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David González

Master in quality management


As a current D.B.A. student, through the methodology of action learning I analyze current work place issues from different perspectives and contribute the organization in a theoretical and practical manner in relation to business management.

As a master in quality management I adapt and assure quality procedures and techniques for time optimization, waste elimination and cost reduction in organizations.

As an industrial designer I offer innovative solutions that generate important changes to products with aesthetical and functional criteria.

Work experience

Oct 2012Present

Leader Engineer in Documentation and Innovation

Ruhrpumpen Inc.

Responsible for the standard documentation of the new products developed at the Corporate Development Department. This includes gathering raw data by carrying out analyses from new as well as heritage pump lines and with them, offer complete documents as technical manuals for engineering and marketing purposes. Because some of the heritage pump lines engineering are located elsewhere from Monterrey, part of my job consist on travelling to where such information is and obtain it to develop a much more complete and higher quality technical manual.

Other activities include:

·Development of Installation, Operation, and Maintenance (IOM) manuals for each pump line.

·Presenting innovative proposals such as future product lines with alternate materials and use.

·Presenting new working technologies to simplify the current modus operandi at the plant.

·Developing techniques to offer our clients a more interactive presentation of their desired product.

Jul 2009Oct 2012

Quality Manager / Project Leader

Digital Media Technologies

Managed all creative work produced in the Design Department. These included e-Learning courses, educative video games and virtual simulation environments upon client’s request. I also participated in the design, animation and testing of an educative video game for elementary schools called Zoontastic, a project that lasted over two years for its development.

At the same time, I worked together with the Research & Development team on the creation of a new render engine called Darius. My contributions on the project included project planning, graphic solutions, testing, and technical advising.

Jul 2008Jul 2009

Industrial Furnace Designer


Among the main activities I realized at Siemens were the design and redesign of Electric Arc Furnaces for the steel industry as well as the development of standardized dossiers for each of the Company’s product lines.

These documents guaranteed the customer that their product was manufactured according to specific Quality Standards. Therefore, they normally included hydrostatic tests procedures, welding certifications, bill of materials and detailed general arrangement drawings, amongst other relevant documents.

Some of the clients I worked with during this time included Altos Hornos de Mexico (AHMSA) from Coahuila, Mexico and Gerdau Aza in Chile.

Aug 2007Jan 2008

Graphic Designer

Digital Minds S.A. de C.V.

During my professional studies at the Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, I participated in the Program of Professional Experience and offered my services as a graphic and industrial designer to the Company.

Among the activities I realized were offering graphic solutions for publicity required by clients like Graphito, AETI and Intersoftware as well as a redesign of the interior of the business Graphito Express. 


Aug 2013Present

Doctorate in Business Administration

University of Liverpool

As a current DBA student, I use critical action learning and action research learning methods to bring real world challenges to the classroom, analyze them, discuss them and eventually finding them solutions.

This online program has helped me have a richer view of my work place, looking at different perspectives, studying every possible cause that initiate a problem, as well as enhancing my knowledge and skills while undertaking significant research in the field.

Aug 2008May 2011

Master in Quality Management

Universidad del Norte

Right after finishing my Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design, I initiated my Master’s Degree, which took me two years to accomplish. Among the abilities acquired during this time are special focuses in strategic quality administration, projects evaluation, time and waste reduction and research methodologies.

Aug 2003May 2008

Bachelor in Industrial Design

Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM)

Most of my bachelor studies focused on the development of products with aesthetical and functional criteria for general purposes depending on the theme being studied at the moment. Subjects like ergonomics, design workshops, product innovation, marketing, and product engineering became part of the most relevant topics seen during this time.

Aug 2006Dec 2006

Study Abroad Program

UNITEC Institute of Technology

Definitely one of the greatest experiences I’ve had, professionally and personally speaking, during this time I had the opportunity to learn a lot from this culture and explore the different design methodologies used.

Being a much more practical one, gathering information and researching involved personal interviews, product testing and ergonomics, as well as many prototypes created before reaching the final product design. This allowed the designer to have a much richer view of the current problem to be solved and therefore, a greater influence in the final design.


May 2011Present

Diploma in Operations Administration

Universidad del Norte
May 2011Present

Diploma in Business Management

Universidad del Norte
May 2011Present

Diploma in Quality Systems

Universidad del Norte
May 2010May 2011

Solar Energy Technician

Instituto Maurer
Feb 2011May 2011

Photovoltaic Solar Energy Technician

Instituto Maurer

Foreign Languages

English - Bilingual - Learned at the Instituto San Roberto, international elementary and middle school,

                                    accredited by SACS (1991 - 2000)

German - Advanced - Centro Cultural Alemán. 1995-2003

                                        Zertifikat Deutsch - Goethe Institut. 2001

Italian - 3rd level - Escuela de Idiomas de la Facultad de Ciencias Políticas U.A.N.L. 2002-2003

                                 Dante Alighieri. 2005 - 2006

French - 3rd level - ITESM Campus Santa Catarina. 2000 - 2003

Areas of Interest

Business management, product & industrial design, research & development, quality assurance, sustainable energies, environmental design and construction,  biomimicry,  ergonomics, new technologies.

Other Courses Attended

Jul 2007. "Hilo Negro". 1st International Industrial Design Congress in Monterrey. ITESM. 

Feb 2006. Workshop: "Kitchen 2015".  ITESM, offered by Laura Polinoro. 

Social Activities

2010. Dibujando Sonrisas. Monterrey. Social benefit event for people with scarce resources. Volunteer.

2008. Museo del Vidrio. Monterrey. Workshop assistant.

2006. Addiction Prevention Program, ITESM. Publicity design against drugs.

2005. Art Promotion in Schools Program, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo. Monterrey. Museum guide.

2002. Casa Hogar Douglas. Monterrey. Social benefit event for homeless children. Volunteer.


Autodesk Alias Studio Tools
Advanced use of this software for product design as well as rendering. 
Autodesk 3D Studio Max
Demonstrated knowledge and utilization for creative solutions such as simulated environments, object / product design and rendering.  
Autodesk Publisher
Advanced use of this complement software to create full assembly animations of 3D models done in Autodesk Inventor. 
Autodesk Inventor
With Autodesk Inventor I can manipulate 3D objects and simulations to obtain physical characteristics of the 3D models for the standardization process in the technical manuals such as a pump's weight, volume, density and simulated hydraulics.   Also, if required for an installation manual, I create renders of the product from different angles and stages of the assembly for easy comprehension of its assembly process. 
Adobe Photoshop
Demonstrated expertise using this software for photo manipulation and editing as well as creating artistic designs for professional and personal purposes.
Adobe Illustrator
Along with Photoshop and Flash, this Adobe software became my daily tool for the development of the e-Learning and video games' vector designed elements.
SmithMicro Poser
Demonstrated knowledge and use of this software for designing 3D characters and renders for their use in educative simulations.
Autodesk AutoCAD
Demonstrated expertise using this software for 2D drawings of several product lines for production plans and visual representation. 
Microsoft Office
Expert and daily utilization and creative application of Microsoft Office Word, Power Point, Excel, and Outlook. 
Autodesk Maya
Demonstrated knowledge and use for product design, rendering and animations. 
Adobe Flash
Advanced use of Flash for creation, editing and animation of every element present in the e-Learning courses. This software became a good complement for developing animations for the educative video games. 
Solid Edge
Very similar software to Autodesk Inventor. Daily tool for designing 3D models and sketches for production while working at SIemens.