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Starnet Mortgage
Director of all corporate information technology and telecommunications activities for an integrated delivery network comprised of wired and wireless lines into over 20 offices in Florida and Ohio. Direct and manage all computing resource allocation and new technology installations.  Responsible for directing the design, implementation, and on-going support and monitoring of corporate hardware and software systems.  Direct the support efforts in remote cities ensuring that operations and enhancements meet strategic business objectives, company budgets and corporate security policies while providing 99% uptime.
  • Manage core and micro data center operations with full accountability for the cost-effective on-time management of WAN, LAN and server functions.
  • Provide management and oversight for construction of a data center and installation of all required environmental and hardware systems.
  • Established Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for technology infrastructure installations and ongoing maintenance in accordance with corporate standards.
  • Directed new change management procedures in data centers, corporate and remote offices reducing runtime costs by $20,000 per year.
  • Work closely with vendors and business area experts to evaluate, recommend, and implement the proper technical, procedural, and control solutions to enhance the effectiveness of data center, remote environments, corporate infrastructure and system procedures.
  • Serve as primary point of contact on a 24-hour, 7-days-a-week basis, in charge of coordinating critical disaster recovery procedures impacting the stability corporate technology operations.
  • Develop departmental procedure manuals to assist staff in all aspects of IT operations. 
  • Implement formalized project management institute procedures.
  • Implement QC procedures to ensure full compliance with company policies.
  • Re-Negotiate Telcom links for VPN access to remote offices saving over $10,000 per year.

Founder / CIO

Launched business and developed new Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) company to address the needs of Internet customers outside of DSL foot print.  Managed the development of wired and wireless links to multiple data centers across the nation. Coordinated the merger and integration of 2 enterprise level data centers and 15 regional data centers with a full Class A domain in the purchase of a bankrupt WISP. Assisted with Sarbanes–Oxley requirements during merger and eventual sale of company.    Directed the design, implementation, on-going support and monitoring of corporate hardware and software in the data center, Network Operations Center (NOC) and multiple sites across the nation.  Defined the scope of responsibility for providing 24/7 support to customers across multiple states. Continuously evaluated data center and NOC technologies, processes, procedures, and skill sets spearheading needed changes.  Established and maintained data center and NOC operational benchmarks, reports and system performance status on a per minute, hour, daily, weekly, quarterly and annual basis as required. Effectively managed the deployment of resources to engage and proactively address system faults at 15 data centers, hundreds of remote network access points and several thousand customer sites across the nation.
  • Managed business processes, project management, and engineering departments from company creation until take over by new management following VC investment.
  • Created SOP’s for engineering departments based on customer service level agreements, corporate policies and industry standards and business requirements.
  • Initiated and maintained Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for engineering departments.
  • Directed the management of Cisco networking infrastructure and security systems with Sun, Compaq, IBM and HP servers running Windows and Linux and Oracle, SQL and MySQL database back end systems maintaining 99.995 % uptime.
  • Coordinated the integration of multiple data centers in Georgia, Ohio, Florida and Utah into a hierarchical system managed from the corporate NOC in Louisville, Ky.
  • Reduced 15 remote data centers down to 5 while reconfiguring the network to continue supporting customers according to service level agreements and project planning.
  • Negotiated telecommunication contracts to replace Telco data circuits with microwave communication systems, resulting in operational cost savings of $115,000 per year.
  • Designed and created the company’s first Wireless Customer Premise Equipment (WCPE) device.
  • Directed the design and implementation of a wireless WAN infrastructure across multiple cities eliminating costly Telco circuits and saving over $75,000 per year in costs.
  • Integrated Class A subnet with companies existing infrastructure and directed the management of over 40,000 nodes on nationwide network.
  • Coordinated all efforts supporting the security of corporate and customer networks.
  • Performed quarterly “Refresh” analysis migrating to new technologies when necessary.
  • Staff:  35+ Data Center and Field Engineers

Director of Software Development

Asked to join VP supervisor hired away from Worldspan to create a Rapid Application Development Shop (RADS) for building Internet auction web sites to compete directly with eBay.  Directed all aspects of business setup starting with 12 employees and growing to over 200. Directed Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) on Microsoft and Linux platforms. Guided all aspects of personnel management and leadership in areas of interviewing, hiring, training, supervision, delegation, evaluation, and promotion recommendation. Built a committed support team through cross training of computer operations and production control. Worked with corporate headquarters on system upgrades, disaster recovery tests, and data migration projects. Conducted weekly staff meetings providing reports to company President. 
  • Hired to create a RADS as an adjunct business incubation organization for building website prototypes for new business ventures.
  • Bottom line responsibility for business success to President and parent company.
  • Directed the creation of formalized Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) according to best practices implementation.
  • Directed the purchase and maintenance of all business, personnel and computing resources.
  • Managed shared data center resources and software development operations in Atlanta, GA and Jersey City, NJ with full accountability for the cost-effective, on-time management of mainframe functions focusing on input/output trade data supporting the Internet auction industry. 
  • Served as primary point of contact on a 24-hour, 7-days-a-week basis, in charge of coordinating critical disaster recovery procedures directly impacting the stability of data center operations and software development environments.
  • Developed and revised departmental procedure manuals to assist staff in all aspects of data center and software development operations. 
  • Implemented Quality Control (QC) procedures to ensure full compliance with company policies.
  • Interfaced extensively with Help Desk teams to provide immediate support on pressing technical issues for customers and internal staff. 
  • Generated weekly statistical and department performance reports for senior management review.
  • Staff: 200+

