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Spiritual Gifts

          We have different gifts, according to the grace given us.  If a man's gift is prophesying, let him use it in      proportion to his faith.  If it is encouraging, let him encourage; if it is contributing to the needs of others, let him give generously; if it is leadership. let him govern diligently; if it is showing mercy, let him do it cheerfully.  Romans 12:6-8

    Everyone has a spiritual gift or two.  Recognizing that gift allows a person to serve God to the best of their ability. I know there are areas in my ministry where I lack because I am just not gifted with certain talents but if I focus on my strengths I can serve God much better.

    My primary motivational gift is that of organization and leadership. My desk and office may not seemorganized to the passerby but that is typically because I have multiple projects going on at once. I liketo plan out worship and events weeks and months in advance so that when the time comes I can putaside my human fears and let the Holy Spirit take over.

    It is always a joy to help church members discover where they can best be used to serve God and thechurch.

Volunteer Work & Hobbies

*Smithsonian Exhibit- American Roots Music - I served on a city board for over a year to help plan andexecute the Smithsonian coming to Gaffney. This was their first stop in SC and we planned twomonths worth of concerts, artist, and music events. I hosted and directed a couple of events throughFirst Baptist and Limestone College.

Limestone College Theatre & Music departments- I sing with their community chorus on occasions andparticipate in their plays and musicals through acting, directing and set building. I have directed for theGaffney Little Theatre and Limestone College.

Virginia Baptist Male Chorale

The Danville Life Saving Crew

EMT for 8 years.

Myers Briggs Results

My test results put me with about 9% of the rest of the world as an ESTJ. (Extrovert, Sensing, Thinking, Judging)

It places me in a category of Administrator who is very aware of what is going on around them and handles responsibility well.


I play mostly piano/keyboard, bass, and limited guitar.  The following are other instruments I own and have played in worship but I would not say that I am proficient in them. 

Ukelele, Mandolin, Cello, String Bass, SATB Recorder's, Drums, Handbells, Handchimes, Orff Instruments, Organ.

Technical Knowledge

Although I am not extremely tech savvy I did create a simple website for my current church. Click here to view

The one we used before was archaic and this gave us more flexibility. The following is a list ofprograms and equipment that I use weekly for worship planning and execution.

ProPresenter 5

Finale 2009



PreSonus audio boards and the iPad and iPhone integrations.

Previously used:

Roland digital boardsAviomMedia ShoutAnalog boards


    We were created by an Awesome and Powerful God and we are called to worship Him forHis greatness.    My calling as a worship pastor is to teach that worship is not just an hour on Sunday mornings but a dailylifestyle. God's grace and mercy are abundant, and through salvation in Jesus Christ we can worshipand know Him more. I consider it the greatest honor to usher in the Spirit with music and songand to prepare the hearts of the church for the message God has created.

Cover Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my pleasure to write to you in reference to the worship arts/music position that you have available. I

have been serving the church in a music role since I was 15 and went into full-time ministry while still a

junior in college. I believe that worship should be at the very heart of everything we do but it is up to us

as spiritual leaders to teach the fundamentals of worship to the body of Christ and to lead by example.

The study and creation of worship is a passion of mine and I strive to find new and creative

ways to present the Gospel. My undergraduate degree focused not only on music and religion but the

theatre arts as well. I am visual learner and I believe that the more people see God before them, in our

lives and through our ministry, the better they understand it. I am very keen on set design, staging,

screen motions and lighting so that all elements on Sunday morning work together to focus on the


My MA in Worship Studies: Leadership, from Liberty University, has developed my love of long-term

worship planning and continues to challenge me to make each worship experience memorable to

the worshiper and meaningful to God. I have been working for the past two and half years furthering my

education and I am glad to say I will finish in October of 2013.

My time in ministry has and will forever be a time of growth and learning. I have had

moments where I have failed God and times when I have been overjoyed at what God was doing

through me. Thankfully His mercy and grace are always present and He continues to stretch and use

me to do great things for His glory.

I pray that through this brief look at my life and history God will reveal to both of us his plan for

my future and the future of your music ministry.  You are welcome to contact any and all of my references if you

deem necessary without any notification to me.  My current pastor and associate pastor supports and

encourages my decision to seek greater challenges for my ministry.  Both have served as great leaders,

inspiring role models, and personal friends.

Blessing on your committee and their search,

David Jones


Photo Album

Work experience


Minister of Music and Worship Arts

First Baptist Church, Gaffney SC

(Church size 500 on Sundays. 8:30 Traditional & 11:00 Contemporary)- Contemporary Worship Team - Made up of 12 musicians and 10 vocalist that participate on arotation.  We are not limited to any specific genre of music.  We use songs from Hillsong, Israel, Tomlin, Redman, Jesus Culture, etc.  On any given Sunday the band consist of 3 - 4 guitarist, drummer, aux percussionist, 2 keyboards, and 2 - 5 vocalist. This group also travels a couple times a year to lead worship for conferences, revivals, or college functions.

- E.P.I.C. was a Sunday night service that I started to expand our Contemporary music style.This was a night once a month of just music and worship arts. EPIC stands for Exalt, Praise, Ignite,Connect. Worshipers were encouraged to be more involved and to take part of the whole worshipprocess.  Ideas consisted of the congregation coming down front and painting on a huge canvas, or using light bulbs to remind us to be the light.

- Youth Choir: Started by myself in 2011 this group of 30+ young people have attendedSonPower twice and recorded two full length CD's. In 2012 we toured Richmond VA and Pigeon Forge TN. Most recently, in June 2013, 39 members and chaperones set out on an 8 day tour through Danville Va, New York City, and Richmond Va.  The students did impromptu concerts throughout the streets of NYC and then prayed with bystanders and shared the gospel. I am extremely proud of this group and their love of the Lord. Our youth ministry is very strong at First Baptist and it shows through this group.

