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Currently serving as the President of the David & Annette Jorgensen Foundation, David G. Jorgensen devotes considerable time to his personal philanthropic and nonprofit interests. He has dedicated himself to his work as Vice Chairman of the Free to Choose Network, where he supports the organization's mission to assist high school teachers as they educate their students about a variety of topics, including voluntary associations, property rights, equal opportunity, and equality before the law. David G. Jorgensen also serves as a member of the National Philanthropy Board of the Pacific Legal Foundation. With a long and varied career in engineering and business entrepreneurship, David G. Jorgensen began his career at the Boeing Company after earning a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Utah. In connection with his work at Boeing, Mr. Jorgensen obtained a Master of Business Administration at the University of Washington and discovered his strong aptitude for business. During the same period, he developed an interest in entrepreneurship. After completing his MBA, he accepted a position at the Stanford Research Institute and enrolled in a PhD program in Engineering at Stanford University. During the next several years, Mr. Jorgensen worked with a number of start-up companies, founding several. In 1972, he accepted a position at Dataquest, where he eventually became both Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. The company was later acquired by A. C. Nielsen, Dun & Bradstreet, and ultimately by Gartner Group. In 1979, David G. Jorgensen founded Katun with a partner. While Mr. Jorgensen brought capital and market knowledge to the partnership, his co-founder brought hard work and skill in execution. Together, they grew the company to $350 million in revenues before selling it in 2002.

Work experience


Katun Corporation

Successful OEM Products company, Sold company in 2002 to private equity groups Grew company from zero to $350M in sales.

Vice Chairman

Free to Choose Network

David Jorgensen was the co-founder and Chairman of a major world-wide manufacturer and distributor of replacement parts for printers and copiers. He was a former Chairman and CEO of Dataquest Inc.  He co-founded Computer Synectics Inc. and prior to that, was a consultant at Stanford Research Institute and an engineer at The Boeing Company. He is a member of the National Philanthropy Council of the Pacific Legal Foundation.

Mr. Jorgensen graduated from the University of Utah in Electrical Engineering, has an MBA from the University of Washington and MSIE from Stanford University.



Executive Management