Director of Product Development

Worldspan, LLC
Directed the software development and delivery of all non-mainframe products. Oversaw software design and development with development staff of approximately 180.  Managed creation of client/server applications for over 16,000 domestic and international airline and travel agency customers. Redefined department goals and working conditions, reorganized staff, and streamlined production process.   
  • Hired as change agent to reorganize the distributed software development process and re-create software development department with a focus on integrating new technologies and methodologies into legacy mainframe systems.
  • Oversaw the reengineering of hardware and newly developed software packages into corporate data center housing mainframe, middle tier and web servers.
  • Introduced and implemented ITIL for managing information technology infrastructure, development and operations according to milestones and deliverables.
  • Directed the analysis of technical System Requirement Specifications, System Interface Requirements, Development Lifecycle Testing and Evaluation documents to ensure contractors were meeting contract requirements.
  • Led first-ever on-time and under-budget release creating savings of over $300,000.
  • Reorganized department structure reducing managers and re-allocating resources to teams in line with software development methodologies cutting yearly budget by $40,000.
  • Managed 17 direct managerial reports and project teams in Atlanta, Kansas City and London.
  • Staff:  180 Spread across 3 cities Atlanta, Georgia (100); Kansas City, Kansas (30), & London, UK (50).

Senior Spectrum Engineer

Supported “Spectrum” artificially intelligent network management software application at customer sites in the US, Canada, Mexico and Guatemala. Actively identified and resolved networking hardware and software problems for clients on networks with a global presence and more than 100,000 attached devices. 
  • Provided hands on engineering support in the integration of Cabletron networking hardware into data centers for MCI, US West, Pacific Bell, Bellsouth, AT&T.
  • Provided project management and engineering support that included the management and oversight of vendors/contracts responsible for systems analysis, systems design, development, testing, implementation, operations, documentation, training, logistics, maintenance of application software, and production scheduling.
  • Worked with sales staff in determining client network faults and production of Security Vulnerability Reports (SVR) for clients.
  • Commended for delivering “Excellence in Customer Service” through situation analysis and timely resolve of escalating problems at customer sites, corporate data centers and international corporate networks.
  • Designed and built site specific network management platforms for companies in Canada, Mexico, Central America and the US.
  • Received certifications in advanced networking technologies.
  • Earned “Best Rookie of the Year” and “Best Field Engineer” awards.

Network Support Specialist

Supported over 300 software developers maintaining software for space shuttle landing procedures on DEC workstations running UNIX operating system.  
  • Served on team rebuilding mission control workstations at Johnson Space Center used to control all shuttle space flights.
  • Maintained all data center operational equipment requiring 100% uptime of primary and redundant systems utilizing Cisco, Ungerman Bass, HP, DEC and Auspex equipment.
  • Created operational surveillance systems based on multiple network management platforms.
  • Spearheaded network management system providing fault reporting to multiple support staff.
  • Attended several technology training classes and received and multiple certifications.
  • Obtained Novell Certified Netware Engineer certification.
  • Obtained LINUX Systems Engineer and Systems Administrator certifications.

Founder / CEO

Hayes Computing
As a junior in college I created a business plan for a dormitory based ISP serving college students.  Presented the concept to venture capital firms and facilitated the introduction of $100,000 in private investment capital and $1.4 million line of credit with Honeywell Bull, Inc. 
  • Created and directed one of the first operational large-scale computer network installations for a college dormitory in the nation.
  • Directed the build out of a corporate data center and the integration into university back bone and building wiring systems.
  • Directed installation of multi-mode fiber optic backbone throughout a 28 story building.
  • Maintained corporate servers and networking equipment comprised of Honeywell Bull midrange servers running AT&T UNIX 3.2, fiber optic backbone, networking hubs and twisted pair wiring into dormitory rooms.
  • Quoted and highlighted in local and national news.

E3 Infantryman

United States Marine Corps

Trained in advanced military communications and various other military specialties.  Stationed in Okinawa and Iwakuni, Japan and Southern California. Honorably discharged.




Currently finishing MBA with specialization in Global Management.  Expected completion by September of 2009.


Bachelors of Administration


Seeking a position that provides strategy, vision, leadership and advocacy for developing and implementing technology (IT) initiatives that improve the effectiveness of an organization. A position that will lead in strategic planning and implementation of systems to support all aspects of technical infrastructure working closely with executive and administrative leaders in identifying and promoting opportunities for emerging technologies to support excellence in operations and to improve services for users, customers and vendors.


PROFILEDedicated professional with proven leadership and technical experience in operations management, project management and IT business systems development and solutions. Goal-oriented executive with a commitment to continuous quality improvement and a proven ability to prioritize, analyze, plan, manage and motivate within multifaceted environments, with advanced skills in:

*  strategic planning & development      *  process analysis                *  cross functional teams

*  business process redesign                  *  project management          *  mergers & acquisitions

*  IT architecture planning                       *  systems integration            *  risk management

*  team leader/coach/mentor                    *  solutions development      *  vendor negotiations

*  budgeting                                              *  resource allocation            *  negotiations

HIGHLIGHTS / ACCOMPLISHMENTS*  Proven IT Executive with a successful track record in managing companies and the operations of enterprise level data centers, network operations control centers and staff of over 200 managers, engineers and developers. *  Established Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for technology infrastructure installations and ongoing maintenance in accordance with corporate standards. *  Launched business and developed a Rapid Application Development Shop for to provide 30 day delivery of website concepts.*  Launched business and developed new Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) to address the needs of customers outside of DSL foot print.  *  U.S. Marines – Multiple Awards and Honorable Discharge.