- Instrument Ensembles: We use church members and students from the local High School andLimestone College on occasions to add emphasis to a special event. We have even had asteel drum band from Limestone and Sign Language group from Gardner Webb University join us in worship.

- Children's Music: The FBCG children participate in the Christmas Concert or full lengthChristmas Musical of their own each year. I enjoy directing and building the sets for these musicals.

- Adult Choir: 35+ voice on Sunday. 50 - 60 during holidays and special occasions.- Senior Adult Choir: I resource this choir. Our Organist handles all senior adult ministry.

Supervising Roles- I oversee the hiring of all musicians and media art technicians at First Baptist. I work closelywith our Media Arts director, Jared Snead, who doubles as our youth worship leader. I rebuilt thechurches website from scratch in January 2012. Jared keeps it updated under my watch. There are three worship centers at First Baptist, Jared and I work together to keep the technical needs met.

Extra Activities

- The Smithsonian's American Roots Music Exhibit *please see details below- I try once or twice a year to be involved in Limestone College's music or theatre related events.Our church has developed a strong connection to this school. We provide a free home cooked mealevery Sunday, a pancake exam break twice a year, help them move in and a back to school cookout.It is so important to keep Jesus present in their new life at school.- I have directed two productions while in Gaffney. One for the Gaffney Little Theatre and one for Limestone College.


Minister for Worship Arts

Mount Vernon Baptist Church

(Church size 1200 + on Sundays. 2 Contemporary [8:30, 9:45] and 1 Traditional service [11:00] )

· Contemporary Worship Team – The group consisted of 3 to 5 singersleading worship up front with a 25 voice worship choir backing themup. I led and sang from the piano with other instruments consisting of 3guitars, bass, keyboard, drums and auxiliary percussion. We also had abrass section that consisted of trumpet, trombone, and SAT saxophones.

· Fine Arts Camp- a yearly week long event where students in grades

3rd - 7th met for 4 hours a day and learn a complete musical includingsongs, choreography, set design and costume design. At the end of theweek the children preformed their musical and then we had a familycookout and ice cream social. I directed, choreographed and designedthe sets for each production. (See pictures of recent production below)

· “United Praise” This was a vision I had to unite more church bodies together

and allow different styles of worship to be offered.  Worship teams from surrounding

churches came together for a night full of praise and worship.

· Concert Series- I started a concert series that brought in music groupsat little or not cost to the church. Groups included: LIGHT - LibertyUniversity Singers, Kutless, Esterlyn, Avalon, James RiverRingers, Salvation Army National Capitol Brass Band, Central VirginiaJazz Orchestra and the Liberty University Wind Ensemble.

· Managed the multi-media team, a budget of over $50,000, and anassistant who directed children’s and youth music

· Adult Choir: 40 to 50 voices on Sunday. 70+ for holiday concerts· Senior Adult Choir: 25+ voices from various churches. Traveled andsang for nursing homes, senior adult homes and church concerts in theRichmond and Williamsburg area.


Minister of Music

Fairview United Methodist Church

Full-time responsibilities were very similar to the two churches the proceeded Fairview.  I led worship for both a Contemporary and Traditional worship time.  I also was greatly involved with the youth program. 

Jun 2004Oct 2004

Interim Music Director

North Main Baptist Church

(Church size 600+, two AM services and one PM.  All Blended.)

While in college I was referred to this church to fill in as their Interim Music Minister.  My only responsibilities were to plan the hymns and choir selections for three services on Sunday.

Apr 2003Jun 2004

Music Director

Laurel Grove Baptist Church

During my second year of college this church called Averett University's music department in need of a student music director.  The department head suggested that I be interviewed for the position and I began work that semester directing their adult and children's choirs.



MA in Worship Studies

Liberty University

I have completed a MA in Worship Studies that focused on the study of corporate worship, leadership principles, team building, strategic planning, and conflict resolution, as well as a comprehensive study of worship throughout the Bible.  The time that I have spent working towards this degree has been a great encouragement to my worship and the way I see God worship through me.  If God wills it I plan to begin my Doctorate of Worship in the Fall of 2014.


Bachelors of Arts

Averett University

I originally began college with the hopes of being a high school orchestra conductor but quickly found out God had other plans.  At the close of my sophomore year God called me to lead music for a small country church, fourteen months later I was recruited and hired full-time at a large Methodist church in my hometown.  It was at that point that I added a Religion minor to my college courses.  I technically did not complete said minor due to starting it late but it was part of my course credits. 


Aug 2005Present

Kindermusik Teaching Licsense

Kindermusik Inc.
Jun 2012Present

Commercial Drivers Liscense

Class C

Open Water Diver


Rescue Diver

Apr 1999May 2005

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

Va Dept of EMS


Joel Sellers

Joel retired from FBCG in November of 2013.  He remains a close friend and confidant.  

605 Grassy Pond Rd. Gaffney SC 29341

Adam Cook

Adam and I both worked at Fairview UMC and became best friends as a result of it.  Recently, in 2012, Adam started a new church in Danville VA and I assisted him in building the worship ministry there and in finding a worship pastor.  I support Union Church any way I can from South Carolina.

David Mink

David was a key member in the music program at Mount Vernon.  He sang with the adult choir and the worship team.  He and his family are dear friends. 

Tommy Comer

Tommy and I work closely at FBCG and are passionate about our work here.  He joined the staff about three years prior to myself.