Work experience

Work experience
Oct 2009 - Present

Pima Community College

IT Principal Analyst

  • Project Management
  • Business process review and documentation
  • Banner software support
  • Test plans
Aug 2008 - Oct 2009

Pima Community College

Student Services Specialist - Academic Advising

  • Met with students one-on-one and in group orientation advising sessions.
  • Worked with students working towards Associates Degrees, Certificates, and general education requirements for transfer.
  • Worked with students on their educational programs, classes, and methods for achieving academic success.  
  • Completed degree checks and Educational Plans.
  • Completed degree and progress checks.
  • Advised undecided students and helps students create educational plans.
  • Advised first generation students, international students, ESL students, and students from culturally diverse backgrounds.
  • Advised students on academic probation.
  • Advised students on financial probation and help with their financial aid appeals.      
  • Knowledgeable about Pima CC resources, policies, and procedures.
  • Experienced with using Banner software. 
  • Completed many educational training modules in MyPima.  
  • Have completed many of the Federal Student Aid online training modules.  
  • Created Wiki online database for advising information at Pima CC.  
  • Met with more than 4000 students.
Aug 2006 - Jul 2007

University of Arizona

Teaching Assistant (acting co-instructor)

  • Taught MS-Excel to more than 2100 students.
  • Presented orientation sessions in a large auditorium for 250 students at a time.
  • Advised students during office hours.
  • Tutored students during office and tutoring hours.
  • Created and graded homework and exams, posted grades,
  • Proctored exams in computer labs.
  • Evaluated courseware from educational software provider.
  • Managed the work of twelve undergraduate teaching assistants.
  • Met with students to discuss academic integrity violations and punishment.
  • More than 95% of students passed the MS-Excel Specialist Certification Exam.
  • Served on the Appointed Professionals Advisory Council.
Oct 1993 - Dec 2003

Indus International, Inc

Director of Architecture, Portals, and Release Delivery

Managed the software development and maintenance work of more than 30 programmers, systems analysts, quality assurance analysts, technical writers and technical support personnel.

  • Successfully delivered more than forty software product releases to customers.
  • Provided leadership and direction for a department of 30 in coordination with other departments.
  • Created a positive work environment while improving morale and expectations.
  • Coordinated the work of multiple departments to deliver software and documentation.    
  • Responsible for developing new initiatives for future operations and sales.
  • Initiated and completed development of a method for the delivery of software over the internet.
  • Responsible for establishing deadlines and priorities.
  • Effectively created and tracked detailed project plans using Microsoft Project.  
  • Responsible for an operating budget of $3,500,000.
  • Performed salary and performance reviews.
  • Interviewed and hired personnel as needed.
  • Responsible for department's ISO 9000 certification process.    
  • Trained customers and new employees on company software and Microsoft applications.
  • Lead speaker at the company’s User Conference sessions on Quality Assurance and other subjects.
  • Led project to consolidate multiple floors of our office building.

NOTE: In 2005, Indus International was acquired by Ventyx and the San Francisco office was closed.

Sep 1985 - Mar 1993

Magnus Software

Product Manager

  • Product Manager and Systems Analyst.
  • Managed a team of 10 programmers, systems analysts, and contract programmers.
  • Planned sessions for my product and spoke at user conference.
  • Initated changes to the software product and led development effort.
  • Managed the development and support of the FLEXTRAK software system, one of the first software products to administer cafeteria plan benefits and the first software product to fully administer 401(k) plans and discrimination testing.


2008 - Present

Kansas State University

Masters of Science in Academic Advising 

I have completed the Masters of Science in Academic Advising and the Graduate Certificate in Academic Advising. I successfully completed these classes with a GPA of 4.0:

  • Foundations of Academic Advising
  • The College Student and the College Environment
  • Learning Principles
  • Trends in Career Development
  • Research Methods
  • Multicultural Aspects of Academic Advising

  • Administration of Academic Advising

  • College Students with Special Needs

  • Interpersonal Relations for Academic Advising

  • Advising Student-Athletes

My masters portfolio project to complete the Masters degree in Academic Advising was selected to be an example for others in the Kansas State University Graduate Student Handbook.

The following are the primary student learning outcomes for the Masters of Science in Academic Advising. Students will demonstrate knowledge of...

  • ... the application of advising strategies to institutional advising programs and individual advising.
  • ... psychosocial factors that impact student learning. 
  • ... student development theories and their application to academic advising. 
  • ... career development theories and related constructs. 
  • ... how multicultural factors can influence the advising relationship and the content of advising with students. 
  • ... strategies for working with specific groups of students (e.g. students with learning disabilities, student athletes, adult students, exploratory students). 
  • ... skills and strategies needed to enhance communication and relationship building in their advising.

The student is also responsible for following the National Academic Advising Association's Core Values for Academic Advising, and the Standards and Guidelines for Academic Advising Programs developed by the Council for the Advancement of Standards (CAS).



Public Speaking

I have spoken in classrooms and in large banquet halls of more than 300 people. I have made speeches and spoken extemporaneously. As the director of a software company I was a representative of the company, the management team, and the employees. As Vice-President of my homeowners association I frequently run the monthly meetings and have spoken to the media as a representative of our HOA. As an instructor at the University of Arizona I spoke to more than 280 students in a large lecture hall. As an academic advisor I speak to groups of students in orientation sessions.

Microsoft Access

Have used MS-Access since 1995 (Access for Windows 95).

Adobe Photoshop


Have used MS-Project for delivering more than 40 software releases and many other projects. Used MS-Project extensively from 1994 through 2003 in a software development environment. Use MS-Project for project planing at Pima Community College since 2009.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Have used MS-PowerPoint since version 2.0 in 1988. Have continued to use PowerPoint since then in a variety of settings. Certified Specialist in MS-PowerPoint. I use PowerPoint to illustrate points I make in my presentation, I do not read bullet points.

Microsoft Word

Started using MS-Word 2.0 in 1985. Have continued using MS-Word since then. Have created mail-merges, newsletters, brocheres, reports, proposals, and websites using MS-Word. If MS-Word has the capability, I can figure out how to use it. Certified Specialist in MS-Word

Microsoft Excel and VBA

Used spreadsheets since 1987.  Have used MS-Excel since Excel for Windows 95. Taught MS-Excel at University of Arizona. Used MS-Excel and VBA to automate the Academic Advising Inventory for the National Academic Advising Association. Used MS-Excel and VBA to create student survey software for the National Academic Advising Association. Used MS-Excel for data collection and analysis for a research project to analyze student wait times at Pima Community College during peak times. Used MS-Excel for data collection for a research project describing the student inflow at the Advising and Counseling center at the downtown campus of Pima Community College. Certified Specialist in MS-Excel.

Research Diagrams



FSA Coach

Department of Education

Protection of Human Research Participants

National Institute of Health

MS-Office Specialist in PowerPoint


MS-Office Specialist in Word


MS-Office Specialist in Excel