Dr. Kamelhar also acted as Attending Physician during didactic sessions in pulmonary medicine, part of the core curriculum at the medical school. Beginning in 1990, he supervised operations at the intensive care unit at Bellevue Chest Clinic. He continued in his main role of Clinical Assistant Professor until 2003, when he began to serve in his current position as Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine. Dr. David Kamelhar also applies his teaching experience outside of the classroom. In 2006, he oversaw a grand rounds presentation on non-tuberculosis mycobacterium, one of his primary research interests. Since 2007, he has taught at a conference for NYU pulmonary fellows on the same subject, including the American College of Chest Physicians and the American Thoracic Society. Dr. Kamelhar’s services have also been sought by the NTM Info & Research, Inc., where he has acted as an adviser in recent years. Currently, he maintains membership in several professional organizations, including the New York Trudeau Society and the American Thoracic Society.In addition, Dr. David Kamelhar teaches the yearly fellow's session on non-tuberculos mycobacterium-diagnosis and management, including NTM Info in August 2011. Dr. Kamelhar has also gone to Washington on two occasions in order to lobby Congress for legislation to approve funding and education for NTM patients. Currently, Dr. David Kamelhar serves as an Associate Attending Physician at the NYU Langone Medical Center. He cares for patients with cough, bronchiectasis, and non-tuberculous infection.

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Associate Attending Physician

NYU Medical Center & Bellevue Hospital Center

Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine

NYU School of Medicine



NYU School of Medicine